Rare - Nicole Maloney


Rare - Nicole Maloney
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ISBN 978-3-86654-078-1
28 x 35,5 cm | 11 x14 in.
160 pages hardcover with jacket
text in english, german, french, spanish, italian
€ 49,95 | $ 69,95 | can$ 74,95 | £ 34,95
to be published in October 2008
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In the beginning, it all started with a dream. A dream that would remind us all where
we came from as a species. It’s about man. It’s about animals. It’s about the earth.
And without man, the rest becomes irrelevant. Hope. Unlike any other species, man
has hope and with hope, there can be change. RARE attempts to recognize people of
significance; people who have taken the road less traveled; people from all walks of
life who live in our time that have made a difference. My dream for RARE has become
real. Over the last year I have had the honor to photograph these amazing individuals
and visually create their final images in post production. Each pairing of man and
animal came to me as a vision of who these people are. They are for you to enjoy. All
of my royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to The International Rescue
Committee. Their roots lie in the resettlement of refugees escaping from murderous
totalitarianism. The IRC saves lives, rebuilds communities, and restores dignity for
those who have fled conflict and persecution in search of freedom.
“I‘ve been photographed for many books and even asked to write a few introductions,
but being a friend of Nicole‘s and hearing about this project from the very beginning
puts me in a unique position. I loved witnessing Nicole‘s journey with this book and
watching how her vision has taken shape. I must admit at first I wasn‘t sure about
what she was trying to do. Still, I knew Nicole well enough to sign on and have faith.
Now that I see the completed work, everything she kept talking about all makes
sense. She had this idea of seeing celebrities as hunted animals and blending our
images with images of real animals. Not until I saw Nicole‘s images of me was I able
to relate to her ideas. First of all, I was honored that she chose to pair me with a
lion in one image -- it helped me see a natural beauty in myself that I have trouble
„owning.“ It also brought to life her message as well. In a day when paparazzi will literally do just about anything for a hot picture, Nicole celebrates the soul in our human
nature in a way that celebrates the splendor of the animal kingdom as well.”
Nicole Maloney
Cindy Crawford
front cover Heather Graham; back cover Van Jones; inside front and back cover Nicole Maloney
p. 2 Mossimo Giannulli; p. 3 NYFD; p. 4 - 5 Lori Loughlin; p. 6-7 Dustin Hoffman; p. 8-9 Roland Emmerich
p. 10 -11 Bridget Moynahan
to be continued…
Peter Guttman
Warren Buffett
Betty White
Dr. Sulaiman
Vidal Sasson
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Sebastian Thrun
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