Strobist kit 5


Strobist kit 5
Off camera flash
Lighting techniques in photography
Strobist kit 5
By its name, the idea of this blog is to explain how to light a scene when we
remove the flash shoe of the camera. But sometimes it is desirable that the flash
is - if not in the shoe - at least close to the camera. The use of arms to separate
the flash of the camera to give some volume to photographed reason comes from
afar, like the use of cables to separate further.
Futuramic Strobonar
But what should we do when we want the lighting to be very flat and direct, and
we don’t have a ring flash? In these cases the idea is to get the flash as close as
possible to the optical axis to minimize the projected shadow. Terry Richardson
took many photographs at the beginning of his career with a small film camera
Yashica T4 and he used it to photograph countless celebrities and models that he
would position standing by a white wall. This camera has the built-in flash slightly
away from the optical axis, but when shooting from a distance and the body of
the model is perpendicular to the optical axis, the shadows effect on the wall is
Yashica T4
He eventually went on to shoot with a DSLR digital camera and there the problem
arose. How to position the flash off the optical axis? Then, came the solution with
the strip CB mini RC Custom Brackets!
Custom Brackets
As shown in the above image with this strip the flash torch stays very close to the
lens and shadows are minimized.
Terry Richardson Fashion Week Berlin
The pictures Richardson took of Lady Gaga for the Supreme brand in 2010 are
proof of this, as we see on the cover of the excellent French magazine Photo.
Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson
Behind the scenes
Regarding those made for the famous Pirelli calendar 2010, these pictures reveal
how this technique works outdoors. As can be seen, he set the exposure to the
available light at the location while the front is filled up with the flash. This gives a
great shine to the body of the model and eliminates shadows caused by sunlight.
There are other systems that allow speedlights to move from the hot shoe of the
camera with great flexibility. One of these arms combined with a strip is the
Manfrotto 233B which in this example is positioned to a shooting of
macrophotography combining two Nikon R1 macro flashes with one of the
standard SB series.
Manfrotto 233B
Also the option of the Olympus bracket FL BKM03 is very interesting, like the Ray
Flash Rotator model.
Olympus FL BKM03
Ray Flash Rotator
The option of Pro Media Gear with the Boomerang model is very robust.
Boomerang de Pro Media Gear
Boomerang de Pro Media Gear
Finally it is worth highlighting the catalog from Really Right Stuff with a huge
variety of photographic accessories including the WPF-QR strip bracket specially
relevant for this post.
Really Right Stuff WPF-QR
This bracket keeps the speedlight aligned with the optical axis but with a
noticeable parallax. I have used it, with a flash standing in front of a light box
OctoDome mini Photoflex and has worked nice on a project I'm doing of circus
portraits .
WPF-QR with softbox Octodome mini
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