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MGA Through the Years - Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western
SPRING • 2015
MGA Through the Years
By Donna Kalisek, Administrative Coordinator
George Sayenga presents a check to Dr. Frances
Foldes for support of the Myasthenia Gravis
Treatment Center -1957
In 1955, Pittsburgh resident George Sayenga was trying
to find help for his young daughter, Carol, who had just
been diagnosed with something called Myasthenia
Gravis. Mr. Sayenga put an ad in the Pittsburgh Press
inviting others who had it to come to a meeting. Little
did that first small gathering realize how strong they
would become. What started with a father’s loving
concern would grow into one of the oldest and largest
organizations of its kind in the country – the Myasthenia
Gravis Association of Western PA. Continued on Page ❷
Anniversary Event: Saturday, March 28. See Page ❷ for more details and ticket information.
Laughter is the Best Medicine
for a
MG Association News
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MGA is kicking off the celebration of our 60th anniversary
with a new event – Comedy for a Cause. Join us on Saturday,
March 28th at the Morningside VFW for a night of good food,
good fun and good company. The evening will also feature
silent and live auctions of signed sports memorabilia that
many of our supporters enjoy, along with the popular basket
raffle, and many more surprises.
These three acclaimed comedians will have you laughing the
night away: Mistress of Ceremonies Lisa Dapprich is best
known as the former host of WPXI’s Date Night TV. She has
performed in comedy clubs all over the country, and was a
finalist in the Bud Light Ladies of Laughter competition.
Feature Comic Tom Musial has been performing stand-up in
western PA for five years. His comedy turns the trials of a
typical suburban life (hyperactive children, broken down
minivan, crushing debt, a receding hairline and an advancing
waistline) into comedy gold.
Headliner David Kaye has enjoyed a comedy career spanning
three decades, including appearances on Comedy Central and
ABC-TV. He has performed all over the country, and specializes
in corporate and nonprofit events.
Only 150 tickets will be sold, and they are going fast, so call us
now to reserve yours, or buy tickets online at and click on the link.
MGA Through the Years
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As Mr. Sayenga’s group grew, it was
clear there was a need for accurate
diagnosis and treatment of this little
known chronic muscle weakness
disease. In 1957, the MG Clinic finally
opened its doors at Mercy Hospital of
Pittsburgh (now UPMC Mercy). Dr.
Francis Foldes served as Director of the
MG Clinic/Treatment Center, saw the
first patients and administered the
medical, educational and research
programs for those with myasthenia
gravis. Many, but not all, of the
patients were referred to the center by
ophthalmologists, since an early onset
symptom can be ocular, as in a
drooping eyelid or double vision. In
1958, MGA, which had been an
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all-volunteer organization, began
receiving limited financial operating
support from the United Way of
Allegheny County due to the increasing
number of patients being diagnosed in
the area.
In 1962, Dr. Pearl Gertrude McNall
became the next Treatment Center
Director. Dr. McNall was very
committed to the cause and treatment
of myasthenia gravis and for many
years was involved with the Association
as part of the Board of Directors, the
Medical Board, and always with a kind
smile for every patient she
encountered. Then in 1964, a very
talented and eager physician followed
her as Treatment Center Director, Dr.
Robert P. Blume. He was well known
for his diagnostic prowess, his
Dr. Bob Blume with a patient.
MG Association News
MGA Through the Years
By Donna Kalisek, Administrative Coordinator
George Sayenga, Carol Lynn, Tony Randall, Tom Foerster and other
counsel members for proclamation
up-to-date treatments, medical
knowledge, and dedication to helping
those coping with this illness. During
this time MGA operated on a very
limited budget, receiving rent subsidies
from Mercy Hospital, small payments
from insurances, United Way monies,
sponsoring periodic fundraisers,
donations, and relying on a multitude
of dedicated volunteers.
In 1969, MGA hired its first employee,
Lois Wright, as coordinator of
Treatment Center Services with payroll
support provided by Mercy Hospital. In
1972, with a growing influx of patients
being diagnosed with myasthenia and
other physicians needing consults for a
definite diagnosis, another physician,
Dr. Guy Corsello, was added to the staff.
It wasn’t until 1977 that a full time
Executive Director, Patricia Buck, MSW,
was hired along with a part–time
bookkeeper and secretary. Dr. Thomas
Ulicny would also be added as the third
physician for the Treatment Center, and
MGA of WPA would be incorporated as
an independent organization. Then in
SPRING ● 2015
1978, a social worker, Judy Schiffbauer,
joined the staff to help provide social
and emotional support for the patients,
and in 1983, Sylvia Danehy, RN was
hired as Treatment Center Coordinator.
Many more changes would occur over
the years both in location and
personnel. After 51 years with Mercy
Hospital, in 2008 the MG Association
moved its base of operation to the
Allegheny Professional Building, next to
Allegheny General Hospital. MGA is a
proud partner of the Allegheny Health
Network and the Treatment Center is
staffed by Dr. George Small, Medical
Director, and Dr. Sandeep Rana. Even
though many changes have been made
in all areas, the overall mission of the
organization has stayed the same: to
provide medical, educational, and
social support to those affected by this
chronic neuromuscular disorder. From
the very beginning the focus was
always on coordinated patient care –
and it still is today.
Thank you to everyone involved over
the years for helping MGA of WPA help
those in need of our services. Without
the constant involvement of the
volunteer Board of Directors, the
volunteer staff, and the substantial
amount of volunteers that helped cut
and paste the newsletters, address over
3,000+ envelopes, collating and stuffing
envelopes, zip-coding and preparing
bulk mailings (no small feat),
coordinating and working the
fundraisers, sitting on committees,
doing general office duties, and just
being there to support the patients,
MGA would not be here today. Our
hope is that someday a cure will be
found for myasthenia gravis and MGA
won’t be needed. Until then, the
continued support, commitment, and
generosity of dedicated people like you
will help us continue our work – sixty
years strong, and beyond!
Editor’s Note: We’d love to share your stories
and memories of MGA through the years in
our Fall issue. Please send them to us, either by
mail or email [email protected]
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Meet MGA’s New Patient
Care Coordinator
The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western Pennsylvania
graciously welcomed me as a new staff member in November,
2014. After a short retirement that was preceded by over four
decades of work in health care and legal settings, I was thrilled
when the MGAWPA Patient Care Coordinator position became
available. It represented a wonderful opportunity to work with
people who have a condition that has intrigued me and followed
me since my student years at Presbyterian-University Hospital
School of Nursing during the late 1960’s.
I learned about Myasthenia Gravis when two of my patients
were tested for MG, one of whom was subsequently diagnosed
with MG. I shall never forget that experience. Many physicians
and nurses at that time never heard of myasthenia gravis or ever
saw a patient with MG – something that is still true today. Totally
intrigued by this rare health disorder, I was determined to learn
as much as I could about MG and the challenges patients with
the condition face. I was so young at that time, and so eager to
be a part of what I considered a new frontier in medicine. In fact,
it was a new era for MG– during the 1960’s and 1970’s the
proposition that myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease
was solidified. That is something so important to the treatment
options that are available to patients with myasthenia gravis
today –over forty years later.
Despite the rarity of myasthenia gravis, I continued to have
experience with patients with MG. During part of the next two
decades, while working as a nursing supervisor and staff
development instructor at Mercy Hospital, I met many more
patients with MG. It was there that I first learned about the
Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western Pennsylvania. And it
was there that I developed education programs for nurses to
help them understand the complex care requirements of
hospitalized patients who have MG. Those courses included
information to help the nurses and patients manage the
medications that are so vital for control of MG – something that
is still important today.
During that period, and much to my amazement, my great-uncle
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developed myasthenia gravis, and I became intimately grateful
for everything I had learned about MG. Imagine my surprise,
about ten years ago, when his wife –my great-aunt – also
developed MG!
As I think about how I may help you with MG issues, I’d like to tell
you about one of my personal experiences with health care. Not
too long ago, I visited a new physician, and one of the first
questions he asked me was “who is in charge?” I laughed to
myself. (Most nurses have long known the answer to this
question, and it seems that finally, physicians are selecting the
correct answer – although MGAWPA doctors got it right all
along!!!) Of course, as the patient, I said “I am.” But I added,
“And you are my important team member.”
So, I was pleased when I saw the article in MGAWPA’s Newsletter
from Fall, 2014 by Donna Kalisek, our wise Administrative
Coordinator. She proclaimed, “…when it comes to making
decisions about your care and quality of life: You are in charge.”
In fact, over many years, the staff of MGAWPA has historically
supported the importance of patient-centered/ patient-managed
care. Once you are able to recognize and acknowledge your
symptoms, your physicians and staff at MGAWPA will work with
you to find options to help you manage MG.
An important part of MG treatment is medication management,
and a critical aspect of medication management is assuring that
you always have an adequate supply of the medications you use
to treat your MG. It is important to request refills on your
prescriptions at least a week before you are down to your last
pill. Sometimes pharmacies are not able to fill prescriptions on
the day requested, either due to insurance reasons, or supply
issues. Allowing more lead time for both doctor and pharmacist
to fill medication requests will ensure you are never without
medicine. As I continue to think about how I can best serve you, I
realize that each of you has an individual interest, concern, or
charge to better the lives of patients with MG. Please let me
know your areas of greatest concern, and aspects of MG that are
most challenging to you by making a call to me at the MGAWPA
MG Association News
In our last newsletter we announced that the MG Alliance of
Greater New York was closing its doors, and that their board
voted to ask MGA of WPA to continue serving their members,
which we are honored and thrilled to do. Debra Santulli-Barone,
former MG Alliance Executive Director, reported that the MG
Alliance board voted to use their organization’s remaining
resources to make donations to both MGA of WPA and also to
Dr. Robert Fairclough, who conducts MG research at the
University of California, Davis. “Dr. Fairclough and his crew of
fellowship students have been dedicated to MG research for
many years,” said Ms. Santulli-Barone. “Hopefully, the MG
Alliance donation can help him continue his research to find a
cure for MG.”
MGA of WPA is grateful for the generous donation from the MG
Alliance of Greater New York, and also for the opportunity to
continue their good work. We are also grateful for the
tremendous response to our holiday appeal by our new
members in the greater New York area. Like everyone else, we
love New York!
SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015
Online Registration Opens
Monday February 2
SPRING ● 2015
MGA will be one of 79 local nonprofits to participate in this year’s
Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community on May 16th, beginning at
Stage AE on the North Shore, not very far from the MGA Treatment
Center. Form a team and walk in honor of a loved one with MG, or
register as an individual walker. All walkers who raise at least $25 for
MGA will get a Highmark Walk t-shirt. Plus there are fabulous raffles
and giveaways during the walk. The best part is - this event is
perfect for our friends and supporters who live far away, especially
our new friends from New York and New Jersey. If you live far away
or you can’t make it in person for whatever reason, you can register
as a virtual walker! Walk in spirit with us here in Pittsburgh! We
have set a goal to sign-up at least 60 walkers (in honor of our 60th
Anniversary) and 40 virtual walkers.
Please join us!
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MGA Partners with
Vehicles for Charity
MGA was recently notified by Goodwill, our former
partner for vehicles donations, that they were
discontinuing their auto auction program. We are now
partnering with an organization called Vehicles for Charity,
which we believe will result in MGA receiving more funds
from your donated vehicles.
Donating your old vehicle to MGA is convenient, easy, and
may qualify you for a tax deduction. And best of all, your
donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in
supporting MGA. All you need to do is call
1-866-628-2277 and tell them you are donating your
vehicle to MGA and Vehicles for Charity will take care of
the rest. They will pick up your vehicle, arrange for towing,
and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, all at no
charge to you.
MGA is grateful to all who supported our 6th
Annual Pooch Parade on October 26, 2014.
It was another great success!
What can I donate?
You can donate most any vehicle, including cars, trucks,
boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. They do not
have to be currently running. Your vehicle donation will be
sold at an auction or to salvage depending on condition.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, the Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western PA (MGA)
is a non-profit organization and all donations qualify as a
charitable deduction on your federal income tax return.
What do I need to donate my car?
The title to the car must be in your name. We will also need
some information about where the car is located and the
condition of the car. This will assist us in scheduling
appropriate towing arrangements.
Will you pick up my car?
A towing company will call you to schedule the pick-up of
your vehicle. You will need to give the driver the keys to the
vehicle as well as your signed title.
How is the value of my car determined?
The IRS allows you to take a charitable tax deduction on your
federal income tax form equal to the amount the vehicle
sells for at auction unless it sells for less than $500. If your
vehicle sells for less than $500 you may deduct no more than
$500. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, you will need
to include the IRS form 1098C. Vehicles for Charity will supply
this documentation after your vehicle sells. We recommend
you consult your tax advisor with questions about your
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MG Association News
Bethel Park Animal Clinic
Frank DeAndrea/Highmark
Dee’s Doggy Boutique/Dee
Design Image Salon—Laura
Dick Landowners Grp, LLC
Dunkin’ Donuts
Furry Friends
Carol Golden
Gullborg Insurance Co
Light Brothers
Ooh La La Boutique /JoBeth
Susan’s Travel
United Dairy
Upper St Clair Lions
Lawrence R. Victor, CPA
Annie’s Nails & Spa
Bob Evans Restaurant
Bower Hill Swim club
Bravo Ristorante
Bronze Body Mobile
Camp Bow Wow
Cracker Barrel
Crystal Springs
Dave & Buster’s
DoTerra Oils & Soaps
Eat’n Park
Fifth Third Bank
French Quarter @ Quail
SPRING ● 2015
GetGo by Giant Eagle
Hudson Group/Pittsburgh
Jerry’s Salon
Jewish Community Center
John’s “A Taste of China”
Laurie Katlubeck
Monster Mini Golf
Paintball USA
Panera Bread
Papa Gallo Cucina
Pittsburgh Improv
Pittsburgh PetExpo
Pittsburgh Magazine
Practice Golf Center
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Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak
Texas Roadhouse
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The Shoppes at Quail Acres
The Sun Club
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Laurie Benkovich
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Kristen Geary
Herk & Jeanie Hamm
James & Joann Hockenberry
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Mary Howe
Justin Huffman
IUP WPH School/Respiratory
Care Students
Joan Kacik
Terry McNelis
Sharon Mulac
Michael Orie
Greg Palmer
Mary Linda Panasko
Jim Riley
Daniel Schrage
Matthew Schrage
Ryan Schrage
Karen Shastri
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Shogry
Tim & Jamie Stivers
Marilyn Sullivan
Kathy Thomas
Louise Vuono
David & Arlene Weintraub
Doug Williams
Pooch Parade photos
courtesy JUDY HOUGH.
Please accept our apologies for any
errors/omissions to the listing of
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New Board Members
At the annual meeting in November, MGA elected
MITCH ROBBINS was diagnosed with MG when he
was 17. He served as chairperson of the MG Alliance
of Greater New York, Inc. for fifteen years and was
very involved with the organization for many years
before that.
He still leads the MG support group in Kingston, NY
which he has done for more than fifteen years. He
lives in Rosendale, NY, and will attend MGA board
meetings via conference call.
BILL MURTHA served on the MGA board for nine
years and after a year off, MGA is glad to welcome
him back. Bill’s mother suffered with myasthenia
Mark your calendar for a very special concert
which will benefit MGA as part of national MG
Awareness Month in June. Who’s Your Daddy
will feature local musician dads performing with
their talented offspring. As MGA was created
out of a father’s concern for his daughter with
MG, what could be more fitting than this Who’s
Your Daddy concert on June 19 (Father’s Day
weekend) at the Pittsburgh Winery, 2815 Penn
Avenue in the Strip district.
More details soon!
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gravis. Because of his appreciation for the
unmatched education, care and support given to her
and the family, Bill's service on the MGA board of
directors is his way of giving back to an organization
that has given so much.
At this time, we also say farewell and thanks to
Sylvia Danehy and Ray Beeson, who each served
nine years on the MGA board, and must step down
for at least a year.
We are so grateful for their service!
MG Association News
Keep a Symptom Diary:
Be your own
By Michelle Dulashaw, Medical & Social Support Specialist
A very helpful and important patient resource, (which happens to
be one of my favorites) is what I like to refer to as a “Symptom
Diary.” Whether it is someone just newly diagnosed that I am
counseling or someone sharing an ongoing issue during our
Support Group, I try to stress the importance of keeping track of
any ongoing symptoms. This is especially useful for those who
take Mestinon/Pyridostigmine. As long as you experience no
negative effects from this medicine, doctors can tailor the dosage
to meet your specific needs. The diary can also help with paper
work needed to initiate Disability claims through the state. If you
plan on applying for Disability, it’s important to be as detailed as
possible. The questions that they ask sometimes require knowing
how long you can do an activity such as mopping the floor,
vacuuming or walking your dog. Also, they may ask how long you
can do it before you became fatigued or disabled.
So what should you write down? For instance, I suggest to
patients that they use a diary to keep track of their MG symptoms
throughout the day (i.e. trouble standing or reaching, picking
things up or walking steps, slurring speech or drooping eyes), any
strenuous activities and what medicines were taken and when
(even over the counter meds like aspirin, vitamins or antacids).
Tracking this information will not only help with insurance claims
but also with talking to your doctors. It can also help create what
we like to refer to as your “New Normal.” You can be as detailed
as you like and even go as far as tracking what foods you eat!
Here at MGA, I created a basic “Myasthenia Gravis Symptom
Diary” to hand out to those who would like them. It is also
available at on the Patient Information page.
SPRING ● 2015
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Thank you to all of our generous donors
The following donations were received between July 1 and December 31, 2014
A & S Federal Credit Union
Michael & Marlene Abrams
Carl Acquaviva
Amazon Smile
Carmine Amelio
Stacy Anderson
Harold Anfang
Brian & Beth Ansell
Linda Bacheller
Al & Nancy Balas
Ron Balog
Jo Beth Barr
Thomas Barr
Jacqueline Bauer
Katherine Baurnes
Raymond Beeson
Terrie Berhalter
Bethel Park Animal Clinic
Barbara Billman
Blackhawk Federal Credit Union
Lester Blayney
Toby Blender
John & Norene Block
Diane Bloom
Irene Blum & Ronald Wasserman
Louis Bonasso
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Susan Byrd
Casper & Rosemary Caceci
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Lena Colasurdo
James & Carol Cole
Tim & Courtney Cole
Viola Cole
Robert Colon
Margaret Conners
Michael & Nina Connor
Kim Corcoran
Carol Cordner
James & Kathleen Cordner
Rebecca Courtad
Barbara Crame
Robert Cribbs
Sylvia & Bob Danehy
Kenneth & Deborah Dick
Stanwood & Harriet Dickman
Morris & Eleanor Dickter
Hazel & David Dods
Sara Doktofsky
Thomas Donahue
Suzanne Doppelheuer
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Margit Dorr
Double Eagle Foundation
Bernard Dougherty
Gerald Dudas
Marilyn Duffy
Patrick & Janet Duffy
Jim & Belinda Dunlap
Lois Dykeman
Constance Elen
Michael & Kathryn Elphinstone
Judy Ermlick
JoAnne Ferlazzo
Theresa Findle
Nick & Melissa Fleming
Joel & Melissa Folman
Steven & Cynthia Franceschi
Flo Franz
Freedon United Federal Credit Union
Rebecca Friedrich
Thomas & Diane Gaither
Gary & Deborah Geis
Emily Glass
Michael W. Glass
Carol Golden
Tom Golden
Deniis & Jennifer Goldenson
Tracy & Barbara Greenholt
Alice Gregg
Garth Grey
Christine Griffith
Joseph Grskovich
Fred & Kathryn Guenther
Abigail Gwin
Erin Hamm
Harry & Jean Hamm
Carol Hendzel
Daniel Hershberger
Brenda Hill
James & JoAnn Hockenberry
Lauren Hoag
Terri Hoey
William Hollowood
Rosina Holsing
Bob & Anne Hornick
Kathy Horosko
Mary Howe
Robert & Metaxia Hubbard
Joan Hudachek & Mike DiCicco
Tracy Hyatt & Jim Caslo
Joyce Irr
Katherine Izzo
Janelle Smith Jones
Mary Beth, Bill & Meredith Jones
Wade & Eleanor Jones
William Jones
Bessie Kalick
Len & Gloria Kaminer
Robert & Jean Kelley
Melinda Kidder
Pauline Kitchen
Larry Klos
Fred & Susan Krawchick
Susan Krevel
William & Darlene Kuban
Catherine Kudla
Robert & Alice Kushner
William & Delores Laska
Veronica Laughlin & Family
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Patricia Makara
Caroline Malanga
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Don & Judith Markstein
Ed & Susan Maziarz
Jack McCarthy
Barbara McLaughlin
Amy McMullen
Janet McNall
Russell McQuiston
Esther Meek
Stan & Christine Mersand
MG Alliance of Greater New York, Inc.
James Mikrut
Richard Miller
Sharon Mulac
J William Murtha
Bill Neofes Jr
New Alliance Federal Credit Union
Deborah Newman
Nancy Nitzberg
William & Marilym Nizinski
James Nusser
Jacki O'Brien
Carolyn O'Malley
J Lee O'Nan
Order of AHEPA
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Robert & Barbara Park
George Perkins
Edward & Evelyn Pivarnik
Gordon Plancon
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Joseph Puglisi
Thomas Quinn
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Daniel Reed
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Amy Robertson
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Domenic Santia
Debra Santulli-Barone
Harold Saver
Sharon Sayer
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Karl & Bonnie Schapira
Donald Schneider
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Karen Shastri
Harold & Julia Shaw
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Nathan & Janice Smith
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Kathryn Thomas
Mary Thompson
Bernadetta Tobin
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Geraldine Tyson
United Way of Beaver County
MG Association News
donors continued...
United Way of Butler County
United Way of Erie County
Karen Urbanowicz
Chuck & Lori Varady
John & Linda Vuono
Louise Vuono
Joan Wallisch
Maureen Walz
Emily Elizabeth Wasel
Irving Weinberger
Andrew & Jennifer Weintraub
Arlene & David Weintraub
Deborah Weintraub
Fay Weleski
West Penn Allegheny Health Network
West Penn P & P Federal Credit Union
West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union
William & Esther Whalen
William & Sanya Whitaker
Patrick & Eileen White
Joe & Suzanne Wiedder
Carolyn Wilson
Ann Winkelstein
Kenneth Winters
Hilary, Dutch & Brad Wright
Sarah G Writt
Brenda Ziemkiewicz
Vivian Zuccher
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By Donna Kalisek
Cele Braverman’s 90th birthday
By Arlene & David Weintraub
Tracy & Barbara Greenholt
By Lawrence & Ina Gumberg
Daniel Schrage
By Arthur Schrage
Kent “Teke” Tekulve
By Donna Kalisek
Arlene Weintraub
By Toby Blender
Carol Golden
Arlene & David Weintraub
By Dr. Henri & Marilyn
Weisberg Deutsch
Please note: Every Effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of this list of donors. If you
an error or omission, please let us know.
490 East North Avenue, Suite 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-566-1545 •
SPRING ● 2015
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Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western Pennsylvania
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Pittsburgh, PA
Permit No. 442
at Allegheny General Hospital
490 East North Avenue, Suite 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Comedy for a Cause
March 28, 2015; 7:00 pm
LOOK for more meeting dates:
May 16, 2015
Aug. 15, 2015
June 20, 2015
Sep. 19, 2015
July 18, 2015
Oct. 17, 2015
Kingston, New York - Support Group
Email Mitch Robbins: [email protected]
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National MG Awareness
June 19, 2015; 7:00 pm
Morningside VFW $35 includes
buffet, comedy show, & more!
Call 412-566-1545 for tickets.
Space is limited
MGA Support Group Meetings
April 18, 2015; 1 pm to 2:30 pm
Allegheny General Hospital
Singer Library
Highmark Walk for a
Healthy Community
May 16, 2015
Stage AE, North Shore
Support MGA in person or as a
virtual walker!
Who’s Your Daddy?
A benefit concert at the
Pittsburgh Winery
$15 in advance/$20 at the door
Watch for details on facebook
MGA Butterfly of Hope
Campaign (All month long)
SPRING ● 2015

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