2 - Colorado College


2 - Colorado College
Opening Doors
to a CC Education
“In your years
here, you have
experienced the
best form of
education ever
invented. Nothing
else even comes
close. You — and
I — are the lucky
William “Bro” Adams ’72,
2015 Colorado College
Commencement Speaker
Opening Doors
One student typesets a paragraph describing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s
writing process as part of the Letterpress and Book Arts class.
Another student aces a job interview by drawing from experience
gained in his Business Policy and Strategy class. Two students at
the CC garden work in tandem to weed a row of lettuce that will
soon make its way to CC’s Rastall Dining Hall.
Ask any of these students, and alumni, about Colorado College,
and they will tell you that their time here challenged them in new
ways, taught them the art of learning, and deeply influenced their
approaches to life. They will affirm that they are, indeed, among
the “lucky ones.”
Yet for others, a CC education is not possible without financial
assistance. Expanding scholarship support for more students who
have the potential to thrive at CC opens the college’s doors wider
to the best and the brightest from all walks of life.
An investment in scholarships will strengthen CC’s ability to admit
more students, regardless of their families’ economic circumstances,
provide them with more robust financial aid packages, and eliminate
program fees so that all CC students can have access to the best
that the Block Plan has to offer.
For these reasons, the college is committed to raising $80 million
in support of scholarships and financial aid.
Davis ’16
“I was consistently one step ahead of
students from other schools because CC
had prepared me to be a good scientist.”
Multiple Scholarships Drive
Academic Excellence
In 2015, Brooke Davis ’16 became one of only 260
students nationally to receive a prestigious Barry
Goldwater Scholarship.
Brooke is an organismal biology and ecology major
and film minor from Darien, Connecticut.
The scholarships that helped Brooke attend CC include:
• The Stephanie and Ed Benton Endowed
• The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation
Endowed Scholarship for International Studies
• The Crown-Goodman Scholarship
Brooke says that CC has provided her with a strong
work ethic and approach, particularly in the sciences
where nearly every biology class involved her developing a research idea, performing research, and
presenting it orally and in written form. She found her
CC training especially valuable when doing independent research abroad.
In fact, Brooke’s research is now being published.
“Impala and Olive Baboons Associate for Feeding
and Security in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania”
is in review to be an article in the African Journal
of Ecology.
“I was consistently one step ahead of students from
other schools because CC had prepared me to be
a good scientist,” says Brooke.
Martinez ’18
Scholarship Makes CC Possible
“The Block Plan really stood out to me. I want to
become an engineer, but I also want a liberal arts
education. I’m from Chicago’s inner city, where you
have to learn to grow and change quickly. The Block
Plan requires a similar approach.”
When Gerry discovered that scholarships could help
cover his tuition and expenses, he took a closer look
at Colorado College.
He is grateful for alumni who establish scholarships
for CC students. “In essence these donors are saying,
‘I had a good experience at Colorado College and now
I’m going to invest in someone I don’t even know to
provide the same experience I had or one that is even
better.’ That’s pretty remarkable.”
Gerry has received financial assistance from the:
• The Charles P. Barkley Endowed Scholarship
In addition to the Block Plan, Gerry was attracted
by CC’s innovative 3-2 program. Students enrolled
in 3-2 are able to complete requirements for a
bachelor’s degree while also completing requirements
for engineering school. After three years at CC, he
will spend two years at one of the college’s partner
engineering schools to complete his bachelor’s degree
in engineering.
“I’m from Chicago’s inner city, where you
have to learn to grow and change quickly.
The Block Plan requires a similar approach.”
How Investments in
Scholarships Make a
Difference Today and
Over Time
The Crown-Goodman
Making a CC Education More Accessible
The Crown-Goodman Scholarship was established by
Patricia Crown ’76 and her family in 1990 to recognize
the accomplishments of deserving Colorado College
students. Consideration is given to students’ academic
records and contributions to the life of the college.
These scholarships are intended to reduce the loan
component of the recipients’ financial aid awards
in their senior year.
Initial gift amount: $250,000
Current market value: $2,056,831*
Total scholarship dollars awarded: $1,530,000
Total number of scholarships awarded: 286
Average scholarship award in academic year 2015-16: $8,410
Average scholarship award in academic year
1990-1991 (inaugural year):
*Market value as of June 30, 2014.
Reuben Eli Mitrani ’14
Memorial Scholarship Enhanced by Class of 2014,
REMember Foundation, and Walton Family
Foundation Challenge
The Reuben Eli Mitrani Memorial Scholarship was
established in honor of the CC student who died while
studying abroad during his junior year. When Reuben’s
family decided they wanted to establish the scholarship,
they raised funds through The REMember Foundation,
which was created to fulfill the promise of Reuben’s life
by providing scholarships available to individuals and
organizations compatible with Reuben’s values.
Reuben’s classmates and their families also stepped
in, dedicating the Class of 2014 Senior Class Gift to
the scholarship endowment.
Reuben’s family continues to emphasize that even those
without the means to establish a scholarship can work
toward it together to make it a reality. The scholarship
also qualified for matching funds from the Walton Family
Foundation, which pledged to match contributions for
CC scholarships that benefit high-need and/or firstgeneration students.
Total gift amount to-date, including Class of 2014
matching funds from the Walton Foundation:
Inaugural scholarship recipient:
Fall 2015
Total number of endowments established through
the Walton Challenge:
Projected average award for all scholarships
established during the Walton Challenge:
A New Opportunity
Alumnus Issues $10 Million Scholarship Challenge
An anonymous Colorado College alumnus has
established an endowed scholarship fund through
his estate plans. His commitment includes a $10 million
challenge to alumni and friends of CC to join him by
establishing 100 new scholarships or enhancing existing
scholarships through their own estate plans or through
gifts by June 30, 2018.
Challenge amount: $10 million
Projected number of new or enhanced scholarships:
Projected amount of new endowed funds for
$20 million
By the Numbers:
Financial Aid at Colorado College
Need-Based Financial Aid Awards
How Colorado College Compares
Thirteen out of 14 peer institutions are able to provide need-based financial aid to a higher percentage of
students than Colorado College. CC admits and supports many students with financial need, but the college
must make some decisions on admission based on a student’s ability to pay tuition. Raising $80 million for
scholarships will move the college one-third of the way closer to admitting all students without considering their
abilities to pay.
Percentage of
Student Body
Financial Aid
Number of
of Students
Need-Based Aid
Amount of Institutional
Aid Awarded
Grinnell College**
$39.1 million
Macalester College*
$45.6 million
Carleton College**
$33.6 million
Occidental College*
$35 million
Davidson College*
$29.4 million
Oberlin College*
$42 million
Whitman College*
$18.3 million
Bates College*
$28.8 million
Kenyon College*
$24.9 million
Colby College**
$27.1 million
Middlebury College*
$41.2 million
Bucknell University*
$45.3 million
1,404 Hamilton College**
$30.6 million
Colorado College*
$26 million 720
Colgate University*
$39.6 million
*Source: Common Data Set 2014-15
**Source: Common Data Set 2013-14
Paying for a
Colorado College Education
Office of Admission Student Profiles
Student Name: “Cindy”
Family Background: Cindy comes from a well-
Admission Narrative: Cindy knows CC and
educated household. Mom attended Colorado College
and dad attended another top-tier liberal arts college.
The parents made it clear that they desire for Cindy
to attend Colorado College. They live on the North
Shore of Chicago and stretched to afford a modest
home in one of the best public school districts in
Illinois. Education is a top priority for this family and
they are willing to sacrifice for a Colorado College
experience for Cindy.
desperately wanted to be part of the community here.
She visited campus twice and interviewed. Cindy
wrote great essays and clearly demonstrated that
CC was her top-choice school. In CC’s need-sensitive
admission process, Cindy received strong support
but ultimately was passed over for even stronger
candidates who also needed significant financial aid.
She was placed on the waiting list and then denied
admission after the financial aid budget was exceeded
in early May.
Academic Credentials: Cindy is ranked 42nd
among 456 students in her high school class.
She has taken a difficult course load, including
several honors classes and a total of five advanced
placement classes. Her grades are consistently
A’s and B’s and she received strong recommendations
from her teachers. Her SAT scores fall right in the
median at CC — 680 critical reading, 690 math,
and 700 writing. Cindy also earned high scores
on the advanced placement U.S. history and
composition tests. She wants to major in English
and classics at CC.
Financial Background: Cindy’s parents earn
a combined income of approximately $140,000
annually. They have diligently paid down their high
mortgage, drive older cars, limit family vacations,
and have saved for Cindy’s education. Yet, there
is not enough disposable income to pay the full
cost of a CC education.
Financial Need: With one child in college,
the estimated family contribution for Cindy and
her family is approximately $30,000 annually.
This is a moderate-need family for Colorado College.
Co-curricular/Extra Curricular: Cindy is a
championship debater and twice has placed in
the state regional competition. Her team consistently
ranked within the State of Illinois and travels to
national debate tournaments. She also is president
of her Model UN club and serves as editor-in-chief
of her high school newspaper.
Supporting this Need: An annual grant of
approximately $25,000 would be needed to support
Cindy. An endowment of $500,000 would support
Cindy for four years and additional students like
her in future generations.
Office of Admission Student Profile
Student Name: “Allen”
Family Background: Allen grew up in a single-
Admission Narrative: Several admission officers
parent household in Colorado. He lives with his
mother and has financial support from his father.
Allen’s mother has a bachelor’s degree and works
as an accountant. The family owns a modest home
and Allen is an only child.
were champions for Allen and advocated passionately
for his admission through the final process. Allen
was ultimately reviewed in the admission committee
process and received five votes — two shy of the
number needed to gain admission. With limited
financial aid dollars, the college’s need-sensitive
admission process was not able to find a place in
the class for Allen.
Academic Credentials: Allen is ranked 12th out
of 272 students at a strong public school in Denver.
He has completed a full International Baccalaureate
diploma curriculum and also has taken two courses
at a community college. He is interested in studying
physics and computer science, but also reads voraciously and is described by his teachers as a scholar
with incredible intellectual potential. Allen’s test
scores of 680 critical reading, 800 math, and 670
writing combine for a total score of 2,150 out of a
possible 2,400. He also received a 790 out of a
possible 800 on the physics subtest.
Financial Background: Allen’s mother earns
approximately $80,000 annually and he is not
eligible for state or federal aid. The estimated family
contribution is approximately $9,000 annually.
Financial Aid: The annual grant — without outside
scholarships or state/federal funds — would need
to be approximately $48,000 in year one for Allen.
Over four years, the grant total would be
approximately $200,000.
Co-curricular/Extra Curricular: Allen is a strong
swimmer and competes both for his team and local
swim club. He has the ability to contribute to our swim
program at CC and has been recruited by our coach.
He is also an Eagle Scout, active in his church youth
group, president of the Robotics Club at his school,
and runs his own landscaping business.
Supporting this Need: An endowment of $1
million would be needed to endow a scholarship that
would fund approximately $50,000 per year for Allen
and then another student after Allen graduates.
He used to mow all the lawns himself but recently
hired a staff of three of his peers to do the work.
He owns two mowers and built a third mower —
a robot prototype that runs on a remote-control device.
Office of Admission Student Profile
Student Name: “Jan”
Family Background: Jan is the daughter of
Admission Narrative: Jan applied to CC in 2014
Korean-American immigrants. She and her parents
live in a one-bedroom apartment in Southern
California. Mom is a homemaker and dad is a store
clerk. Jan attends the local public school. Both
Korean and English are spoken at home. Jan will
be the first in her family to attend college.
through QuestBridge, an organization that serves
several thousand low-income, college-bound students
each year. CC became the 35th partner college for
QuestBridge in 2013 and received nearly 1,500
applications in each of the last two years. The college
has enrolled 90 QuestBridge students over the last
two years. Jan was originally voted into the class
during early rounds, but then was pulled from the class
in CC’s full committee process due to limited space
and financial aid dollars.
Academic Credentials: Jan is ranked third among
426 students in her high school class. She has all
A’s and has taken eight advanced placement classes.
Her test scores are exceptional and she has a 34
Composite ACT score with all sub-scores above 32,
including a 35 in math and reading. Her teachers
praise her for her hard work, passion for learning,
and drive to succeed. She aspires to major in biology
and to become a doctor.
Co-curricular/Extra Curricular: Jan is the
president of the Key Club at her high school, runs
cross-country, is first chair viola in the orchestra,
and is a peer tutor. Outside of school, she plays
in the Southern California elite band and volunteers
at the Children’s Hospital. She also works 12-hoursper-week at a fast food restaurant and pays for all
her books, clothes, and school supplies.
Financial Need: Jan would require an annual
grant in the range of $50,000 per year to attend
Colorado College.
Supporting this Need: An endowment of
$1 million would support a scholarship of $50,000
for Jan for each of her four years at Colorado College.
This endowment would support future students
at this level after Jan graduates.
Endowment Per Student
How Colorado College Stacks Up
to Peer Institutions
Endowment Per Overall Endowment
College Student (2014)in millions (2014)
Grinnell College
Hamilton College
Middlebury College
Colby College
Carleton College
Macalester College
Davidson College
$649 Whitman College
Colorado College
Colgate University
Oberlin College
Bucknell University
Occidental College
Bates College
Kenyon College
Competing for Student Talent
Scholarships are a Deciding
Factor for Students
Among students admitted to Colorado College for the 2014-2015 academic year, 126 students chose other
colleges or universities instead of CC, citing the competitiveness of the financial aid package. Some of those
institutions included:
Enrolling InstitutionStudent Count
University of Chicago5
Carleton College4
Vanderbilt University3
Brown University2
Colby College2
Columbia University2
University of Pennsylvania2
Yale University2
Washington University in St. Louis
Outcomes of Additional
Resources for Scholarships
Colorado College’s goal of raising
$80 million for scholarships will make
CC more accessible and affordable for
qualified students by:
new endowed
Moving CC
of the way toward becoming a needblind institution that can compete
for the best students from all
of CC students need-based
financial aid, allowing the college to
become more competitive for student
talent among peer institutions
Enrolling more
talented students with
diverse perspectives,
particularly from lower- and
middle-class families
Giving students from
all income backgrounds
to the best CC has to offer
Colorado College
(800) 782-6306