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singer | songwriter
nicole belanus
Nicole Belanus is a singer/songwriter whose eclectic musical taste is
apparent in her personal style. Using her guitar and voice, she
delivers a unique blend of folk, rock and americana. In the classic
singer/songwriter tradition, her lyrics are raw and honest, telling
stories from personal experiences, yet undisguised, creating
accessible language and images meaningful to diverse audiences.
She writes about her feelings, faith, relationships, and her experiences
of growing up with raw emotion, maturity and sincerity. Her voice has
been compared to such artists as Shawn Colvin and Dar Williams.
Growing up in a very musical household, where her mother taught
piano in the family living room, Nicole has always had a passion for
music. Picking out instruments during the summer months and
teaching herself how to play them, she has succeeded in becoming a
multi-instrumentalist. Though Nicole began to write songs at a young
age, it was not until October 2009 when she released her selfreleased solo debut CD entitled “Notes on Paper”, an eclectic album
that demonstrates her unique style and dynamic abilities. A local
reviewer called it “tuneful and polished” and it has been a regular pick
for local radio shows since its release. Nicole has performed in
various settings including coffeehouses, churches, outdoor music
festivals, cultural arts centers, restaurants, bars, and on live radio and
television. She has been a resident of the Williamsburg, Virginia area
since 2007. | [email protected]
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nicole belanus |
“Thanks to her strong, sharp singing voice, polished musicianship and
a gift for writing memorable melodies, word is spreading about Belanus
and her songs.”
Sam McDonald. Daily Press.
“Nicole Belanus is such a welcome new addition to the singer/
songwriter tradition...providing such a fresh and thoughtful look into
the acoustic experience.”
Hunter Hughes. Host of “Hunter at Sunrise” on WHRV.
radio + television appearances.
+ “The Hampton Roads Show”. FOX 43/WAVY 10. Air date April 23,
+ “Acoustic Highway” with Barry Graham. WHRV. Air date October
31, 2010
+ “Out of the Box” with Paul Shagrue. WHRV. Air date April 29, 2009.
+ “Hunter at Sunrise” with Hunter Hughes. WHRV. Air dates May 3,
2009, and November 8, 2009.
+ First place, “Emerging Artist Songwriting Competition” sponsored by
Tidewater Arts Outreach in 2009.
+ “Award-winning songwriter spreads wings” by Sam McDonald,
Music Reporter for The Daily Press. May 31, 2009.
+ “Williamsburg songwriter’s debut is tuneful, polished.” by Sam
McDonald, Music Reporter for The Daily Press. November, 13,