Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API


Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API
Caller Identification API Product Details
Caller Identification API
Identify unknown callers, update customer records,
and optimize the customer experience to improve
conversions and ROI.
Business Benefits
Graph-based data
Provides the most up-to-date data for a number.
Powerful Caller Identification
Provides the full name behind the number.
Address information
Shows the best address corroborated from 30+
years of address history.
Includes gender, age-range, and more.
Get your priorities straight
Prioritize call queues by ROI potential.
Enrich customer records
Automatically enhance customer demographics
and contact info in your CRM.
Dropped call? Don't worry
Recapture dropped calls with data behind the
Simple Access
Enterprise-grade API
Speed, simplicity, and scale via our RESTful API.
Advanced phone attributes
Includes line type, carrier, is-connected, and more.
Easily access our data via key partners.
Country code
Indicates the phone number’s country of origin.
Caller Identification API is international
Whitepages Pro has data covering markets all over the world. Caller Identification API
currently covers the United States and Canada.
For more information, visit pro.whitepages.com or give us a call at 1-877-767-8052
Caller Identification API Data Sheet
Caller Identification API Attributes
Full name of owner
Name of the person or business who owns the number, along with age range
and gender.
Valid or invalid
Indicates whether the phone number is a real phone number with a valid area
Line type
Indicates whether the phone is a landline, mobile, fixed or non-fixed VoIP,
premium, toll-free, or voicemail-only service.
Indicates the company providing service to the associated number, including
hard-to-identify carriers such as Boost, Metro PCS and TracFone.
Prepaid status
Indicates whether a mobile number is part of a prepaid service plan.
Associated location
Includes the full address associated with this number.
Connected or disconnected
Tells whether or not the phone number is currently in service.
Country code
International country code (Spec: ITU-T E.164). Example: “1” for USA & Canada.
For more information, visit pro.whitepages.com or give us a call at 1-877-767-8052