Idle Air Control Valves


Idle Air Control Valves
Idle Air Control Valves
The Idle Air Control valve meters air flow around the throttle plate and controls idle speed. (Ford calls this part the
Throttle Air By Pass Valve.) The valve is susceptible to carbon build-up causing plungers and pintles to stick, that results
in rough idle, stalling or engine run-on.
Airtex designs, engineers and manufactures IACVs composed of materials and finishes that resist carbon build up, and
tests IACVs in accordance with strict OE specifications to prevent common failures:
• Complicated castings require stringent tolerances
• Precise pintle profiles match OE flow
• Plunger shafts/magnets calibrated to exact OE specifications
• Component alignment is mandatory
• Calibrated to perform at all engine temperatures
• Exclusive air flow testing ensures consistent performance
• After calibration, adjustment screws thread-locked to remain in spec
• 100% testing and calibration during manufacturing process
• On-car performance tests (Offshore suppliers do not do this)
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