Spring - Roselle Public Library


Spring - Roselle Public Library
Cover Art
Spring 2014
Youth Services Department
Edited by Annis Annala
Acrostic & Art
Age 11
40 South Park Street, Roselle IL 60172 • [email protected]
Story & Art
Age 11
Spring Acrostic
Age 12
Hi! It’s me Riley and I am here to
tell you about the book…
Geronimo Stilton:
I Am Not a Supermouse!
Age 12
This book starts with Geronimo stuck in an elevator
for three days. Finally, Thea comes to rescue him. His
brother Bruce came to help. Geronimo became a manly
Bruce takes Geronimo to the desert to teach
him his rules about surviving. After a while Geronimo
quits and yells at Bruce. Bruce understands and takes
him to the North Pole.
But Geronimo thought they were going home
until Bruce said, “Do you want to play a game?” They
had to pull a sled full of food for about one hundred
miles. When they got there , Geronimo saw a helicopter. Again Geronimo thought they were going home.
But he was wrong and they were going to the
jungle! Geronimo met an orangutan who thought he
was her baby so she picked his fur looking for lice.
Next they went to a cave. Geronimo got lost
and his flashlight did not work, so he sat down and
started to sing. Luckily, Bruce found him. Finally
Bruce said, “The survival course is over.”
When they got home, Geronimo went to sleep.
When he woke up, Thea told him that there was a terrible storm. Geronimo went to work and figured out
what to do. Geronimo said, “Bring supplies, we are
going there to help. They did and saved the town. I
thought this book was very good.
“Gateway to Atlantis”
Age 10
Art: Vivion
Age 7
Spring Art
Age 7
Art & Story
Age 7
My First Time Snowboarding
One day I went snowboarding with my Mom,
Dad, and sisters. We drove to Medinah Hill.
My first run down I made it without falling!
Later I noticed some small ramps. I decided I
should go over them and on the way down I
did a 360 degree turn.
It was so much fun we went a couple of
more times. I hope it snows some more so I
can go on a bigger hill.
Feed My Starving Children
Age 8
I would like to tell you, about a fun thing I did last month, “Feed My Starving
Children”. This is where they pack food for starving children around the world.
They have little stations with tubs, that have chicken flavored vitamin powder,
veggie flakes, soy flakes and rice. And guess what, YOU get to pack all of it!
When I went there we packed one hundred nine cases, three thousand nine
hundred twenty four meal packages, an enough food to feed sixty five people for one
year! At the end they let us taste the food!
The best part is that you are helping save children from hunger!
Story and Art
Part I:
Age 8
There once was a boy, named Harry, who wanted a pet.
So he went to a store and found a secret portal. He looked at
it, he stared at it, he touched it and he got sucked
in. The portal took him to the second generation.
He landed on the ground.
To be continued...
Part II:
He brought the unicorn home. The Unicorn
spoke to him and said, ”My name is Frederic, and what is your name?” Harry
answered, “It is Harry. I have something to tell you.”
To be continued...
The Art of Gaming
Age 8
The Magic Art
Part I
Age 10
Once there was a young girl, named Casey Palmer. She was about the age of twelve. Casey had a
wonderful talent of drawing and painting beautiful sketches. She was such a good artist the when you
looked at one of her drawings, you felt you were actually there. For example, you might be in the busy city
of Chicago or on a rural farm standing in a Kansas wheat field. It was a sight will worth seeing.
Even though art classes had been cut for the local school, she hosted an after school class, in the
art studio in her garage. While Casey was teaching art class, her dog Fluffy, heard the doorbell ring and
came running into the studio. The dog weaved in and out between her legs, making her fall. Casey was
worried about her current painting, of the diner from the fifties. She closed her eyes and when she opened
them, she gasped. She was in the diner she had been painting! As Casey was looking around, she noticed
a photo on the wall. Casey took time to study the photo. The photo was a picture of her studio.
Now Casey, shaking with fear, thought that she might have to stay in the painting forever. She began to climb up on the table to see if she could go back to her studio. She slowly touched the picture with
her finger which went through the photo. Casey knew that she would be able to travel back to he studio.
When Casey returned to the studio, all the kids were flabbergasted. Then one kid got up, ran to her
painting and jumped in. The rest of the class gasped, stampeded and jumped in too. Now Casey was really
worried. She was scared that the class wouldn’t know how to return to her studio. It seemed to Casey, like
she had no other choice but to go into the painting again. Casey took a deep breath and slowly approached
the painting. When she opened her eyes, she saw he entire class waiting. “Go through that picture,” she
said, pointing to the photo of her art studio.
The kids, one by one, jumped through the photo and returned to Casey’s studio. Casey was the last
one to exit the diner. Casey was really mad and very stressed to think that he entire class would jump into
her painting like that. But then, Casey was thinking something else… “Why are my paintings so magical?”
Part II Summer 2014
Game Review
Age 8
it’s me…Connor!
I am going to tell you about SlamBam.
He has:
90% Damage
90% Blocking
50% Speed
40% Luck
The best part is that he can ride on an iceboard!
See you next month, with more on Skylanders.
Age 12
Hi! Riley here to tell you about the movie
Frozen. This movie is about two sisters
named Elsa and Anna. Elsa has a special
power. She can freeze things. When she
showed everyone, she accidentally froze the
town of Arendelle. She then ran away. Anna
had to save the town before it froze over in
the summer, so she went to find her sister.
Anna meets Olaf and Kristoff, who help her
find Elsa. Olaf is the lovable snowman. He is
funny and the most memorable character.
He loves warm hugs. They had to defeat
Elsa’s snow monster. I thought the movie
was really good and I would see it again and
The Hobbit:
Desolation of Smaug
Age 8
It’s Conner here with a review of the
second Hobbit movie. So you know the
twelve dwarfs, Bombur, Bofur, Bifur,
Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Nori, Dori, Gloin,
Oin, Ori and the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.
Well, this time they meet three new
people Legolas Greenleaf, the Necromancer, and Beorn. My favorite part is
when Thorin runs out of the hallway and
jumps into the mines. This movie is really good if you enjoyed the first Hobbit.
And that is my review.