Accessing Your Behavioral Health Benefits


Accessing Your Behavioral Health Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What kinds of issues can Magellan help with?
Please remember that all CareFirst BlueCross
BlueShield medical plan participants must
contact Magellan to have inpatient mental
health or substance abuse care authorized
A Magellan can assist you and your covered
dependents with behavioral health issues
included but not limited to alcohol and
drug concerns, anxiety, grief and loss, and
You can also visit Magellan’s website
(www MagellanHealth com/member) to
learn more about a wide variety of topics
such as
• Stress Management
• Work life Balance
• Health and Wellness
• Family and Relationships
For outpatient services, you are encouraged
to contact Magellan to assist you with
finding the appropriate providers
Accessing Your
Health Benefits
To access care contact
Magellan at 1-800-245-7013
Q. Does Magellan have a network of
providers and will I be able to seek care
close to home or my work location?
A Yes Magellan has a variety of providers
in its network serving Anne Arundel
County within the Maryland, D C and
northern Virginia service area A Magellan
customer service representative can
assist you in selecting a provider close
to your preferred location Or use the
provider search function on
www MagellanHealth com/member
Q. Will my employer know that I have
contacted Magellan?
Anne Arundel County
Public Schools
Division of Human
Resources Benefits Office
Anne Arundel County Public Schools 2095/11 (Rev. 1/15)
A No All contact with Magellan and
providers are confidential
B B1004 (1/15)
©2015 Magellan Health, Inc.
410 222 5221/5219
[email protected] org
Providing you with the right tools, wherever you are in life.
Program components
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
(MHSA) services are available to
Anne Arundel County Public Schools’
(AACPS) CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
BlueChoice HMO, BlueChoice Triple
Option, or PPN plan participants.
If you or a covered dependent needs help
with a mental health or substance abuse
problem, benefits are available through
Magellan. You can contact Magellan at
1-800-245-7013 prior to accessing care.
Experienced care managers and customer
service representatives are available 24
hours a day, seven days a week. Care
managers can assist with an emergency or
with the required inpatient admission preauthorization. Care managers can also help
with outpatient referrals (pre-authorization
is not required) Monday through Friday from
8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Benefit coverage information is provided
through CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield by
contacting the member services number on
your insurance identification card. Care and
benefits are provided on a confidential basis.
The Mental Health Parity Act
The Mental Health Parity Act (MHPA) requires
that annual or lifetime dollar limits on
mental health benefits be no lower than any
such dollar limits for medical and surgical
benefits offered by a group health plan.
There are no limits on the number of visits
for outpatient mental health services and
no length-of-stay limits on inpatient care
(pre-authorization is required for inpatient
care). As long as services are rendered
in-network, specialist co-payments would
apply, except for BlueChoice HMO ($5 copay). Out-of-network benefits would be
subject to deductibles and co-insurance
for the CareFirst PPN and BlueChoice Triple
Option Plan. No out-of-network benefits are
available for BlueChoice HMO.
Access when you need it most
You have easy access to information at
any time, day or night. Login to www. If you are not
already registered, click on Register now as a
new user. Follow the prompts, use the tollfree number to register (1-800-245-7013) to
get access to everything on the website. The
website offers valuable information including:
• Provider search—Search and find a
provider within your area. Read reviews
and adjust a search based on criteria
important to you.
• Articles and information—Search and
review articles about emotional health,
wellness and behavioral health topics.
Call today to access care
• Medicine tracker—Learn about the
medicine you are taking including the
benefits and side effects.
• Self-assessments—take a variety of
different self-assessments to identify
opportunities for improvement.
Magellan Support/Informal
Management Referral
An informal management referral occurs
when a manager provides guidance to an
employee about a decline in his or her job
performance due to personal issues. If as a
result of these conversations the employee
indicates mental health needs, then the
manager may suggest the employee seek
help through Magellan or another medical
plan provider.
Managers should not diagnose a problem or
provide advice to the employee that is not
performance or conduct related. This type
of referral is not formally documented or
placed in the employee’s personnel file.
Magellan will assist employees and covered
dependents (members) who may find
themselves in need of mental health or
substance abuse treatment by helping them
with referrals to the appropriate level of
care. Any member contact with Magellan
and all care rendered by a treating provider
is considered confidential between the
member and provider.

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