Want An Attractive and Good Looking Home


Want An Attractive and Good Looking Home
Want An Attractive and Good Looking Home?
You need to repaint a room but, you are completely new with a painting brush.
You haven’t the slightest clue where to start and probably seriously thinking of
calling a professional Painting Company Vancouver. While that is a good option,
wouldn’t you like to have the joy of doing this for yourself? Not only would you
save yourself the labour cost, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of doing a
job yourself and seeing it come to fruition. Most importantly, you would learn a
So now the first thing you need to do is to before starting any house painting is to
clean the inside and outside walls. You need to make certain to take out dust,
unnecessary dirt and marks so that when you are painting you can get a much
smoother finish. Try using a sponge with a washing detergent to clean the wall.
Once that is done you simply rinse with water to remove the soap.
In some cases you may have to sand the wall down first with a fine grain sand
paper. This is only for unique situations though; you can even get suggestions from
Vancouver Commercial Painting experts. Once the cleaning is done, then it is
time to cover the furniture with plastic or thick cloth like material to protect them
from any paint that might splash. Once all that needs to be covered is get your
hands on some painter’s blue tape and apply it to the edges of the area that you
would be painting. It is actually best to put this tape on days in advance. You
should apply it to any doorframes, windows and trimming.
The next step is to do something the Painting Contractor in Vancouver call
“priming”. When you prime the walls you help to increase the sheen and coverage
of the paint you going to apply. If you think you don’t need to apply prime because
the wall is already painted then you are very wrong. If you prime before applying
the paint you will get a smooth and much more brilliant finish. So do not overlook
this step.
Now that you have made all the preparations it is time to get to the painting
through Residential Painting Vancouver specialists. To get an even finish as well
as to get the job done faster it is best to use a roller. When using the roller make
certain to roll it in the paint so all of it is dipped in the paint. When you are
applying the paint go in one direction. Don’t start going lateral after you have been
painting horizontal. Do not use the roller in the corners however, in those areas you
have to use a brush. In the same way with the brush dip it at least half way into the
paint and then once you have shaken off the excess, you paint the corners. Follow
the same rules and paint in one direction.
Once you are done painting with the help of Vancouver Painter, remember to
remove the blue painter’s tape, as you do not want the paint to dry with on.

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