Pioneer Club Brochure



Pioneer Club Brochure
The Elyria High Athletic Boosters strives to achieve one goal:
“The Betterment of Athletic Programs at Elyria High School.”
Join the Elyria High Athletic Boosters! We are made up of parents and friends
of Elyria High School athletics. Each year thousands of dollars in grants for
equipment and capital improvements, support for team development and much
more are provided by the Elyria High Athletic Boosters. Here are just a few of
the projects supported 
Please help support our student athletes
by joining the Elyria High Athletic Boosters
today. Whether you choose to be active in one
particular sport in which your son or daughter
participates or become involved in the big
picture, or just wish to support athletic programs,
we welcome your input and participation. Simply
fill out the form below and return it with your
check indicating which membership you prefer.
• Conference and State Championship flags in gym
• Digital Video Cam and editing software
• Dug-outs, fencing & batting cages at Softball field
• Fence for area fields & Tennis courts at Ely Stadium
• Field House at Ely Stadium
• Weight Room Equipment
• Award Plaques
• State Championship Rings
• Athletic Photos
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For details contact the Athletic Office
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Elyria high athletic boosters Membership Form
Every member receives a School Spirit “E” window sticker as our thanks.
Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Place of Business _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________State _______________________________________ Zip _________________________
Email ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Program Listing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Membership through June 30.
“Friend of” (you may choose a specific sport) _____________________________________________________________________________
_____ Other
_____ $20 Pioneer Patron
_____ $50 Red & White Patron
_____ $100 Super Patron
Please make check payable to: Elyria High Athletic Boosters
And return this form with payment to:
Elyria High Athletic Boosters
P.O. Box 935, Elyria, Ohio 44036
The Elyria High Athletic Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization with your donation being tax deductible.
An Elyria High Sports Tradition for over 50 Years!
C’mon, join the club!
elyria high athletic boosters
Elyria Pioneer Club
P.O. Box 935
Elyria, Ohio 44036
Mission Statement:
“The goal of the Elyria
High Athletic Boosters is to
provide the necessary support
to assure the growth and
development of our Elyria
High Student Athletes.”
JOIN the Elyria High Athletic Boosters TODAY & support your EHS athletes!