our brochure - Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund


our brochure - Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund
About Us
With the cost of higher education rising every year, the
Board of the Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund (CPOSF)
has made it our mission to generate and distribute
funds for educational opportunities for qualified family
members of the Chief Petty Officer community.
The CPOSF was created following the commissioning
of the USS Chief MCM-14 on November 5, 1995. The
formal charter of the CPOSF was signed in January
1998 at the U.S. Navy’s Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA)
in Newport, RI. Since our inception, we have awarded
over three quarters of a million dollars in scholarships.
Candidates eligible for scholarship awards must be a
dependent child, step-child, or a non-uniformed spouse
of a Navy Active Duty, honorably Retired, or Reserve
Chief, Senior Chief, or Master Chief Petty Officer.
Candidates submitting scholarship applications must, in
the year of their request, possess a GED, be a graduating
high school senior or a high school graduate intending to
enter, or an undergraduate student currently enrolled in
an accredited and degree granting institution of higher
Our Board Officers
Chairman - MCPON Robert J. Walker, USN (Ret)
Vice Chairman -MCPON Duane R. Bushey, USN (Ret)
Vice Chairman - FORCM, Jesse Elliott, USN (Ret)
Allotment Request
How can YOU Help?
The CPOSF relies on fundraisers, donations, allotments
and investments in order to provide financial assistance
to those who are qualified. Our main source of revenue
comes via payroll donations through the National
Combined Federal Campaign (our CFC # is listed on
the back of this brochure). Other donations come from
the generous support of our Navy Chief Petty Officer
community, individual donations, donations of book
royalties, and support from our corporate sponsors.
Since 2010 the CPOSF has coordinated The Best of the
Mess, a culinary showdown for Navy Chefs that is open
to the public. The CPO induction season represents
an opportunity to encourage new Chief Petty Officers
to contribute. Golf, pool and darts tournaments are
excellent ways to participate.
We are fully accredited members of the Military
Family and Veterans Service Organizations of America
Federation and have earned the coveted “Best Of”
status as a charitable organization. We are incorporated
and fully registered to legally solicit charitable donations
in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are also legally
registered in the states of Illinois, California, and Florida.
All donations are tax deductible.
Please start an increase/allotment from my pay.
Payable to:
CPO Scholarship Fund
328 Office Square Lane, Suite 101A
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Change Amount
1st pay date:
Change from:
Change to:
Purpose: Charitable Deduction
Status: Active Duty
Company Code: S960020
Allotment Code: AD
Account Number: CPO + SS#
Please take this form to your disbursing or unit
admin. office.
Retired and reserved personnel, please visit
Our Growth
The number of scholarship awards and the amounts
to be disbursed yearly are determined solely by the
financial status of the fund. The Chief Petty Officer
Scholarship Fund is nonprofit and dependent upon
Tax-deductible donations to support its educational
“Gift of Knowledge.”
The following is our history of the number of scholarships provided during each academic year, since we
• 1998 - 4 $500.00 ea
• 1999 - 5 $500.00 ea
• 2000 - 5 $500.00 ea
• 2001 - 10 $1,000.00 ea
• 2002 - 10 $1,000.00 ea
• 2003 - 10 $1,000.00 ea
• 2004 - 20 $1,000.00 ea
• 2005 - 40 $1,000.00 ea
• 2006 - 51 $1,000.00 ea
• 2007 - 40 $2,000.00 ea
• 2008 - 45 $2,000.00 ea
• 2009 - 50 $2,000.00 ea
• 2010 - 50 $2,000.00 ea
• 2011 - 56 $2,000.00 ea
• 2012 - 60 $2,000.00 ea
If you’d like to make a donation to the Chief Petty
Officer Scholarship Fund you can fill out this form
and mail it back to us at:
328 Office Square Lane, Suite 101A
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
or visit us online at www.cposf.org
The Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Member #11549
MCPON Thomas Crow Memorial Scholarship
Since 2009, the CPOSF has also awarded one $5,000
scholarship to our top candidate in memory of
MCPON Thomas Crow.
328 Office Square Lane, Suite 101A
Virginia Beach, VA 23462