Release Spotlight


Release Spotlight
Amadeus e-Power 6.1
Release Spotlight
July 2011
6.1 Edition
Our top new features:
Control flight convenience and direct flights better with Master
Pricer enhancements
Book one way combinable fares
Package more efficiently in Web services (1st available in CESE markets
Last update: 29/07/2011
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Amadeus e-Power 6.1
With Amadeus e-Power, travel agencies can easily take their business online and/or
quickly develop and optimise their online business while increasing customer
satisfaction and loyalty.
With version 6.1’s enhanced new features, Amadeus e-Power gives you more with:
Master Pricer Travelboard enhancements
The latest evolution in Master Pricer Travelboard add significant enhancements to Amadeus ePower with:
Customizable Flight Convenience Control: enables travel agencies to fix the
maximum number of less-convenient recommendations to be returned – for example
including outstanding elapsed flying time, short connecting times or overnight at airport.
This number is fixed to 5% of total recommendations by default.
> Gives the traveller a consistent and more suitable choice straight away. Saves time.
Direct Flights Selection: ensures that at least 20% of the Master Pricer Travelboard
recommendations are
• the cheapest direct solutions (purely flown with direct or non-stop flights) when
they exist
• whilst allowing a comfortable range of very convenient offers, even when
This feature is activated by default and can be deactivated.
> Provides the traveller more choice mixing both the cheapest and more convenient
possibilities within a different price range.
Figure 1: Direct flights selection
Airline Diversity: enables to show additional airlines by retrieving the lowest
recommendation for each airline.
This feature is activated by default and can be deactivated.
> Gives the traveller more choice keeping a defined number of airline offers.
Up to 250 recommendations: the 50 additional recommendations that can now be
requested by travel agents ensure the traveler a richer, exhaustive response in a single
reply combining both direct and less convenient flights in addition to the cheapest
> Gives the traveller more choice.
Last update: 29/07/2011
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Amadeus e-Power 6.1
One way combinable fares
From now on travellers will be able to build round trips with the possibility to select inbound and
outbound flights separately, in order to find the most adapted offer to their request.
Moreover it becomes possible to mix GDS and Low Cost Carrier one-way fares in one single
Saves time and gives higher flexibility to choose the best route amongst air and web
fares, with the possibility to mix them both.
Figure 2: Total display
In total price display, Amadeus e-Power takes into account one-way fares which would result in
two separate tickets.
Figure 3: One way display
Outbound and inbound flights are separated giving end-users flexible choices.
Last update: 29/07/2011
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Amadeus e-Power 6.1
Airline biasing
This feature allows biasing the “flight search” result display in order to show in priority a
specified number of recommendations from selected airline(s).
Enables the travel agency to customise its offer and increase revenues with targeted
Figure 4: Airline biasing
In this example, the preferred airline ("Air France") is displayed above other flights.
Split of multiple passenger’ types and discounts
Thanks to this feature, travellers can now easily:
Combine passenger types in a single booking (such as an adult with a youth) with the
certainty to have the cheapest flight recommendations taking into account the discounts
applying to each passenger type.
Increase up to 9 the maximum number of passengers in one single PNR
Book for additional passenger types with the applicable fare discounts thanks to specific
codes supported, such as Family Fare (FIF), Unaccompanied Minor (UM), Primary
Companion (CMA) and Accompanying Adult (CMP).
Figure 5: Search form
Last update: 29/07/2011
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Amadeus e-Power 6.1
Web services enhancements: Combining flight, hotel, car and insurance in
the web services’ shopping basket
Available first in CESE markets only, this feature enables the combination of flight, hotel, car
and insurance offers in the shopping basket which has become a key element for the package
For travel agencies:
Offer greater choice / Drive sales revenues / Increase customer satisfaction
Offer greater choice with the Master Pricer Travelboard enhancements, as well as the
increase in recommendations returned (up to 250) or the one way combinable fares
Customise your offer and increase your sales revenues with the airline biasing
Increase your flexibility with the multiple passengers’ types and discounts
For end-customers (travellers):
Save money / Find the most suitable trip to your search criteria
Save time and money choosing the best solution amongst air and web fares, and
combine both in a single booking with the one way combinable fares
Enjoy greater choice aligned with your specific search criteria and efficient trip selection
thanks to the 250 recommendations now available
Increase your booking flexibility with the multiple passengers’ types and discounts
Increase global satisfaction thanks to wider suitable choices provided and Web services
shopping basket
Key and Unique Competitive Advantages
Being able to compare and select inbound and outbound flights separately, within a round trip,
in order to find the most adapted offer is a major expectation from travellers.
Last update: 29/07/2011
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