Baggeridge Trails Qx5.0 - Top tasks in this area


Baggeridge Trails Qx5.0 - Top tasks in this area
There are four trails around the Park, of varying levels of
distance and difficulty. You will need a map, which is over
the page.
1. Easy Access - approximately 30 minutes
This surfaced route is designed to be as level as possible. It enables easy access for
all visitors to the Park whether they have wheelchairs, pushchairs or are generally
infirm. It takes you on a circuit from the car park with a couple of spurs taking you
to a secluded glade and a viewpoint. Returning to the path will then bring you back
to the start. Related easy access paths with slight gradients are around Bag Pool
and the Amphitheatre.
2. Toposcope Trail - approximately 45 minutes
From the car park, this trail takes you to Bag Pool and then up to the top of the pit
mounds. Here you get a magnificent view of the park and surrounding area.
Baggeridge Country Park is a beautiful area of countryside
on the doorstep of the Black Country. Being set back from
the roads, its secluded delights are revealed to you as you
explore further.
Baggeridge Country Park is ideal for those
looking for wildlife and wishing to enjoy a trip
to the countryside with peace and quiet.
There are also many activities available at the
park and there are facilities for everyone,
including a Visitors Centre, Tea Shop, and a
Children’s Play Area.
3. Baggeridge Circular Walk - approximately 1 hour
The variety of Baggeridge Country Park’s woods and meadows can be explored by
following this trail. Crossing the occasionally muddy Clay Road to Lydiates Orchard
can do a shorter, but no less delightful version.
4. Baggeridge Wood Walk - approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
This scenic route on public footpaths leads through the private part of Baggeridge
Wood. It leaves the Park at the outflow of the Lower Wishing Pool and, by turning
right at a crossroads, will bring you to Gospel End Common.
5. Guided Walks
The Ranger Service conducts various guided walks around Baggeridge Country Park
throughout the year. For more information, contact Baggeridge Country Park on
01902 882605, or by e-mail at [email protected].
For further information please contact the Country Park Rangers on 01902 882605
Walking is not only fun, it is an excellent form of exercise. Evidence shows
that walking is playing an important role in the prevention of ill health.