Meet Colin MacLean… - Magnificat High School


Meet Colin MacLean… - Magnificat High School
Meet Colin MacLean…
Westlake Resident, Magnificat Dad,
Owner of Elyria Hyundai and Night-In-Blue Sponsor
Q. What makes Elyria Hyundai
Cleveland’s premier Hyundai dealership?
A. Our service and our people. If you don’t take care of the
customer, you’ll never see them again. I’ve been in the
retail auto business for 31 years and started and have
owned Elyria Hyundai for the last eight years. I have
customers that have followed my career over the years and
still purchase from me today. Why? Because they know
they can trust me, and that relationship doesn’t end after
they drive off the lot! These same people send their friends
and family and that’s how a business grows and gets its
reputation. Elyria Hyundai makes buying a car easy. Plus,
Elyria Hyundai is the only Hyundai dealership that has a
10-year, 100,000 miles comprehensive warranty…we took
what Hyundai offers one step further. It gives our customers peace of mind and allows them
to focus on just enjoying
the car!
Q. Elyria Hyundai likes
to give back to
the community…
you’ve been involved with a car
giveaway at Elyria
High School and now you’re providing a 2012
Hyundai Accent GLS for Magnificat’s 54th Annual Night-in-Blue event…why is giving back
so important to you, your family and your
dealership? What’s your philosophy on philanthropy?
A. My philosophy is you have to give back to the community
that supports you. We support so many worthy causes,
including local food banks, United Way, the American
Cancer Society, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and Scouts…
just to name a few.
Q. You’re a Magnificat dad…what’s that like?
A. (Laughs…) Have you ever had a 17-year-old girl?! Seriously though, I recently went to a Fathers’ Club meeting
and my experience at most meetings like this is that after
the meeting when it’s time to sign up for things, most
duck out without committing. Not these dads. The fathers
are very involved and everyone was signing up. I love every
part of being a Mags dad.
Q. Your daughter, Morgan, is a junior now…do
you and your wife, Sally, feel that she’s benefitting from attending Ohio’s largest, all-girls’
Catholic high school?
A. Absolutely! Morgan enjoys going to school and loves her
friends, teachers and classes. She enjoys being on the golf
team and participating in Key Club. We have enjoyed
the transformation from girl to empowered young lady.
Magnificat has given her confidence and has been a great
environment for her, as we value a Catholic education.
Morgan will get a lot of looks from colleges, having gone
to Magnificat. We’re looking forward to visiting Loyola in
Chicago. She’s thinking about becoming a dermatologist.
Q.And of course the question everyone wants to
know…what’s up with Ollie
the dog…is he your family pet? Tell us about Ollie
and how he came to have
such an important role with
Elyria Hyundai, and does
he make appearances at
the dealership?
A. Ollie is a 13-year-old Pug. He’s
our family pet and he has a
sibling, Akita, at home. Ollie snores all night so we try to
keep him out of the bedroom (laughs). One day my wife,
Sally, thought of using Ollie in our TV commercials. It
definitely makes folks remember us. We used to bring
Ollie into the dealership once a month on a Saturday, and
I actually have a customer who loves Pugs and that’s why
she bought her car from us. This human touch endears us
to our customers.
Q. What does your family like to do?
A. The four of us (Colin, Sally, Morgan and Colin, Jr.) really
enjoy traveling together to Naples, Florida and golfing.
Family time is very important to us.
Michael W. Hudec, D.D.S.
Diplomate of the American Board
of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Specializing in Wisdom Teeth Removal,
General Anesthesia, Dental Implants
Selected as one of the top Oral Surgeons in Cleveland
Cleveland Magazine October 2010
18660 East Bagley Road • Building #2 • Suite 100
Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
Ph.: (440) 234-7272 • Fax: (440) 243-2209
[email protected] •
Go Magnificat
Mary 2010 • Nora 2012.
We are proud to be associated with Magnificat High
School and wish them success with Night-in-Blue and
the 2011/2012 school year!
P.C.S. Auto Repair
& Body Shop I & II
Specializing in Preventative Maintenance, Tires, Batteries,
Exhausts, Struts, CV Shafts, Brakes, Shocks, and Tune-Ups
Free Estimates & Inspections
Paul Zimmer
Ph: (216) 251-3130 / Cell: (216) 952-3625 / Pager: (216) 648-1174
13920 Triskett Rd. • Cleveland, Ohio 44111
12156 Triskett Rd. • Cleveland, Ohio 44111
Preparing Students
for the World of Technology
An Ed Tech Company
G & G, Inc.
24400 Sperry Drive
Westlake OH 44145
440.892.8820 [phone] 440.892.8811 [fax]
Patricia Zbin Gettens – President
Class of 1966

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