guided winter adventures sweden



guided winter adventures sweden
Winter adventure
February – March
A tour with a personal touch
through Swedish Lapland for 2 to 8
The NorthernContrast Winter Adventure is
a unique Swedish winter experience that
will stay with you for the rest of your life. We
offer a one-week expediton through Northern
The trip includes a dogsled tour through
untouched winter landscapes and driving a
snowmobile across frozen lakes.
Our guests can fly to Östersund or Vilhelmina
airport and from there we drive with 4x4 cars
to our first destination. The destinations and
activities for the week will be pre-arranged,
based on the preferences of our guests. Along
the way they will enjoy various activities, all
under the guidance of experienced staff. Meals
will be prepared with traditional ingredients
from the rich swedish kitchen, like wild berries,
moose and reindeer meat and tunnbröd.
Traveling is mostly done by daylight. Overnight
stays will be planned in luxury cabins or rooms
with private bathroom. With darkness there
is a big chance to see the magnificent Aurora
Borealis (Northern Lights).
The trip includes driving a
snowmobile across frozen lakes
The area of the Wilderness Road
Program and highlights
the most
trip airport
in Sweden.
Day 1: Arrival
kilometres safari
long, the
Day 2:
Vildmarksvägen loops from Strömsund
in Northern
northwest over the
Day 3: Journey
to Lappland/Polar
plateau “Stekenjokk”
into the South of Lapland and from Vilhelmina
to Strömsund.
Day 4: Aback
visit southwards
to the Jokkmokk
with an
Market or musuem
high bear density, you will find
breathtaking natural spectacles and the culture
of the
5: Journey to Gäddede and the
Norwegian border
If we venture onto smaller roads (or trails!) you
be treated
to even
more magical views,
6: Frozen
and waterfalls. In their
beauty they match the big tourist attractions,
hidden from
everyone – except
in Hotagen
the stray adventurers!
Day 8: Departure from Ostersund
The Vilmarksvägen area includes 3
communities, covering an area as big as one
third of Scotland, which nevertheless has
only 22.000 inhabitants (that’s less than one
inhabitant per square kilometer!)
Swedish Lapland is like a winter
fairy-tale landscape
Program and highlights
Day 1
Arrival at Östersund or Vilhelmina airport and
dinner with Swedish gastronomy.
Day 2-6:
Depending on the guests wishes and the
chosen activities, we will put together a daily
program. Ahead you will find more information.
Every night we will enjoy the comfort of
another hotel or a luxury cabin, close to
the activities of that day. Of course with the
possibility to visit a luxury sauna, spa or to
immerse yourself in a wood fired hot tub
outside in the snow.
Day 7
Departure from the airport.
On a clear night you will probably
see the Aurora Borealis
Taste the fascinating culture of
the Sami
A chance to meet Sami people who are glad
to tell about their lifestyle and habits in earlier
days. Visit a Sami village!
The Sami
Sápmi, the land of the Sami, extends the
territory of four nations - the Northern parts of
Norway (ca 40.000 - 45.000 Sami), Sweden
(ca 20.000), Finland (5.000 - 6.000) and
Russia (ca 2.000).
The story of the Sami started around 10.000
years ago when their forefathers followed
the melting inland ice and settled in small
hunting communities of 20 to 30 persons. The
culture of the Sami, with a common language,
traditions and a social community, has its
origin around 3000 years ago.
The subarctic climate and vastness of the
landscape have continued to shape the culture
of the Sami to this day - even though there are
region dependant differences in the way of life
(f.e. Sea Sami and Mountain Sami), they all
share their closeness to nature.
Around 2,500 Sami in Sweden live of reindeer
herding. The herds, totaling 230.000 - 280.000
animals, can go freely, the Sami follow them.
You can find more information about the Sami
Culture at
Photo by Destination Jokkmokk
Possible activities per day and
on the way
Highlights are:
Horse back riding,
Alpine skiing or cross country skiing,
Driving snowmobile
Visiting a special market in february
• Visiting the polar circle
• Visiting a frozen waterfall
• Drifting with a car on a frozen lake or buggy
racing on ice.
And of course sight seeing and wilderness
safari’s along the way.
On the way we can: grill on a camp fire, walk
on snow shoes and go ice fishing.
Experience speed and unity with nature. Enjoy
the silence.
More information
After enjoying this one-week road trip through
the North of Sweden, it is time to return to
civilization. Undoubtedly with unforgettable
memories, many photo’s to show and much to
talk about back home.
The travel conditions are medium, associated
with low temperatures. We are traveling by
4x4 cars, adapted to winter conditions. We can
advise our guests about special clothing or
boots when needed.
Due to the small number of participants per
car, the guide can give personal attention and
there is less wasted time. There is more
opportunity for personal interpretation and
wishes and it also makes the journey into a
real expedition experience.
A unique Swedish winter
experience that will stay with
you for the rest of your life
Contact en background
NorthernContrast is managed by Bert
Kruiswijk, Dutch from origin but working in
North Sweden’s tourist business for several
years now.
His passion lies in discovering the beauty of
Sweden and sharing the experiences. This
resulted in NorthernContrast Guided Tours.
Knowing the best spots and working together
with partners in the region, holiday packages
are offered in what is often called ‘The last
wilderness of Europe’.
Now we invite people to come over and
discover the Swedish wilderness themselves!
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +46 76 7714268

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