Zycus Financial Savings Management Solution



Zycus Financial Savings Management Solution
Zycus Financial Savings Management Solution
Procurement leaders have struggled for decades with the problem of how to align
procurement performance with top-line financial success metrics and how to consistently
measure and validate procurement cost savings in ways that are meaningful to corporate
finance executives and P&L owners within their enterprises.
While some leaders have found ways to overcome the challenges of aligning procurement
with business financial performance management, the cost of doing so can often erode
procurement ROI. This is because elaborate, manual measurement systems take time and
resources away from high-impact strategic activities such as supply risk management and
collaboration with suppliers on innovation and operational performance improvement.
To address these challenges, Zycus introduces iSave, a first-of-its-kind fully configurable
Financial Savings Management Solution that simulates and brings efficiency to a business
organization's processes for tracking, validating and recognizing cost savings. It cuts across
functional boundaries, promotes collaborative measurement, validation, and recognition of
cost savings, and brings structure, credibility, and efficiency to the work of driving
procurement - and overall enterprise - performance.
Zycus iSave resolves long-standing savings management problems for procurement
iSave - Advanced savings management solution for procurement-finance collaboration
Zycus iSave Solution is fully configurable - incorporates accepted best practices, and can
simulate any savings-tracking process. There is no limit to how procurement leaders might
use the resulting information and insights to drive enterprise performance to new heights.
Key Features
Key Benefits
+ Single version of truth ensures transparency into forecasted
+ Function-specific views into individual projects and
and achieved savings
associated savings
+ Auto conversion of procurement savings into impact on P&L
+ Financial savings generator
and balance sheet
+ Multi-level approval workflow and collaboration tools
+ Map and automate existing workflows for efficient
collaboration between procurement and finance
+ Multi-dimensional savings tracking
+ Accurate and transparent reporting of savings
+ Mapping of forecasted savings to budgets
+ Monitor performance and take required actions in time
Procurement - Finance disconnect
Different savings definition
Common savings definition and
baseline agreed upon by finance
and procurement
No common baseline for
savings measurement
Lack of collaboration
No formal process for tracking,
reporting and approving savings
Common savings definition and
baseline agreed upon by finance
and procurement
Difficult to demonstrate
procurement's impact on
company bottom-line
Enables procurement to forecast and
report savings in terms of impact on
company's bottom line
About Zycus
At Zycus we are 100% dedicated to positioning procurement at the heart of business performance. For more than a decade we have
been the world's most trusted leader in Spend Analysis. With our spirit of innovation and a passion to help procurement create even
greater business advantages, we have evolved our portfolio to a full suite of Procurement Performance Solutions comprising of
Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Procure-to-Pay and Financial Savings Management.
Zycus Inc. 103, Carnegie Center Suite 117, Princeton, NJ 08540
Ph: 609-799-5664

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