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KSAB Music Technology
Soundation Guide
KSAB Music Technology
Go to www.google.com
Sign into your google account
Go to www.soundation.com
Click on “LOGIN”
Click on the RED GOOGLE button
Click on “Add account”
Sign in using your Kings’ student email
Accept Soundation’s request
Write your full name for a username
The profile link should automatically fill
Do not add in any other information
Scroll down
Click on “save”
Hover over “STUDIO”
Choose “Chrome version”
(If you are having trouble loading just click on “STUDIO”)
Click on the arrows next to the folders in the library to access sounds
Click and drag the sounds into the studio
Press play to hear your work
Press play again to stop
Press rewind to go back to the beginning
Hover over the top right corner of your sound
Click and drag to extend the length of the sound
Hover over “File”
Click on “Save as”
Give your song a name
Click “save”
Increase the texture of your composition
by layering the sounds
Use different audio channels to achieve this
You should have a pop up confirming your
work is saved
To send me a copy of your work
Hover over “File”
Click on “Export .wav file”
Attach the file to an email and send to
[email protected]
Soundation Trouble shooting
I can’t log in to this laptop
Use “students” “123” to log in
My lap top is taking too long to start up
Hold down the power button until it turns
off, then press again to turn on
It’s taking a long time to load
Press refresh, Log out and back in
The tracks aren’t loading
Press refresh, Log out and back in
I can’t save my work
Have you logged in? You can only save if
you have logged in