Shady Canyon


Shady Canyon
Shady Canyon
Irvine, California
The Irvine Community Development Company
SWA Scope
Land planning
Landscape architecture
2,000 acres (809 hectares)
PCBC Gold Nugget Grand Award
Two PCBC Gold Nugget Merit Awards
City of Irvine Design Excellence for Shady Canyon Trail
SWA provided master planning and landscape architecture services for Shady Canyon, a 2,000-acre residential
community and land-preservation project that carefully integrates the natural environment into every
aspect of the site.
This prototypical project consciously integrated
human habitation into the site’s natural topography,
preserving the rustic unspoiled character of beautiful coastal canyons, creeks, and ridgelines. The plan
also used native drought-resistant plants and involved
hydroseeding extensive areas of native grasses and
coastal sage scrub. Within the developed portions of
its reclaimed-water irrigation system and its reduced
the site there are 175 acres of “internal open space,” a
fertilizer and pesticide requirements, the golf course
three-mile regional trail, and a 300-acre golf course
earned an Audubon Society’s certification, which only
that was designed to be a wildlife habitat. Through
3% of the nation’s golf courses have obtained.
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