A Comprehensive Line of Surface Water Management


A Comprehensive Line of Surface Water Management
Fernco’s New Information Packed
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IAMPO Listing for 1000 and 5000
Series RC Couplings... Page 3
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A Fernco Inc. Publication
Third Quarter 2009
A Comprehensive
Line of Surface Water
Management Products
The durability & high performance of the
StormDrain water management systems
ensures a long lasting, permanent
solution to the collection and
dispersal of standing surface
water. StormDrain is designed
for residential, commercial,
courses, athletic fields, paved
surfaces and horticultural
channel drains, distribution
boxes, drain basins, drain
grates, atrium grates, pop-up
emitters and valve boxes. Our
products are quick and easy to
install, cost effective, durable, and
aesthetically pleasing.
Home the Gold
Conducted annually by
the American Advertising
Federation (AAF), the local
ADDY Awards were conducted
in March. Fernco is proud to
announce our Pow-R Tool Box
took home the gold.
Designed and produced by
Concept Three, Inc. of Davison,
Michigan this ingenious box not
only holds the Pow-R product
line but after demonstration of
product ease-of-use becomes a
POP display.
Information You Need
At Your Fingertips
Fernco, Inc. is pleased to
announce the launch of
our new corporate website
featuring greatly enhanced
product information, secure
sales representative marketing
support login area, expanded
how-to center and many more
user friendly capabilities.
The new website, found at
www.fernco.com, makes it easy
for users to locate the precise
product they need by using the
search function or by browsing
the product selection to find the
required solution. The website
also highlights the user friendly
rep locator map and company’s
key markets (plumbing and
waterworks) and product sets
associated with each.
Product images, installation
instructions and literature can
be conveniently downloaded
from our secure customer and
sales rep login area.
Highlighted on the home
page of the website are the
company’s latest “what’s new”
section for featured products
and announcements including
easy access to other Fernco
global family websites.
page 2
Fernco Quality
Management Systems
Fernco, Inc. has established
a new manufacturer quality
standard - Fernco Quality
Management Systems (FQMS).
This standard retains the
fundamental business practice
of applicable regulatory
requirements, continual
improvement, and applicable
quality industr y standards.
Fernco will continue to evolve
as the leader in our Industr y as
we perfect our quality standards
and customer satisfaction.
1000 and 5000 Series RC Couplings
Get IAMPO Certification
Our couplings were tested to ASTM C 1173 “Standard
Specification for Flexible Transition Couplings for Underground
Piping Systems”.
C 1173 outlines the material and performance requirements
for shielded and unshielded couplings used in below ground
applications. Testing was conducted using couplings of 4” to 12”
nominal diameter.
Testing and development of the product line took roughly six
months to complete. For additional details you can reference file
number 5895.
Fernco Opens Office in Brazil
Fernco do Brasil Ltds has opened a new office
based in São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil.
The new location provides an ideal platform
to serve a number of municipalities and utility
companies in the region. This new endeavor
will be well represented by Mr. Ferdinando
Manzoli who will head up operations.
Ferdinando has established a very talented staff
to this location with over 5 hires to date.
Fernco do Brasil Ltds is currently working to
integrate Fernco products into certified products
by Latin America’s largest Water & Sewage
utility company. As-well-as becoming a solution
Integrator for the Utility Companies. All of this
growth in the World market isn’t to make Fernco
the largest company, but the best company. We
will continue to focus on the individual customer
and provide them with a product they can trust.
page 3
PipePatch Is Now Offered By
Source One Environmental (S1E)
S1E specializes in infrastructure
rehabilitation products and now stocks,
sells and trains for the PipePatch
product line.
You can view the PipePatch at
Team Changes
Pow-R Pack Wingstack
Floor Display
Holds up to (6) cases of product for a total
of 36 Universal Emergency Repair Kits.
Order by phone: 1.810.653.9626
Jeff Urbanski, Chad Miller
and Mike Moore move from
Fernco over to SourceOne
Environmental along with the
PipePatch product line.
Mike Ford becomes our
new Underground Market
Manager. Congratulations
to all!
Jeff Urbanski
Mike Ford
Chad Miller
Mike Moore
page 4