Mason Jar Hanger - The Little Knittery



Mason Jar Hanger - The Little Knittery
Mason Jar Hanger
by Julie Edwards for The Little Knittery
This is one of the simplest, most meditative macrame designs I could come
up with. It is made using two different colors of jute, and when it's finished,
it can hold a jar with flowers or a candle or jellybeans or anything really!
The Little Knittery
3195 glendale blvd. la, ca. 90039
*What You'll Need*
- 5 yds of jute, twine, or macrame or cotton cord each in 2 different colors
(or just 10yds in 1 color).
- A ring at least 1.5" in diameter. Consider that all your cords will have to fit
through here and still leave room for the ring to hang on a hook.
- A medium sized mason jar
*Explanation of Knots*
Gathering Knot
Take your 18" length of cord and fold it into an upsidedown 'U' shape
against the cords to be wrapped. Take one of the bottom 'legs' of the
upsidedown 'U' and wrap it around all of the cords (including the two
sides of the 'U' up towards the top of the upsidedown 'U' for 2", then slip it
through the loop of the U. Once this strand is inside the loop, you can pull
the other strand at the bottom of the wrap down, which in turn hooks the
top strand and tucks it into the wrap.
Half Hitch
(You may remember the Half Hitch as one of the first knots you learned
when you made friendship bracelets.)
To make a Half Hitch you will have a filler cord,and a knotting cord, in this
case, 1 in each color. The knotting cord is tied around the filler cord
several times resulting in a twisting, cascading knot. When the knotting
cord ties around the filler cord, you will not be able to see any of the filler
cord as part of the knot.
Cutting Your Lengths
Cut 4 6' lengths of jute, twine, macrame, or cotton cord, 2 in one color, 2
in another (optional). The bigger the cord you use, the chunkier your
hanger will be, and the smaller the cord you use, the more delicate. It's
up to you.
Cut 1 18" length in either color for your gathering knot.
Attaching Your Lengths to the Ring
Pass your 4 6' cords through the ring and fold them in half, so you now
have 8 3' cords coming from the ring. They should all be about the same
The Little Knittery
3195 glendale blvd. la, ca. 90039
Take your 18' piece and make a 2" Gathering Knot around the top of all
the strands where they are attached to the ring. The Gathering Knot
serves to secure your cords to the ring and bring them all together tight.
Divide Your Cords
Divide your cords into 4 sections of 2 strands, one of each color per
Start Knotting!
1. Using 1 of your 4 sections, work 5 Half Hitches in one color, skip down
1.5', work 5 Half
Hitches in the other
color, skip down
1.5", work 5 Half
Hitches in the first
color, skip down 1.5',
work 5 Half Hitches
in the other color.
2. Skip down 1.5"
and work 5 half
hitches in the first
color followed
immediately by 5
half hitcges in the
secobd color.
Repeat steps 1 and
2 for the other 3
groups of 2 cords,
taking care to
match the lengths and distances all around.
Make the Jar 'Cradle'
You will now have 4 half hitch "ropes." Time to work the "cradle" which will
hold the mason jar.
Skip down 2.5" and tie the filler cord to the knotting cord of the next
section over to the right. Therefore you will be redividing all of your strands
and alternating between two colors all the way around the cradle. Tie a
second knot here to secre the 2 new strands to each other. Repeat all
The Little Knittery
3195 glendale blvd. la, ca. 90039
the way around until you have tied the last filler cord to the last knotting
Skip down 2" and repeat the step above, to complete another round of
alternating cords
Skip own 1.5" and use your other 18" length to make another Gathering
Knot at the bottom of the hanger.
Trim the 8 hanging strands to 8" in length.
All done! Put the mason jar in and get creative. Peacock feathers?
Drumsticks? Your crystal collection? Colored pencils? Anything you'd
like to store in a beautiful, creative way goes great in these hangers.
--We do our best to insure the accuracy of our patterns. However, if
something's just not making sense, don't hesitate to email us at
[email protected] and we'll see if we can work it out!

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