March - Hodag Sno Trails


March - Hodag Sno Trails
Hodag Sno-News
“Sno News is Good News”
The monthly Newsletter of Hodag Sno-Trails Snowmobile Club; P.O. Box 621; Rhinelander, WI 54501
President – Dick Emerick 362-7964 Vice President – Terry Miller 362-5025 Editor – Jill Demcak 490-1824
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Trail News:
Trail conditions went directly from “early season” to “late season” due to lack of snow, rain and warm weather.
Trails are in poor condition with little snow for cooling and lubrication. There’s a warm spell coming.
We are however, keeping the trails OPEN, in case we get some spring snowfall that would allow some late
sledding. Barrels have been pulled from some of the lakes as well. Out of our 4 club rides, we had to cancel 3 of
them due to lack of snow or rain. The end is near.
When removing signs for the off-season, please DO NOT remove TINS and trail number signs at the intersections
and lake exits. Here is our Tins Map Link. You should be able to save on your Smartphone and zoom in.
A few obstacles for the groomer drivers this year including this hole on Feb 11th. This was on trail 15 going to
Enterprise just before Hwy G. Thanks Justin Hirman for the photos. We need more pictures like this to inform our
snowmobilers of possible danger or terrific riding! Please email Jill Demcak @ [email protected]
I want to hear and share your stories!
Elections of Officers:
Club President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for election during the April Meeting.
There will be nominations at the Feb, Mar, and Apr meetings. The current President and Vice-President are NOT
running for re-election. This is a great opportunity to support the Club and the area snowmobiling community.
We need some people to step up. Without a club, there will be no trails.
Friend of HST:
Noteworthy non-member will be chosen at the March Club Mtg. Please send any suggestions to Dick Emerick or
bring to the March meeting.
Time Sheets:
With the changing weather it is important to check the trails frequently for problems, brush and fallen signs.
Also, the low snowfall offers opportunities to clear and brush some of the trails that we just can’t get at during the
year because of water. Lowland trails such as behind Al-Gen, down by Hwy G, and others.
We, the Club members, maintain these trails. Please keep track of your time on the form & send to Dick Emerick.
The Fendt needed new tires. The Fendt, Husky & Pisten Bully are all doing fine. All were used this season but
we did not get as many hours grooming as we would have liked due to lack of snow.
Fund Raisers:
- Chocolate sales:
Chocolate sales will go through summer to exhaust the stock we have.
This is a great way to help our club, easy seller at $1 each, 60 bars in a box. We collect half of profits!
We can use your support with distributing it in various places. Please make sure you give your name & number to
these establishments so they can let you know if they need another case. If you would like to help, please join our
meeting and pick some up to disperse or call Rick or Mary Sweo (715)490-0958, Dick Emerick (715)362-7964 or
email Jill Demcak at [email protected]
Please let us know if you have any other fundraising ideas. All ideas appreciated.
Shirt sales:
- We are selling T-Shirts $12, Long Sleeved Shirts $15 and Sweatshirts $25 with our latest logo. If interested, call
Nicole Bartz (715-360-9221 or (715-369-9221) on information on how to purchase these.
Clothing is currently for sale at Pine Harbor, Birchwood Bar & Northwoods Hideaway.
Abstract logo available in Black/White letter & Charcoal Grey/Hot Pink letter.
Colored logo available in Sport Grey/Green letter & Indigo Blue/White letter.
Crossbow Raffle:
We are selling raffle tickets for a Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow, second prize being $100. Tickets sell for $5.oo
each. Drawing will be held April 8th at the Landowners Dinner, need not be present to win. Tickets are available
at Beachcomber's, Spencer's Den, Fisher's, Cross Country Bar, Rocky's , Pine Harbor, Lake George Hideaway,
Birchwood, Twin Pines, Rusty Nail and anyone can call Bob 715-369-9280.
Still have a lot of maps left. Make sure sponsors are placing these where they can be seen.
Thank you Sue Wimberger for this cute picture of the Wimberger Grand girls.
Expose your children to the outdoors!
“Hodag Sno-Trails club is a non-profit VOLUNTEER organization that builds and maintains over 140 miles of
snowmobile trails. “
There are a number of areas where your Club needs HELP. We need members to fill these positions.
As you see from the descriptions below not all areas require physical labor, we have a great need for individuals
to fill positions that require managing and tracking. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the person
listed for each area to get additional information. There will be training and mentoring for all areas.
- Orphan Trails
We know you all like the outdoors!
We still have sections of our trails that do not have a Trail Boss / Inspector. At its simplest we need someone to
check the trails in the fall for downed trees, low branches, and damaged/missing signs and spring sign removal
where required. Call Terry Miller (715) 362-5025 for info.
- Lakeshore Dr RR Xing to Ice Arena and Oak Leaf Rd. Best to have an ATV for this section.
- Quality Collision (Dean’s) to Thunder Lake, Hodag Pump and Shoeder’s. Most can be done with a road vehicle.
- Map Committee & Chair
Need a fresh group of members to run the Map Committee. Mail renewal letters, follow up with old sponsors and
get new sponsors, collect money, make a map mockup with the printer. Typically have four meetings during
September – November. Work with Club members to fill map boxes, collect money. One or some committee
members should know e-mail, Excel, Word. Call Mary Sweo (715) 490-0958 for info.
- Candy Chair
Order the candy, distribute to our members, and collect the money from the members. Some record keeping,
paper or computer. Call Dick Emerick (715) 362-7964 for info.
- Bridge Committee / Chair
Need 2-3 people to inspect bridges every summer. Coordinate repairs before the season. Call Terry Miller (715)
362-5025 for info.
- Landowners’ Dinner Committee
Need a couple of people to help plan and coordinate this event. Acquire door and raffle prizes. Call Mary Sweo
(715) 490-0958 for info.
-President & Vice President Nominees!
February Meeting:
The February meeting was held at Forsyth’s. 32 members attended. Discussed the up-coming landowner’s party.
We are trying to have more raffle items this year, with a 50/50, crossbow raffle and possible other games. Thanks
to Bob & Kim Goodin for setting up the crossbow raffle. Possible new re-route on W, more friendly user. 170
riders were at the MS ride & 98 on Women on Snow. 50/50 was won by Jim Forsyths.
Shoeder’s Open House is being held Fri-Sun March 18th-20th. Volunteers are wanted to help cook and distribute
brats and refreshments. Just a few hours of your time is greatly appreciated. Please call Mark Steinhardt @
715-482-8655, or stop on in at Shoeder’s RV & Marine Sports Center in Rhinelander 2230 N. Stevens St. This is
a great way for the club to be exposed.
We are at 216 members. For anyone new or renewals, it takes about 2 ½ weeks to get your paperwork in the mail
so be patient. We can only submit to AWSC twice a week.
For anyone that wants to join HST, on-line and mail in applications are available at
The membership year is now October 1 thru September 30. The deadline for Annual dues is October 1.
Those not paid up by December 31, will be dropped from the roster. Your membership is valuable to the
community and is much appreciated. Recommend us to your friends!
County & State News:
- The 3-year County map is a go. HST needs to sell 10 ads by September 2016.
- Bridge inspection. The County will be inspecting funded bridges, every other year. HST inspected and did a lot
of repairs on our bridges last summer. It is important to continue this with the Bridge Committee (See Help
- The monthly meeting of the Oneida County Snowmobile Council is held on the 1st Wednesday at the Oneida
County Courthouse at 6:30 PM Sept. through April. Anyone may attend. Enter thru the doors on the North side.
The state is implementing new programs for tracking Grooming and Non-Grooming funding next year.
Drivers will need to account for all hours (nearest 0.1 hr.).
Join a club involved with AWSC and save money on your trail pass. A great value for owners of multiple sleds.
Know that your AWSC member # is the same as your club # and is also on your subscription of Wisconsin
Snowmobile News magazine through AWSC. Trail passes take about a week to receive in the mail. You can go
online to apply:
- Snowmobile fatalities 2015-2016 Season, (Updated March 2nd):
State: 9
Oneida County: 1
Vilas County: 2
Accidents all involved striking a fixed object – trees, embankment, and shoreline.
Up-Coming Events:
10th Annual Ice Golf Tourney at Fisher’s:
Saturday March 12th, starts at 11:00. Tee Off 11:30. 18 holes – 4 person scramble - $40 per team. Best golf score
has first option on picking the envelope with the most winnings. Playing good OR bad golf, everyone can win!
Just participate! There is also going to be a meat raffle, Plinko Game and other raffles. Call Russ or Billi from
Fisher’s Resort at 715-362-3691 for more info. We do need volunteers to help with all the games. Anyone
willing to donate items for raffles? Give Kim Goodin 715-369-9280 or Kathy Baker at 715-369-0437 a call if
you would love to volunteer or donate for raffles. This is also a pot luck, please bring a dish to pass, Fisher’s will
be supplying brats. All proceeds go to Hodag Sno Trails.
Landowner’s Party:
Landowners Dinner April 8th, set up this year will be Thursday April 7th, 5 – 8 pm, if necessary we will finish
setting up on Friday morning. Volunteers are needed during the dinner to help with raffles and serving line. We
will also need a cleanup crew Friday after the dinner and raffles are completed.
Also looking for donations to make gift baskets with. Last year we were able to have 20 different items/baskets
to raffle off. Some of last year’s basket were… Bloody Mary, Money Tree (tree with gift cards), assorted
cheeses, fishing bucket, game basket, crock pot with soups, hot chocolate w/ cups, cooler w/beer, soap/lotions,
bird feeder & seed, cutting board w/fish plate, lawn items. If you have any new items you would like to donate
please bring to the next club meeting, any questions contact Mary Sweo 715-490-0958 or [email protected]
MEMBERS: You are invited to this party, $10 per person, please contact Jill Demcak for reservations no
later than April 1st. 715-490-1824 or email [email protected]
With our season coming to an end just a friendly reminder when collecting map box money ask sponsors for
donations to landowners dinner.
For sale: Glacier (2) place covered tilting trailer, 10’L x 100”W $1800. Call Rick @ 715-490-6836
Tues. March 15th Club Meeting 7:00 at Beachcomber’s
Sat. March 12th Ice Golf @ Fisher’s
Fri.-Sun. March 18th – 20th Shoeder’s Open House
Fri-Sun. March 18th - 20th AWSC Convention
Fri. April 8th Landowner’s Dinner – Holiday Acres
Tues. April 19th Club Meeting 7:00 at Haven Pizza served

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