Tempera Batik Paintings


Tempera Batik Paintings
Tempera Batik Paintings
• a method (originally used in Java) of producing
colored designs on textiles by dyeing them,
having first applied wax to the parts to be left
• This is a process involving layers. It requires
planning ahead and deciding which areas
should have certain shapes of color, and which
should not.
Choose your favorite
animal and draw it in its
natural habitat or home.
Create your drawing using chalk first. Then paint in the areas you want to have color
using Tempera paints. Leave the areas blank where you want black shapes or lines.
Student Examples
Tempera Batik Painting Requirements:
1. Your design must include an animal and its natural environment or habitat.
2. Your design must include some areas of solid black (not just cracks).
Consider the placement of shadows and other areas of darker value.
3. Your painting should have some areas of visible texture created through
either cracking the paint or creating areas of thinner paint that do not resist
all of the ink.
4. Your painting will be created by:
a. drawing your design using chalk.
b. painting in the shapes of color using tempera paint, leaving some areas
blank that will eventually become black.
c. painting over the entire painting using black India ink.
d. washing/wiping the ink off the painted areas so the color shows through

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