Issue 4 October - Dunlop Flooring


Issue 4 October - Dunlop Flooring
Comfort Domain
Volume 1 | Issue 4
October | 2011
Best Eco Friendly Product 2011
Dunlop Flooring wins 2011 Australian Business Award
Dunlop Flooring has been recognised among Australia’s most
innovative organisations, winning the Australian Business Award
for “Best Eco-Friendly Product” for 2011.
manufacturing processes and our
carpet underlay recycling program.
In addition, it further supports our
association with the Green Building
Council of Australia and our focus
on providing the market with
environmentally friendly solutions. The
Springtred carpet underlay range is an
excellent example of the sustainability
was a testament to the strength and
resilience of the Australian economy.
“Australian businesses continue to
adapt business processes, invest in
product development and develop
initiatives that increase productivity
and quality standards for all.
The Australian Business Awards
provide a welcome opportunity for
organisations such as Dunlop Flooring
committed to business and product
excellence to receive recognition
throughout their respective
MEMBER 2010-2011
Now in its sixth year, the Australian
Business Awards program recognises
organisations that demonstrate the
core values of business and product
excellence, corporate responsibility,
sustainability and commercial success
in their respective industries. The
Australian Business Award for “Best
Eco-Friendly Product” recognises
environmentally friendly products or
services that demonstrate innovation
and commitment to sustainable living.
Commenting on the win, Sean Forde
the National Marketing & Business
Development Manager said “this
award recognises our commitment
to environmentally responsible
Today the Dunlop Springtred range
is Australia’s premier domestic carpet
underlay range. Each underlay is
specially designed to offer a different
level of comfort and support, whilst
importantly making a significant
difference to the life of the carpet.
Unlike other underlays on the market
the Springtred range not only offers
great cushioning and support but is
also 100% recyclable at the end of its
useful life.
Tara Johnston, Program Director
of the Australian Business Awards,
said the standard of entries for 2011
1. Best Eco Friendly Product 2011
2. Thermal Comfort
3. Flooring Technology Awards
4. Whats the Goss?
5. Who is the "Recycler of the
6. Floorbuys - What's New?
Dunlop Flooring
86 Berkshire Road, Sunshine Vic 3020
Customer Service 1800 622 293
Comfort Domain
Thermal Comfort
Dunlop Carpet Cushion acts as a thermal insulator and helps to reduce
your energy bills.
With a trend to increasing energy
costs there has never been a better
time to start thinking about how we
can make our homes more energy
efficient. Heating and cooling can
account for as much as half of a home
owner’s energy bill.
Even houses with well insulated walls
and ceilings can lose as much as 15%
of heat through an uninsulated
timber sub-floor. Understanding the
importance of this issue, coupled with
an increased demand by consumers
for thermally rated products, we
decided to complete some testing and
find out how a Dunlop Carpet Cushion
may help to assist in the reduction of
unnecessary heat loss through a subfloor.
Today within the building and
construction industry a products ability
to resist heat transfer is measured by an
R-Value. The more a product is able to
block the transfer of heat, the greater
its thermal resistance and the higher
the R-Value.
The test results were pleasing, showing
that a Dunlop underlay considerably
reduces unnecessary heat loss due to
the millions of tiny air pockets that are
found within the foam construction.
These air pockets actually help to trap
air which acts as an insulator. So it’s
official, installing a quality Dunlop
carpet cushion can help to reduce heat
loss keeping your energy bills under
The R-values for the entire range
of Dunlop underlays are now
contacting Customer Service on
1800 622 293 or simply by logging on to
Flooring Technology Training
Dunlop Sponsors best 3rd year apprentice for
Carpet Laying
The Flooring Technology Training Centre Awards were held in May
2011. The evening was well attended by Holmesglen TAFE, Industry
representatives, award winners, their employers and families. The
awards provide an opportunity to recognise the outstanding
achievements of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Christopher Sexton
received a Coles Myer Voucher.
Christopher Sexton from Brett's Carpet was
awarded best 3rd year Apprentice Carpet Layer
for 2011.
"Minister of Environment and Heritage, Hon. Robyn Parker presented Dunlop
Flooring with a Bronze recognition award for its strong leadership and commitment
towards Environment and Sustainability".
Happy 50th Anniversay 30 seconds with Canningvale Flooring Covering
Mr Jacob Van Dyk and
his wife Nelly arrived in
Australia in 1957, settling in
the Armadale area south of
Perth. At the time there was
not a lot of work however,
he eventually got a job in
Albany at the abattoirs for
approximately 12 months
and every weekend he drove
385 km back on a dirt road to
Armadale to see his family.
Jacob's first job in the flooring
industry was with Foy’s &
Gibson in Perth, who taught
him to lay carpets and vinyls.
A few years later he started
Then in 1961 he bought one
acre of land on the Albany
highway in Cannington with
a disused deli, which was
converted to a carpet store.
Within 10 years the store
became too small so he
bought a warehouse in the
back streets of Cannington
to store all the stock. But his
dream was to have a large
Donna Finn Sales Representaive WA.
John Van Dyk and his daughter Annelise
store and warehouse combined.
In 1982 he bought a block in the Armadale/
Kelmscott industrial site on a prominent
corner. He then sold the Cannington site
and proceeded to build a warehouse in
Armadale where ‘Canning Floorcovering
Centre’ is still trading today. John Van Dyk,
Jacob’s son took over December 1995 and
in 2007, Annelise, John’s daughter has also
been working full time at the shop.
and here's to another
successful 50 years.
Dean Magee joined the NSW Sales Team in February 2011.
Dean has a strong sales background within the sporting
goods and automotive industry. Dean is a keen cricketer
and currently plays first grade cricket for the Bankstown
Club in Sydney.
The popular Magee is a stalwart of the Sydney grade
cricket scene and when he is ‘on song’ there is no more
entertaining player in the competition as reported by the
Bankstown Cricket Club representative. Dean's greatest
cricketing moment was winning both comps a couple of
years ago in 1st grade.
If you weren't in Sales what would your
dream job be? I have never "wanted" to do
anything, I have happily fallen into each of
my careers. My dream job would be working
with the elderly in a recreational capacity.
I have heard you love to eat, whats the best
places you can recommend? My favourite
style of eating is grazing. Next time your in
a great area such as Fremantle in WA, try an
entree in one restaurant, the main in another
then finish off with dessert somewhere else.
Of course if you are in Freo you will also
need to stop off in different boutique pubs
to savour a wine or two in between. This
makes for a long day or evening but well
worth it. We found this works equally well at
Melbourne’s South Bank or in Port Douglas as
well as Darling Harbour just to mention a few!
Your a keen snorkeler whats your favourite
place to go? I taught myself to snorkel in
our backyard pool about 10 years ago, sad
but true. Now I snorkel most summers at a
local beach spot ‘Mettams Pool’. We recently
snorkelled The Great Barrier Reef which was
wonderful however my favourite place is still
Ningaloo Reef and being able to swim with
the whale sharks.
Your Rocky Road is very popular with your
customers and the office staff in Sunshine,
how much do you make each year?
Christmas is the busiest time when I make
approx 10 slabs in December, each slab makes
5 to 6 of the Chinese take away boxes. Then
there are birthdays and special occasions
throughout the year. Overall I probably make
15 slabs a year. Thats alot of Marshmallows!
Comfort Domain
Recycler of the
Footy Tipping
Congratulations to all our Footy Tipping winners, our reps have
been out distributing your prizes. For the Group winners Dunlop
Flooring has made a donation to your chosen charity.
NRL Winners
1st Tim Watson - Bigger Furniture Floors Yarrawonga
2nd Paul Askew - Askew Carpet Contractors
3rd Russ Mackay - Mackay's Carpet Court
July 2011
Kelly's Carpets - NSW
August 2011
OJ Washington & Co Pl
AFL Winners
1st Garth Smith - Andersons
2nd Richard Beaumont - Devonport Floorworld
3rd Jim Crawford - Jims Carpet Court
Great news for the month of October
Floorbuys is having a clearance sale so
logon to and
grab yourself a bargain.
rd - Ji
m's C
t Co u
Richard Beaum
Devonport Flo
AFL Group Winners
1st Carpet World Bainsdale t/as Riviera Floor Coverings
Charity: Prostate Cancer Foundation $300.00
2nd Bigger Furniture Floorworld Yarrawonga
Charity: Royal Childrens Hospital $200.00
3rd Rockingham Carpet Court
Charity: Breast Cancer Association $100.00
In December we are having a special
Christmas promotion offering Visa Gift
Cards, so keep your eyes open for the email
informing you of this promotion.
Dont miss out on great specials and
promotions ensure Customer Service have
your current email address.
NRL Group Winners
1st Bigger Furniture Floorworld Yarrawonga
Charity: Royal Childrens Hospital $300.00
2nd Harvey Norman Caringbah
Charity: Sydney Childrens Hospital $200.00
3rd Master Kelwin Nambour
Charity: Daniel Morcombe Foundation $100.00
September 2011
Derry's Carpet Warehouse - NSW
Jim C
Russ M
kay - M
s Carp
et Cou

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