lien / unlien stocks


lien / unlien stocks
For allocation of your shares you
can click on Lien/Unlien option in
the menu panel.
Click on “Mark
Stocks for Sale”.
Also, you can move shares from your
demat account to trading account by
clicking on Demat Holding.
In this window, select
your DP ID and click
on Go.
In this window, select
your DP ID from the
drop down.
If you are having SSL DP, then this
page will appear to you. You don’t
have to Lien/Unlien your shares if
you are having SSL DP as it is done
This page will be displayed if you are
having SBI DP.
Click on DP HOLD
to view your demat
Here you can view your
allocated shares. Click on
RELEASE to release the
allocated shares.
Click on the radio
button of the scrip
you wish to allocate.
Again click on DP
HOLD to confirm
your selection.
Now put the quantity you
wish to block (allocate) in
the given box here and
click on SUBMIT.
Status will appear as
SUCCESS. Click on
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