Landing Craft Air Cushion


Landing Craft Air Cushion
Advanced Training Systems and Simulations
Landing Craft Air Cushion
Service Life Extension Program
Maintenance Training Curriculum of Instruction
Kratos was selected by Lockheed Martin (formerly
UNITECH) to support two Landing Craft Air Cushion
contracts with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).
The Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) Maintenance Training Curriculum of Instruction (MTS).
The Landing Craft Air Cushion is a high-speed, over-the-beach
fully amphibious air cushion landing craft capable of carrying
a 75 ton maximum payload and operating from existing and
planned well deck ships. The craft is used to transport weapons
systems, equipment, cargo and personnel from ship to shore and
across the beach.
Kratos has delivered the hardware Remove and Replace (R&R)
Training Device (TD) portion consisting of ETF40B Gas Turbine
Engine TD, Propulsion Module Transmission TD, Auxiliary Power
Unit TD and the Fuel Service and Transfer TD.
Students training on the LCAC MTS TDs will receive valid hands
on remove and replace (R&R) training with realistically simulated and modified government furnished equipment in a space
constrained environment duplicating the actual craft. Utilization of these TDs will eliminate the associated risks of damaging
an actual tactical system and train the skills necessary to maintain that system.
Design, develop and fabricate hardware TDs for the following R&R tasks:
• Metrological Condition Instrument Trainer
• Auxiliary Power Unit components
• Bleed Air System Components
• ETF40B Gas Turbine Engine
• Lubrication System Components
• Starting System Components
• Engine Intake/Exhaust System Components and the Blow-in
• Integrated Transmission System Components
• Perform Integrated Transmission System Alignment
• Fuel Service and Transfer System Components
• Control Alarm and Monitoring Processor And Components
• Control Alarm and Monitoring Video Switch
• Common Data Recorder Hard Drive Assembly
• Universal Keyboard Components
• Sensor Interface Unit
• Cockpit displays 10.4 and 17 in.
• Propeller Pitch Control System Components
• N1 Knobs And N2 Levers Components
• Fire Detection Panel
• Halon Bottle Squib Connector Continuity Checks
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