Our Trip to Wenderholm


Our Trip to Wenderholm
Our Trip to Wenderholm
On Friday the 14th of March REAF students, children and teachers
with their yellow tickets in hand, happily boarded the bus with
Frank the bus driver. We departed from school at 9.25 a.m.
The forecast of a
cyclone did not
deter these devoted picnic
We had a very comfortable trip
to Wenderholm with an excited
group all comfortably seated
on our deluxe bus.
As soon as we arrived at
Wenderholm some students
wandered happily to the beach.
Hyatullah even went for a swim. He
claimed it was very warm and all he left
behind was a pile of clothes on the beach.
Of course he made it back safely though!
Liz and Kate ventured into the historic
Couldrey House with a group of students
and the experience was enjoyed by all.
Brynn and Mark joined us from
Watersafe. We had many races,
all the children were given a free
frisbee and many lolly scrambles
took place. We were all taught
how to put on a lifejacket and had
competitions wearing them.Mark
was sadly defeated when he took
on all the children in a tug-of- war.
It did not take much time before
we had delicious food being
served up on picnic rugs. The
day became a feast of food and
friendship as everyone ate,
laughed and mingled together.
Before we knew it, the time had
come to pack up our things, pick
up our rubbish and board the
bus and head exhausted back to
the city.
We all had a marvellous day and everybody would have slept well that night.

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