Newsletter No. 94 - November 2015


Newsletter No. 94 - November 2015
Dear Parents and Tenby Community,
Much conflict has been highlighted in this week’s world news. It is at times like this that we need to
be mindful of the influence we have on our children so that they may understand that the world we
live in should not be about hatred or prejudices but about compassion and acceptance. Nelson
Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” and
once again let us be reminded of how powerful and relevant our Vision is of “A United World at
Peace – Through Education”.
Building Community Expectations
This week a student was given an internal suspension for disrespectful behaviour that took place
over a few weeks towards another student. This behaviour escalated into a physical episode. We
must continue to work together as a community to model and set boundaries for what we will and
will not accept in terms of respecting one another irrespective of gender, religion, race, beliefs,
physical/mental challenges etc. Thank you to those in the community, staff, parents, Parents’
Association and students who have actively worked with us this term to bring our community
Community Surveys
Please remember to take the time to provide your feedback to the School. The Survey links
should have been e-mailed to you already.
Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)
All CCAs (clubs, societies, sports and games) will be held until the last week of this term.
UPSR Results
Congratulations to our KBSR 6 students from Sekolah
Tenby. They did very well in the UPSR exams, ranking
2nd in the Kinta Utara District. We had 11 students
scoring 5As out of 5 subjects taken and 8 students
scoring 4As out of 5 subjects taken. You will read a more
detailed report on our UPSR results from Mr. Wong Kin
Tung (Asst Head of Sekolah Tenby) later in this
newsletter. Well done again!
SiWu Scholarships
The SiWu scholarships are available for students who are entering KBSM 4 and Cohort 13 Sixth
Form in January 2016. These are awarded for academic excellence or exceptional talent in the
performing arts or sports. You may check the school website for more details on the scholarship.
Registration forms are available online and also from the office at the Meru Campus. The deadline
for submission is Friday 4th December.
Coffee Morning
This morning, we had our second Coffee Morning
organised by the PA, with a talk on breast cancer
awareness by Dr. Sumitra Sivasuntharam. The event
was attended by over 40 parents and the feedback was
that it was a very informative presentation. We thank the
PA for organising the Coffee Mornings and look forward
to more next term. Please do find the time to come
along to these sessions if you can.
Parents’ Evening
International Primary will be having their Parents Meeting over three days next week Monday 23rd November to
Wednesday 25th November – appointment times have been communicated to parents.
TEYCI will be having their Parents Evening on Thursday 26th November from 15:00 to 18:00 hrs on a first come
first serve basis.
The following week, Sekolah Tenby will have their Parents Evening on Wednesday 2nd December from 15:30hrs to
17:30hrs in the Auditorium. This will be on a first come first serve basis.
We look forward to seeing you at these sessions.
End of Term Activities
There are quite a few end of term activities lined up.
Wednesday 2nd December
Interhouse Secondary Sports Carnival from 09:00hrs to 15:00hrs for basketball, football, badminton, table tennis &
water polo – parents welcome to cheer!
Thursday 3rd December
TEYCI Christmas Assembly – 09:30 to 10:30 hrs at the School Hall TEYCI.
Wednesday 2nd December
End of Term Dance, Drama & Music Concert from 19:30hrs – 21:30hrs in the Auditorium – all are welcome. Please
email Dr Jeff Rowlands ([email protected]) or Ms Stephanie Jukes ([email protected])
to let them know if you are attending.
Friday 4th December
Class End of Term Parties & Christmas Colour Dress Up Day. This is to celebrate the end of term and Christmas. It
would be lovely to see the majority of the School community make an effort to dress to theme on the last day of
term so that we can celebrate a festival as one community. Students may dress in red, gold, yellow, green, white
on this day.
Staggered Dismissal Time on Friday 4th December
The School will have a staggered finish on Friday 4th December. The Primary School (both National &
International) including Early Years will finish at 12:00hrs, while the Secondary school (both National and
International) will dismiss at 12:30hrs.
TEYCI will dismiss at 12 noon on Friday 4th December.
Billing of Fees
Fee invoices will be sent home via the Students before the end of term. Please remember to make payment for
next term on time to avoid disruption to your child’s education.
Effective Next Term – Primary ‘No Hat No Play’ Policy
With effect from January 2016, we will implement a “No Hat No Play” Policy for
Primary (including Early Years) students. This is to make students aware of the
dangers of sun damage and importance of sun protection. Therefore, parents will
need to purchase a School Hat from the School Bookshop during the holidays.
Students without a School Hat will not be allowed to play outside during break or
lunch times. Primary students will also be asked to wear their hats during PE
lessons if they are conducted outside. We encourage parents to provide sun block
for students to use during the day.
Next Newsletter
Please note that that next and final Newsletter for the term will be published on Friday 4th December.
Jane Kuok
Campus Principal
The UPSR 2015 results were released on Tuesday 17 November. Sekolah Tenby Ipoh enjoyed our best UPSR
results and congratulations are extended to all of those Standard 6 students who worked hard to achieve the
results that they did. We are pleased to announce that 11 students from Sekolah Tenby Ipoh scored 5 A’s this year.
With the GPA of 1.54, we are ranked number 2 in the Northern Kinta district (out of 112 schools).
A table of the UPSR results indicating the percentage of Sekolah Tenby Ipoh students who achieved 5 A’s.
Percentage of students scoring Grade A’s according to subjects
Bahasa Melayu (Pemahaman)
Bahasa Melayu (Penulisan)
Percentage of A’s
2015 UPSR results indicate the best GPA since 2008. (The GPA operates on a decreasing scale where a lower
index value indicates better candidate achievement)
Top Scorers 2015
1. Adam Daniel – KBSR 6A
2. Cheng Zu – KSBSR 6A
3. Wai Teng – KBSR 6A
4. Sanjitha – KBSR 6A
5. Arwin Nanntha – KBSR 6A
6. Muhammad Harith – KBSR 6A
7. Jorja – KBSR 6A
8. Linggesh – KBSR 6A
9. Li-Ann– KBSR 6A
10. Devanesh – KBSR 6A
11. Jolie – KBSR 6A
1. Cherisse – KBSR 6A
2. Marcus – KBSR 6A
3. Chris - KBSR 6B
4. Kheng Aik – KBSR 6A
5. Preethi Nair – KBSR 6A
6. Sri Afiqah Aliah – KBSR 6A
7. Wong Nee Yen – KBSR 6A
8. Yileng – KBSR 6 B
Domino’s Pizza celebration
for our UPSR students.
Congratulations to the teachers and students for this excellent performance!
By: Mr. Wong Kin Tung
POST UPSR ACTIVITIES: Cake Decoration and Salad Making Contest
Recently, on 21st October 2015, the KBSR 6
students had a cake decoration and salad making
contest among the 6 teams; Charlie Chaplin,
The White Shining
Star working as a
The Chess Board, The White Shining Stars, The
Midnight, Bishops and Castles, and MI6.
Charlie Chaplin with their
healthy garden salad
The Bishops and Castles
mixing their delicious
chicken macaroni salad
The Bishops and Castles
mixing their delicious
chicken macaroni salad
At the salad-making contest, marks were given based on hygiene and
flavours in the salad. All teams managed to come up with unique, delicious
and creative salads. The White Shining Stars even had an orange that was
cleared of the pulp, with many types of fruits in it. The team was, once
again, declared the winner, scoring highest in creativity and unique flavours
The post UPSR activity ended with the students sharing the cakes with
students from other classes and the teachers having their share of the
salads among themselves. The students had so much fun and it was really
a tremendous time for both teachers and students.
Beautifully decorated cakes
with so much creativity
By Danyl of KBSR 6A
News from Tenby Early Years Centre Ipoh (TEYCI)
Coffee Morning (Thursday, 19.11.15)
To raise the awareness about breast cancer in our community, a talk was arranged by the
Parents’ Association during a Coffee Morning at our school. Dr. Sumitra Sivasuntharam a
General Surgeon with Pantai Hospital Ipoh and specialist in breast cancer awareness was
invited as a guest speaker to give a talk. It was a very informative session and emotional too
to hear from breast cancer survivors who shared their personal stories.
Classroom News
Toddlers – Little Dolphins & Little Nemos
Little Dolphins and Little Nemos learned to identify
different types of clothes. The children had fun
washing and hanging hand towels to dry. What an
Nursery - Little Tulips & Little Daffodils
Happy Café!
Welcome to Happy Café! We have chefs who cook scrumptious food and waiters with a
ready smile to serve you. Come have a break at “Happy Café”!
Reception - Little Da Vinci’s
The Little Da Vinci’s and Little Einstein’s ventured further into patterns by creating their
own scrapbooks on patterns. They explored patterns through shapes, animal skins, sand
and also different varieties of other materials. Children had a wonderful time making
pictures with paint or collage to reproduce the artefact and pattern.
Reception - Little Einstein’s
Year 1A
Children from Year 1 demonstrated action made by animals through the riddles given
by the teacher. This activity emphasised the personal goal of ‘cooperation’ as the
children needed to work together to do animal actions. It was fun watching them working
together as a team forming a caterpillar walk.
Year 1B
Year 1B children are busy practicing writing simple rhymes. They created their own rhyming
words. And wrote their own rhyme. For this activity, cooperation skills were emphasized as
they worked together to complete the rhyme as a team
Growing Seeds Experiment
Classroom Activities Year 2 Green
The observations go on for a
few weeks.
Here you can see the some of the children doing their observations.
We are growing some plants and finding out more about them.
Learning for
We know “The Parts of a Plant”
We know that with the help of water, soil, and sunlight, the seed will grow into a seedling.
We are able to complete our task successfully.
Football Tournament at Mutiara International Grammar School
On the November 7th our school Football Team went for a tournament at Mutiara International Grammar School in
KL. To be honest we didn’t do as well as compared to the previous tournament (JSKL) but that’s probably because
we didn’t have our full squad with us this time. In my opinion, we did well individually but we lacked a bit of teamwork as we didn’t get to train much together due to the haze which limited our training. Nevertheless, we tried and
played our best.
At the beginning of the game, our defence was sloppy but as we progressed through the tournament we were
really solid and conceded less goals. I’ll start with our goalkeeper, Choi was really great throughout the whole
tournament. He had some really good saves and his distribution was on point. Next, our defence. We might have
been careless at the start but then we started to communicate more and our game improved a lot. Lastly, our
midfielder and the only striker, Calvin did extremely well. He was our top scorer for this tournament.
Although we ended last in the tournament, I think it was great exposure for some players that had never been to
tournaments. As for me, it was also my first time being captain as I was replacing Danaraj who unfortunately
couldn’t make it. I had to be honest with myself, as this was my worst performance in a Tenby shirt even though I
managed to score directly from a corner. Maybe it was because I missed my partner in defence (Danaraj) who
wasn’t present this time. Despite all our trials and tribulations, I know that the team will bounce back. Before I stop
writing I would want to give a big thank you to our coaches and assistant coach, Mr. Darren, Mr. Ricky and Mr.
Teoh for their support and encouragement.
Written by,
Zul Irwan (SM2)
(Vice-Captain of the Football School Team)
Shakespearean Drama Blitz in the Kinta Valley schools
With all the logistics complete, rehearsals nearly perfected and the props loaded onto the bus, the students of our
Sixth Form Cohort 12 set off on a series of performances in schools in and around Ipoh. The cohort had prepared to
perform William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, considered to be the last play he ever wrote.
The main cast of the play were Prospero (Balasubramaniam), Miranda (Chee Pooi Ye), Prince Ferdinand (Tang Chi
Hoe), King Alonso (Ahmed Faazil Rahman), Ariel (Ee Shih Liz), Caliban (Derek Tan), Trinculo (Bryan Sim) and
Stephano (Justin Loke). They were under the leadership of Balasubramaniam as director.
On Monday, 26 October 2015, Cohort 12 went to
the Kampar campus of Universiti Tunku Abdul
Rahman (UTAR). The first sights of the large
crowd attending and the small stage available
made everyone nervous about the outcome of
the performance. Despite technical difficulties
and a slightly understaffed backstage crew, the
students managed to pull off a successful play.
However, the reception received from the
audience was at first underwhelming, but the
interaction picked up during the Shakespearean
drama quiz conducted by Mr Louis after the play.
The situation improved on Thursday, 5 November, when Cohort 12 set off for SMK Perak Girls, Ipoh. With better
equipped facilities and a larger audience, the performance went much more smoothly.
The girls in the audience were enchanted by the romantic couple of Prince Ferdinand (Tang Chi Hoe) and Miranda
(Chee Pooi Ye). Moreover, the comedy trio of Caliban (Derek Tan), Trinculo (Bryan Sim) and Stephano (Justin
Loke) kept the crowd filled with chuckles, with their excellent one-liners and dynamic movements.
The final performance in Tenby Schools Ipoh on Friday, 6 November 2015 was the latest performance for Cohort
12. With newfound experience from the previous performances, the students felt right at home performing in their
own school, in front of a crowd of international students. There was definitely no shortage of comedy, romance and
applause that day. It was by far their most successful run yet.
Over the course of rehearsing and preparing for these performances, the students have added numerous
non-sequiturs to the script and developed their own interpretations of Shakespeare’s work. This unique experience
will undoubtedly help to strengthen the bonds between the members of this tight-knit group. Additionally, this
experience will also help develop their public speaking and performing skills.
Report prepared by:
IGCSE Revision Advice.
Revision is now upon us in preparation for the IGCSE mock examinations in January. Over the next 3 weeks, I will
be giving you a few tips to help you revise, and relax in preparation.
You should start revising around 5 weeks before the exam. Plan and draw up a timetable of the dates, (I have one
for free, so see me) and revise in sequence of the exams. Make sure you revise for every subject.
Although some say you should revise in silence, many students have said they prefer to listen to music. If this is
you fine, but remember you will have 2 concurrent pieces of information running through your mind, music, and the
Have 10—15 minutes break every hour.
If you are organised, you are far less likely to suffer from stress. If you
experience some of the symptoms of stress, the chances are that you are under
too much strain. Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s strategies which may help
you to cope if you feel overwhelmed.
• Establish a routine – and stick to it. Make sure that you have proper meals and that you sleep well and keep
to your work plan.
• Make sure you revise in a quiet area with enough room for your books, and a strong lamp
• Get plenty of exercise. If you are fit, your mind will be more alert and revision will be just that little bit
• Start revising as early as possible. Give yourself a head start.
• Practice past papers – these help you to know what to expect and give you experience in doing exam
papers. Remember, examiners a limited range of questions. The more papers you do, the more familiar you
will be
• Your best. Decide what works for you, and stick to it. If others are panicking keep away from them.
• Worry if you haven’t solved every single problem before you finish your evening’s work. The brain is a
problem solver and can solve problems while you are asleep – use it
• Let yourself get tired. Your brain will be ‘fuzzy’ after a really late night and even easy tasks may seem harder
• Leave the classroom without fully understanding all you learn in revision class. This is what we are here for. If
you repeatedly have to ask, it shows you want to get it right.
• Leave revision until the very last minute. This causes panic and can create stress.
• Stay up all night. If you are groggy in the day, the less you will absorb. Go to bed early
Next week, I shall give you further hints on the best way you can revise, and enjoy revising get through it alive!
By Diane Beresford
A weekly update on Ricky Singh who is on a sole "Movember"
mission to raise funds for Noah's Ark. There is a contribution box
in the Office at Meru Campus. Please help by giving whatever you
can. Thank you.

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