Let`s be safe and get dirty!


Let`s be safe and get dirty!
Indian Creek Valley ATV Club Newsletter
Let’s be safe and get dirty!
Yamaha Grant Received
Indian Creek Valley ATV Club is
pleased to announce it has received a
Yamaha OHV Access Initiative GRANT
of $6,480 for expansion of club trails.
The GRANT was awarded as part of
Yamaha’s OHV Access Initiative
promoting safe, responsible riding and
open, sustainable riding areas.
The money will be used in five key
areas. 1) New trails will be added and
groomed, increasing riding area to 20
miles of trails on 500acres of property.
2) Existing bridges and trails will be
widened to make them accessible to the
wider side-by-side (SxS) ATV models.
3) The main trail from the parking area
will be replaced with an easier trail
allowing younger and beginner rider’s
easier access to the green trails at the
top of the hill. 4) The member area will
be upgraded to improve parking,
facilitate events with new electric power
and a new port-a-john. 5) Signage will
be improved to keep riders within the
leased areas and inform them of each
trails difficulty rating.
“We need to increase our membership
to sustain our club. These funds will
help us create a club that is attractive
to new members and allow us to keep
the trails open for riders in our area.”
Al Sain, VP
For more information about Yamaha’s
OHV Access Initiative, go to:
For more information about the club visit
visit icvatvclub.com for more info.

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