Newsletter #99 - January 2015
Highlights in this newsletter:
Message from Campus Principal
Recycling Project - Special Assembly
& Winners of Poster and Slogan
School Activities
Circular on New Car Stickers
From the Campus Principal
Jane Kuok
Dear Parents and Tenby Community,
The highlight of this week in school has been the launch of the recycling programme on Tuesday 26th
January. With the help of the Parents Association (PA), Ms. Malaysia Earth 2015 Ms. Danielle Wong and
Ms. Malaysia Earth 2015 Runner Up Ms. Amreet Kaur were invited as guests of honour to speak to our
students at the special Assembly. After the Assembly we had a small tree planting ceremony at the
school to commemorate the event. Immediately after the event in Meru Campus, the special guests
proceeded to Tenby Early Years Centre (TEYCI) for a similar assembly and tree planting ceremony. We
would like to thank the Student Council, the PA and Ms. Deborah Jones for organising this event.
Similarly, the winners of the Posters & Slogan Competitions were announced during the Assembly.
Congratulations to the winners! You will be able to see the winners and their winning entries later in this
The Parent-Teacher Conferences for Year 9 and Year 10 students were held this week. The attendance
was very good and we thank parents & guardians for taking the time to come discuss their child(ren)’s
progress with us. Next week on Tuesday 2nd February, it will be Year 11’s parents’ turn for their
Parent-Teacher Conference, again at the Auditorium from 15:30hrs to 17:30hrs.
In last week’s newsletter, I informed parents that we will be renewing car stickers. This week, the
Requisition Form for Car Stickers 2016 – 2017 were handed out to students, please ensure that you
complete the form and return it back to the Class Teacher by Wednesday 3rd February. For further
information, the Circular and Requisition Form are attached in this newsletter for your easy reference.
The Scholastic catalogues were also handed out to students this week. If you are interested to purchase
books to encourage your child’s reading habits, please return the completed Scholastic order form to the
office by Wednesday 3rd February with the payment enclosed. Kindly remember that Scholastic only
accepts payment by cheque or credit card.
We look forward to the Chinese New Year Assembly next week, Thursday 4th February at TEYCI and
Friday 5th February at Meru Campus. We would love to see everyone in the School community dress
up in Chinese traditional clothes or Chinese New Year colours – red, yellow, pink or gold.
Thank you.
News from Tenby Early Years Centre Ipoh (TEYCI)
We had a good turnout from parents during our Coffee
Morning on Friday 22nd January. New parents had the
opportunity to mingle with existing parents and share
thoughts about their children over coffee and snacks.
The talk on Healthy Eating was an eye opener to young
parents who have issues with their children’s eating
habits. The parents were happy with the topic chosen
and requested for more talks related to young children.
Parents mingling with each other
over coffee and snacks.
Parents Forums at TEYCI:
-Monday 22nd February - Toddler & Nursery
-Tuesday 23rd February - Reception & Year 1
Ms. Rachel Lee (Dietitian) talking about
Nutrition for young children.
Recycling Launch at TEYCI
Creating bookmarks with
recycling items.
Tree planting by Danielle Wong (Ms. Malaysia Earth 2015) and Amreet Kaur
(Ms. Malaysia Earth 2015 Runner Up).
With Chinese New Year approaching, the staff and children decorated
the entrance and their classrooms with their Art work welcoming 2016
the Year of “Monkey”. More news is coming up next week.
Classroom News
Toddler (Little Dolphins)
Finger printing exercise with their snakes.
Nursery (Little Daffodils)
Learning the number 8 by attaching
8 legs.
Year 1
Year 1 children carrying out an
experiment on water and oil density.
Reception (Little Da Vinci’s)
Iris and Ari in their pirate
Waiting to board the pirate ship.
Elise having a closer look at the
map while searching for the
treasure with her crew.
We have found our
treasure. Yay!!!
Reception (Little Einsteins)
The Little Einsteins go on a Pirate adventure!
Amsyar and Justin had a great time with a
Pirate Island puzzle.
The children experienced the adventures
of pirates, through pretend play.
News from Early Years Centre Meru Campus
Angelo did a wonderful “Show and
Tell” showing off some sparkly
jewelry from his treasure chest.
Dragonflies running wild! They
were meant to be learning about
map making skills!
We finally caught them and got them to make their pirate treasure maps.
We learnt about staining maps, using symbols on maps and which way North is.
Busy Bee Qi Bin made a skull using
playdough to finish off his pirate flag,
Qi Bin and Johan played “guess the
These Busy Bees counted on steps when
they played Snakes and Ladders.
Letish Ashwin from Little Fish made a
horse using lego.
“We are learning the u
sound as we walk under
the u u u umbrella…”
No Little Fish getting
Recycling Project – Contributed by Deborah Jones (AENCo)
The Recycling Project at Tenby Schools Ipoh was kick started by a whole school Poster and Slogan Competition
over the December holiday.
Many entries were received and the judges, Michelle Lim (TISSI Head of Art), Myra Pyne (TISSI Head of Science),
Dr. Jeff Rowlands (Director of Music), Jane Looi (Assistant Head Sekolah Tenby Pastoral) May Goh (Parent
Representative), Thomas Chai (Parents Association) and the Prefectorial Board students Lean Wern (F 5T) and
Reshma (F 3T) had a very difficult time deciding on the winners.
The original winning entries and those commended will be displayed in the School library and enlarged copies
displayed around the school.
Lists of Poster and Slogan winners for Recycling Project
Poster Competition
Age group : 4 – 7 years old
First: Jia En
Year 1 Blue
Second: Casandra Jia En
Age Group: 8 – 11 years old
First : Annika
Year 4 Yellow
Second: Ethan
Year 5 Green
Information Poster Competition
First: Hui Ning Year 8 Green
Second: Zi Yue Ecco
Year 8 Green
Slogan Competition
First: Chi Kie KBSM 5
Second: Ryan
Can you hear the screaming trees?
Can you see the crying sea?
Make your mother proud….
Especially Mother Nature!
Stop regretting.. start RECYCLING
Primary: Jayden Year 6 Green
Secondary: Ivan
Year 7 Green
Secondary: Nashat
Year 7 Green
Special Assembly Tuesday 26th January
All the winners and those with commendations were awarded prizes and certificates by our special guests, Miss
Danielle Wong, Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 and Miss Amreet Kaur Runner up Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 during our
launch assembly.
Both Danielle and Amreet feel passionately about protecting the Earth and our environment and spoke to the
children about the need to, and benefits of, recycling.
To promote the ethos of protecting the environment, our special guests planted a beautiful tree on the lawn outside
the auditorium and one in TEYCI.
A special thank you to Marco, President of Tenby School Council, for an excellent job of creating the Recycling
Presentation and for leading the Secondary School Assembly.
As a school we will be encouraging children to recycle cans, paper and plastic
(we will not be recycling glass as the students don’t have access to glass in
Coloured bins will be placed in the Canteen and in TEYCI and their use
monitored for correct use. Each Block will have a blue bin to recycle paper.
Any money received as a result of collecting the recycling, will be donated to
Noah’s Ark, the local animal charity. Many thanks to May Goh and Jeremy Teh
(Parents Association) for inviting Miss Danielle Wong and Miss Amreet Kaur to
be our special guests.
We hope we will have your support by encouraging your children to recycle both at home and at school.
Marco, President of Tenby School Student Council
giving his presentation at the start of the Assembly
The winners from secondary school with
Miss Danielle Wong and Miss Amreet Kaur
Miss Danielle Wong showing an example of her recycled
pen holder
Tree-planting ceremony at Meru Campus
Recycling Ideas - Miss Danielle Wong showing
some students how to make a bookmark
with recyclable items
The winners from primary school with
Miss Danielle Wong and Miss Amreet Kaur
Thumbs up for recycling
Special Assembly at TEYCI
With staff and students
Tree-planting ceremony at TEYCI
Music Lesson
Homeroom Teacher
Observation by
: Standard 3E
: Mr David Chu
: Mr David Chu
: 27.01.2016
: Exploring Descriptive Music
Listening to the sounds of an orchestral instruments and identify it!
This is the Flute!
Homeroom Teacher
Observation by
I’ve got the Clarinet
Mine is not a Clarinet!
Mine’s an Oboe!
: Standard 3T
: Ms Nantini
: Mr David Chu
: 27.01.2016
: Exploring Descriptive Music
Listening to the sounds of the instruments and identify their names
I’ve got a Trombone!
It has a sliding sound!
The Tuba has the lowest
sound in the Brass Family!
The Double Bass is from
the String Family!
The Bassoon
This is an Oboe!
Not a Clarinet!
Yay! Look at me!
I’ve got a pair of Cymbals
Homeroom Teacher
Observation by
: Standard 6
: Ms Ramani
: Mr David Chu
: Exploring Rounds
: 27.01.2016
Reading the gamelan scores and playing the gamelan’s metallophones (Peking, Saron, Demung) according to the
Taking turns in playing the Demung
News from International Primary
Geography – Year 3 Green
In Geography this term, we learned about fossilization. We started by watching a short documentary about it. Our
next task was to understand how fossil footprints are formed by making different types of fossils in the classroom.
We followed a set of simple instructions given by our teacher where we had to knead the clay until it was nice and
smooth. Next, we rolled the clay until it was flat. We used some plastic dinosaurs and made imprints on the clay.
We pressed the dinasour toy on the clay!
Voila!!!! We successfully made our fossils.
We had a lot of fun doing this activity. We are looking forward to the next lesson about how fossils of dinosaurs are
found on all the continents.
Primary PE Classes
Lower Primary Learners working on different crawling and rolling skills during their PE Lessons
Upper Primary Learners are doing Athletics during their PE lessons in preparation for their upcoming Sports Day.
Drills like skipjump, bounding, ankling, stretches, lunges and butt kick were done before they start their long jump.
Malay Language in International Primary
Reception class - Reading books in Malay Language.
Year 4 was learning about ‘Pola Ayat’ this week. They were busy arranging words to make correct sentences.
Brian spoke in Bahasa Malaysia about his precious hat during ‘Show and Tell’ session in Malay class.
New Secondary Prefects Applications for the Year 2016
An announcement concerning the recruitment of new Secondary Prefects was made on Wednesday 20th January
during the KBSM and TISSI Assembly. Application forms were submitted to Mr. Ang (Teacher advisor of the
Prefectorial Board) on 22nd January.
Students who were interested in applying for the Prefect position attended a briefing where they were informed of
the duties and expectations of a school prefect.
The expectations for a Tenby School Prefect are as follows:
To be a leader by example, within the student body
To be a good role model for other students
To promote, support, and follow all the rules of the school.
To demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability
To monitor the welfare of other students
To assist in the organisation of school activities and events
It is pleasing to know that we have received over 50 applications for consideration already and we look forward to
announcing the successful applicants in due course.
Tenby Schools Ipoh Road Run 2016
On Friday 22nd of January, Tenby Schools Ipoh organised a 5 kilometre Road Run from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs with
participants from the Secondary sections - Years 7 to 11, Form 1 to 5, and the A-level students.
The purpose of the event was to spread awareness of the importance of keeping one’s body fit and to allow the
students to get some fresh air and exercise. It was also held so that the students could have a friendly competition
with each other. Each participant had to run along a route which went through the compound of Tenby Schools
Ipoh and its neighbouring roads.
The teachers of the school, the Red Crescent Society of Perak, the Parent Teacher Association, and the RELA
volunteers all worked together to ensure that the event went on smoothly. There were five water stations and the
members of the Red Crescent Society were vigilant and on standby in case of any medical casualties. There were
teachers along the route to monitor and encourage the students to keep going.
“It was good. In my opinion, the course was easier than the last time,” said a Year 9 student who participated in the
Lower Secondary Boys category.
Overall the run was a success thanks to the efforts of everyone involved
Reported by,
Sean Ferng and Jorja
Secondary Journalism Club
Sports Update
Kitt Fay (Y9 Yellow) won the MSSD Kinta Utara U15 girls 6km cross country run this week! What a massive
achievement as she absolutely dominated the race. We are looking forward to her enjoying more success when
she steps up to state level competition later this term.
We also had a top 10 finish in the same category from Nicole (Y9 Yellow) who came in a very strong 6th. Shing Yee
(Y10 Green) stepped up to the U18 category this year and finished the U18 run in an encouraging 10th place.
Full update and results to follow in the next newsletter.
Kitt Fay
Shing Yee
The Wednesday Debates
Every Wednesday from 15:00hrs to 16:30hrs, it is debating time at Tenby Schools Ipoh. The debating tradition here
is a strong and vibrant one. It brings together the Sixth Formers as judges and the younger students (Y7-Y11/Form
1-5) as debaters in a weekly battle of wit and words. From time to time, they are joined by debaters from other Ipoh
schools, notably Poi Lam Private School, Ave Maria Convent, SMK St Michael and SMK Anderson Ipoh.
In our most recent debate session held on 27th January 2016, we focused on two strategic groups: the Rotary
Debate Squad and the new entrants to the Sixth Form (Cohort 13). For the former group, it was selection time for
Tenby’s final Rotary Debating Team. Among the debaters vying for a place in the school team are:
Lean Wern (Form 5)
Weng Soon (Form 4)
Dhanya (Year 9)
Sasmita (Year 9)
Khee Yaw ( Form 4)
Ryan ( Form 4 )
Sarah ( Year 8)
Mohammad Fawwad (Year 7)
Akash (Year 7)
Ethan (Year 7)
The practice debate revolved on the motion: “That science is a threat to mankind.” The Best Speaker award in the
debate went to Dhanaya (Year 9). The adjudicators of the debate were Sixth Formers Kenneth and Jasdeep. In
next week’s practice debate, the Rotary group will be debating the motion: “That it is better to be single than to be
In another room on the Sixth Form floor, the Sixth Formers debated the motion “That global warming is a myth”.
The purpose of the debate was to introduce the British parliamentary debate format to the new sixth formers in
Cohort 13. The students of Cohort 13 were the audience while two teams from Cohorts 11 and Cohort 12 engaged
in the verbal duel. The debate was adjudicated by Sixth Formers Bryan and Ann. The topic of debate is usually
followed up by essay writing under the Global Perspectives/Thinking Skills programme for the Sixth Form.
Article by:
Jasdeep (Cohort 11)
The Tenby Debating Squad for the
Rotary Debates 2016
Sixth Formers of Cohort 13 being inducted
into theTenby debating tradition
5th – 7th December 2015
A Navy patrol ship docked at the Lumut
Naval Base
It had interesting features in it.
A state of the art Navy Aircraft
Our Interactors and Interactors from all
over Malaysia.