BHCSC 2014 Specialty Invitation



BHCSC 2014 Specialty Invitation
The following quote by George Johnston, a highly regarded
expert on Basset Hounds, sets the stage for the significance of
our celebration in 2016:
“It is indisputable that the first mention of the words Basset
Hound in British literature appeared in 1866 and was the
same year that the introduction of pure-bred Bassets and
their continued breeding on a scientific basis began.”
March 25- 27, 2015 --- A BHCA Regional Show
and two BHCSC Specialty Shows
Dog Shows
Location: Canyon RV Park within Featherly
Regional Park, Anaheim, CA (The park
charges a small entry fee per vehicle)
Time & More Information: Check BHCSC.COM
These shows provide great opportunity for basset
Canyon RV Park
lovers to meet some of our members and watch their
bassets in action. Dog shows like these assist
Driving Directions
The park is conveniently situated on the Northwest corner
breeders by having their breeding stock judged by
of the 91 Freeway and Gypsum Canyon Road in
Anaheim, CA. You will find us physically located on
licensed AKC judges. The goal of the breeders is to
Gypsum Canyon Road. Because some of the Internet
breed to the AKC Standard for Basset Hounds. In
map programs are sometimes not quite accurate, we've
addition to conformation we're having Canine Good added the following directions to help you reach us
without confusion.
Citizen (CGC) testing on Friday obedience and Rally From the West
Traveling eastbound on the CA-91 Fwy, pass Weir Canyon
events on Saturday and Sunday.
Take Exit 41 for Gypsum Canyon Road. Turn left at
the bottom of the off-ramp.
Pass under freeway and turn
left at the signal. This will lead you right into our entrance.
From the East
Traveling westbound on the CA-91 Fwy toward Beach
Cities, pass Green River Road.
Take Exit 41A for Gypsum
Canyon Road. At the bottom of the off-ramp continue
straight through the signal into our entrance.
CAUTION: Do NOT take the 241 Toll Road instead of
EXIT 41. It can be confusing.

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