Commercial Tombstone-Joe-CounterCard:Layout 1


Commercial Tombstone-Joe-CounterCard:Layout 1
‘‘When it comes to local lending,
we put our money
where our mouth is.’’
Some banks talk about their commitment to local businesses.
At Walpole Co-operative Bank, we prefer to let the projects speak
for themselves.
Joseph Scholl
President & CEO
In 2010, we’ll continue to invest in our local community
through prudent lending, just as we have since 1912.
In our book, that’s money well spent.
Commercial Mortgage
Warehouse Building
Walpole, MA
Construction Loan
Townhouse Condominiums
Wellesley, MA
Builders Credit Facility
Eight Lot Single Family Subdivision
Canton, MA
Construction to Permanent
Commercial Mortgage Office and Retail
Norwood, MA
Member FDIC
Member SIF

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