File - Omega Phi Alpha at the University of Florida!



File - Omega Phi Alpha at the University of Florida!
Alpha Omicron Chapter
May 2016
Omega Phi Alpha
Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Forever in Service
Spring Semester Comes to an End
Over 1,060 Community Service Hours!
As the Spring Semester comes to an end,
OPhiA sisters celebrated their hard work at
our Banquet on April 21st (photo above).
Collectively, our organization was able to
assist our community with over 1,060 hours
this semester!
During Banquet, Alison Ray received the
“Service Award”, and Abbie Dorwart
received the “Trailblazer Award” Both
Alison and Abbie are founding mothers.
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New Exec Board
Graduating Sisters
Service in Review
Meet our 2016-2017
Executive Board!
Our sisters are off to their
next adventure, from
travelling to Kenya to
starting grad school
Some of our favorite service
events this semester
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Volume 1 - Issue 1
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May 2016
Our New Executive Board
President Lucia Pradas–Bergnes
Alpha Class
“I’m excited to help OPhiA make a bigger mark on
campus and widen our reach for service events.”
Vice President
Anetmarie Valdes
Service Director
Emily Bonasia
Marissa Remedios
Riley Waggle
Volume 1 - Issue 1
Membership Director
Rachel Swain
Kelsey Pecenka
May 2016
Graduating Sisters
We will greatly miss these amazing ladies!
We have no doubt that our sisters are going to do amazing things!
Their next adventure awaits!
Name – Next Adventure
(as pictured, top row left to right)
(bottom row left to right)
Astrid Leonardo – FAU Pre-Med & Internship
Jordan King – W. Coast, Grad Public Health
Devyn Woolsey – Masters International Bus.
Mykhue Nguyen – Grad. Columbia University
Brianna Tringali – UF Masters Elementary Edu.
Abbie Dorwart – Des Moines, IA
Mariana Martinez – Baylor U. Public Health
Kristen Oliff – Medical School
Emma Gregory – UF Law School
Olivia Phillips – Law School Penn State
Katherine Lehman – Job in Tampa/ St. Pete
Elizabeth Rubio – Research, Masters, Ph.D.
Ashley Reichenbach – Travel/Nonprofit Org.
Divyakshi Solanki – California & Europe
Maria Chiriboga – Miami, Psych Doctorate
Jenna Froug – Licensed Clinical Social Work
Gemma Horn – Financial Planning Asst.
(Not Pictured)
Megan Brewster – Internship/Grad School
Sabrina Heck – Villanova Law School
Jessica Gunson – Kenya, study Baboons
Casey Leopold – Graduate School
Volume 1 - Issue 1
May 2016
Editor: “Reflecting on your time as President, what
has been your favorite ‘thing’ about OPhiA?”
Devyn Woolsey: “I think becoming really close with
eboard and all of the memories we have made.”
E: “What’s your next adventure?”
DW: “I’m travelling over the summer, then I’ll be in
grad school at UF in the fall for International Business
(don’t worry, I’m going to show up to stuff) and after
that I have no idea. I have 35 different career options
that will help destroy the patriarchy.”
E: “Do you have any advice for Lucia?”
DW: “Try to plan things far in advance, but something
will always go wrong and you just have to go with it.”
“I was so surprised to
win the Trailblazer
Award because we’re
all trailblazers! But
really it just shows me
how far we’ve come
as an organization.
We’ve gone from 20
girls planning six
service projects in a
year to more than 60 active members
doing service every week and that is so
amazing to see. We all do incredible
things every day and I’m happy I was
there to help it begin.” – Abbie Dorwart
“It was an honor to
receive the Service
Award this semester!
From Dance Marathon
to volunteering with Best
Buddies, I really enjoyed
the diverse service
opportunities we
participated in this
semester. I’m excited to
see what we can accomplish in the next
school year!” – Alison Ray
Volume 1 - Issue 1
May 2016
“This spring we donated 1,066 service hours across a wide variety of projects. To me, this
means we’re fulfilling our purpose as a group and trying to make tangible differences in
our community. Service is about doing what you can for others. We exist as an
organization to do good and we will only do more as we grow!”
–Abbie Dorwart (Current Service Director)
MLK Day of Service
Earth Day
Campus Clean Up
Jordan K. Amy L. Jessica Z. Kelsey P. Molly B.
Brianna T.
Maria M. Jessica Z. Ally J.
Johanna B. Maria C. Megan T.
Best Buddy Easter Egg Hunt
Volume 1 - Issue 1
May 2016
Ronald McDonald House Dinner
Mental Health Tabling
Amy L. Marissa R. Marisa K. Ally J. Payton H. Lauren B.
Marina T. Sam C. Kristen O. Johanna B.
“It was an honor to have been involved with Dance Marathon this year by not only
being a dancer, but a delegate as well. Being a delegate for OPhiA allowed me
to work closely with DM and our Miracle Family, which really showed how much of
a difference Dance Marathon makes in every single kid’s life. The money raised by
DM is what allows the children hospitalized to simply be children, despite all of the
medical procedures they undergo. It’s what may also help find a cure to a
particular childhood illness someday. DM
weekend was the best way possible to
wrap up an entire year of hard work. It
was also humbling to hear Miracle
Families share their stories during the
event. As they mentioned, every single
penny makes a difference and I am glad
to say that 2,434,315.18 miracles were
because of DM 2016. Each dollar earned
not only impacts the lives of patients
currently, but also for the rest of their lives.
Patients now have the opportunity to live
life and do incredible things. Being on my
feet for 26.2 hours was the best experience of my life. We danced through the
night for every single kid that battles a childhood illness. We stood for a better
future, for hope, and to make miracles. It just took one inspiring moment to
change my life forever. It was my absolute pleasure to have been a delegate and
dancer this year. I already can’t wait for DM 2017! As always, FTK (For The Kids)”
– Anetmarie Valdes
Volume 1 - Issue 1
May 2016
I want to thank all of our sisters for a great semester! I can’t believe how fast this
year has gone by! For those of you who don’t know, I rushed OPhiA last fall, and in
this year I have become so attached to this amazing organization. I’m in awe at
the impact we’re able to have, and even more amazed with all of my sisters. Our
organization is so lucky to have so many talented and intelligent leaders.
I want to give a special thanks to our current exec board for making it such a great
year, with a special shout out to Abbie and Rachel S. I want to also congratulate
our graduating sisters, we’re going to miss all of you, but the impact you’ve made
on this organization is here to stay.
Congratulations to our new chairs, Design – Kathleen Driscoll, Traditions – Amy
Lautenschlager, ADO – Sarah Hock, Pledge Educator – Sarah Palmiotti, Fundraiser
– Tess Bottenhorn, and I’m excited to be your PR chair. Our new Standards Board
will be in good hands with Molly Betterton, Sarah Freeman, and Samie Eboli.
Have a safe and fun summer - Christine Haworth
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Volume 1 - Issue 1