Inspiration Catwalk Collection The Allure of Curls Get it


Inspiration Catwalk Collection The Allure of Curls Get it
Volume 2 Issue 3
liquid luxury™ collection
Specially formulated by
Shiseido Laboratories
Catwalk Collection
The Allure of Curls
Get it Straight
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Senscience Liquid Luxury is an exclusive hair
care collection specially formulated by Shiseido
Laboratories - the perfect combination of
sensuality and science that leaves hair healthy,
Senscience® Intl., Dist. Division ZII, Darien, CT 06820 Makeup Shiseido HAIR Martin Hillier PHOTO Hama Sanders
silky soft, shiny and strong.
Catwalk Collection
For the last few collections,
elegance and proportion
have been strong features
of Liquid Luxury. Senscience
very much struck a cord with
what was happening in the
coming seasons, never
forgetting the commitment
to health and luster for hair.
With the growing demand
for the Liquid Luxury
collection around the globe,
the age group of excited
users is broadening. One
of the biggest things we see
now is the need for more
relaxed hair designs. Clients
desire the ‘catwalk’ look.
When they see their favorite
designer collections, they
desire not only the stunning
clothes but also the beautiful
hairstyles. With Senscience’s
latest collection, we have
brought to life three simple
yet elegant hairstyles that
can go from catwalk to
boardwalk to night club with
style, panache and a sense
of freedom in their easy creative ability.
The Strut
Casual yet confident, loose yet firmly in
place, this easy-to-wear updo will have the
look of loose abandon but hold its shape
through the structured form of its design.
Begin by preparing the
hair with the appropriate
Senscience shampoo and
conditioner. Blow dry hair
using volume.
Begin by taking a
parting from the
crown down to the ear.
Separate the front and
smooth the back out
with a comb or brush.
Take a small section of
hair from the pony tail
and wrap it firmly
around the ponytail
to create a lifted
base; secure with
a bobby pin.
Move to the front section
on the side and from the
part backcomb the root
area to establish
some volume.
Smooth the hair out with 7
your bristle brush while
drawing the hair back.
Sweep the hair up and
around the ponytail.
Move to the back and
part remaining hair down
the center.
Place hair and pin with
bobby pin, allowing loose
curled ends to fall into
soft design.
Place hair in esthetically
pleasing position and
bobby pin into place;
spray with Designer
Flexible Working Spray.
Bring one half of the hair
up and cross to the
opposing side of the
head. Wrap around
original ponytail.
Repeat on opposite side. .
Now take a section 3
parallel to the
occipital bone.
Lift and elasticate
the section
higher towards
the crown.
Continue this through
the side section.
Repeat on
opposite side.
Take the end of the hair
and place in a loose knot.
Complete your look by
brining pony tail to top
curls, knotting the hair
loosely and placing to
blend with existing shape.
Finish with Silk Finish and
Brilliant Defense.
The Glide
Sensuous soft curls bouncing
with effortless motion over the
shoulders, flowing with abundant
body and volume. The Glide is the
ideal loose wave statement that
allows hair freedom of movement
while holding its shape beautifully.
By alternating large and medium
rollers, full waves will appear in
this style, dropping into fabulous,
lustrous curls!
Prepare hair with
appropriate Senscience
shampoo and conditioner,
and blow dry hair out
using Volume Boost for
body. Once hair is fully
dry, you are ready
the next step.
Start first look by
choosing the parting.
Then divide the hair,
taking another part diagonally to the ear; push
the back hair away. You
can now start your roller
set design.
Take your first section to
your larger hot roller, and
roll directly onto itself
(this will add body to your
finished look).
Move to your second
section and spray and
repeat roller pattern,
this time with a
medium-sized roller.
When you get to the
sides (by the ear), move
to a smaller roller and
change your direction to
vertical. Repeat on the
opposite side.
Moving to the back
section, take roller
sections on an angle
alternating from large
to medium rollers.
Once hair has cooled,
remove rollers and use a
bristle brush to soften and
loosen the roller set.
Finish look with Silk
Finish Hair Spray and a
light spray of Brilliant
Defense for added luster
and shine appeal.
Once waves are
formed, lift your top
few sections and lightly
backcomb into the
roots for added body.
Begin by spraying 3
your first section with
Thermal Design spray
to add body to your set
and protect from
heat damage.
Take your third section
and move back to a large
roller. According to the
density of the hair you are
working with, you may
need to repeat this pattern a few times (it’s the
interconnection of alternating large and medium
rollers that creates this
lifted wave effect).
Repeat this sectioning
on the next layer moving
your rollers in the opposite direction. Continue
this patterning down to
the nape until hot roller
set is complete. Allow to
cool down completely.
Smooth hair over with
your bristle brush to allow
waves to reform. Working
with Designer Flexible
Hold Spray, lightly spray
the hair into place.
The Walk
Sometimes the simplest look can
be the most eye-catching and
wondrous to behold. The Walk
is such a look. The structure is as
simple as knotting the hair, but how
do you get this shape to hold? That
is the beauty behind the reveal!
Begin by shampooing
and conditioning the
hair with Senscience
Smooth shampoo
and conditioner.
Blow-dry hair.
Start by sectioning the hair for flat
ironing. Use
Thermal Design
Spray on each
section and
smooth hair until
silky and shiny.
Once hair is
secured, pull all
the hair from the
heaviest side
of your shape
towards the back
shape you have
Firmly cross the
hair over itself into
a simple knot.
Once the knot is
secure, take your
original ponytail
and place a loose
knot into the hair.
Once hair is
smooth, take a
section off center
from just below
crown area in a
thin triangle to the
nape. Secure with
an elastic about half
way up the shape.
Hold hair firmly and
bring the opposite
side across to meet
at the off center
point of your shape.
With large bobby
pins, secure the
knot firmly in place
(this can not be
achieved easily
with regular bobby
pins because of
the amount of hair
and looseness of
the shape you are
Lift hair into shape
and pin. Arrange
hair in this very
loose fashion and
spray into shape
with the Senscience
hair spray of your
The Allure of Curls
Indulge your curls with the
perfect regimen for curly and wavy hair
Curly and wavy hair requires extra special attention,
and Senscience has what your hair craves. Senscience
Liquid Luxury, the exclusive hair care collection specially
formulated by Shiseido Laboratories, introduces a
luxurious regimen that indulges curly and wavy hair.
With illuminating shine, superior definition, weightless
hydration and long-lasting frizz control, it’s the perfection
only Senscience can deliver.
Formulated with Sensciene’s revolutionary VITALOCK
6 to leave curly and wavy hair shiny, healthy, luminous
and manageable in an instant.
•Hydrolyzed elastin promotes elasticity while providing
weightless, hydrated curls
•A unique amino functional silicone crosspolymer
enhances superior curl retention and definition and
improves wet and dry combing
•Exclusive complex controls frizz in all humidities and
provides thermal protection, resulting in a soft feel
and enhanced shine
curl define { conditioner }
A detangling conditioner
that results in a total hair
transformation. Weightless
hydration creates frizz-free,
rejuvenated curls full of radiant
shine. Leaves hair in optimal
condition while creating
superior curl definition
and separation.
curl define { shampoo }
This moisturizing shampoo
instantly rejuvenates curly and
wavy hair, creating frizz-free,
perfectly hydrated and
defined curls.
TIP: For optimal results, blot
wet hair with a towel; do not
rub since rubbing hair
will cause frizz.
TIP: Use a wide-tooth comb to
work conditioner into hair.
Apply a small amount on
clean, towel-dried hair.
Distribute evenly and work
through from scalp to ends.
Comb through and
rinse well.
Apply a small amount
to wet hair and scalp.
Massage into hair, lather
and rinse completely.
Repeat if desired. Gently
towel dry hair and
follow with Curl Define
curl activate { energizing crème }
A luxurious
crème that transforms curly,
wavy, unruly hair into manageable,
frizz-free, moisture-rich waves.
Delivers superior long-lasting,
humidity-resistant curl definition,
separation and memory.
TIP: When using a diffuser, hold the
hair to the diffuser, allowing it to
softly fall and take up its own natural
curl formation. There is no need to
scrunch hair unless you are seeking
a more expressive look. Blow-dry on
low speed with high heat. For extra
volume, flip head upside down while
blow-drying with a diffuser.
Get Straight
Introducing the most luxurious
hair straightening system ever created
Senscience Thermal Straightening System utilizes the latest Japanese
style technology from Shiseido Laboratories to permanently transform
coarse, curly and wavy hair into a vision of luminous smoothness while
improving hair’s condition and structure.
Available in two formulas:
•Color-treated (tinted 20-volume or less) and Highlighted (40%
highlights or less)
Kit contains:
•One (1) Senscience Pre-Treatment (Step 1) (4 oz/118 ml)
•One (1) Senscience Straightening Crème (Step 2) (16.9 oz/500 ml)
•Two (2) Senscience Re-Bonding Treatment (Step 3) (8 oz/237 ml)
•One (1) Senscience Moisturizing Mist leave-in conditioner (Step 4)
(6.8 oz/200 ml)
•Direction Insert in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch,
Italian and German
1 kit can process:
•1 long hair application OR
•2 shoulder-length hair applications OR
•1 shoulder-length hair application and 2 regrowth treatments OR
•4 regrowth treatments
Cover shoulder area with
Towel dry hair thoroughly
cape or towel. Wash hair
with Senscience Purify
Shampoo for deep cleansing.
and apply Senscience
Pre-Treatment (Step 1). The
porous areas should absorb
more Senscience
Pre-Treatment (Step 1) than
the less porous areas.
TIP: For highly porous hair,
apply Senscience Inner
Restore or Senscience Inner
Restore Intensif for 2-3
minutes, then rinse hair.
TIP: For resistant hair, dry hair
to about 20-30% moisture
before proceeding to step 2.
Comb and section hair into
“T” partings (starting at
the nape of the neck, make
¾-inch (2 cm) partings across
the section).
Apply Senscience
Straightening Crème (Step
2) ½-inch (1,5 cm) from the
scalp with a tint brush directly
from jar. Spread the product
throughout the whole length
of hair, including ends, while
avoiding the root area.
CAUTION: Never apply the
product directly to scalp as
this will cause irritation.
Gently comb hair straight
with a wide-tooth comb
using medium tension.
Continue up to the top of
the head, gently combing
each section and making
sure there is enough
product on hair at all times.
Process hair at room temperature for 5 minutes. DO NOT
COVER OR USE DRYER. Take a few strands of hair at
midpoint between crown and the nape of the neck and coil
around your index finger. If hair maintains its coiled form,
it has been fully processed. If the coil opens, hair requires
additional processing.
TIP: Perform this test every 5 minutes until processing is
complete (refer to maximum processing times).
After processing is complete, rinse hair for 5-7 minutes with
warm water to thoroughly remove Senscience Straightening
Crème (Step 2). Keep hair as straight as possible during
the rinsing procedure. Note: Excessively thick and or very
porous hair may take longer to thoroughly rinse.
MAXIMUM Processing Times:
Tinted or Highlighted: 15 minutes
Normal Hair: 35 minutes
Resistant Hair: 45 minutes
thermal processing
After rinsing out Senscience Straightening Crème (Step 2),
finger dry hair with a blow-dryer, leaving 10-20% moisture in
hair, before using the straightening iron. Comb and section
hair into “T” partings. Starting at the nape of the neck, take
/8-inch (½ cm) sections (not longer than the length of the iron).
Keep the iron at least ½-inch to ¾-inch (1,5 cm – 2 cm) away
from the scalp. Starting near the root area, treat 1/3 of the hair
shaft, press, slide and repeat two times to a total of 2 seconds
per area. Then go to the next section and repeat this through
the hair ends.
TIP: A comb should be used to direct the hair exiting from the
ceramic flat iron to prevent burning of fingers.
iron precautions:
To prevent damage to hair, complete hair evaluation is
recommended. DO NOT USE on damaged or weakened
hair. The safe temperature of the iron is 180ºC or 356ºF
or less. Preheat the iron for 1 minute. When moving the
iron, DO NOT apply excessive pressure as this could
cause damage to hair. DO NOT touch the scalp with the
iron, as this could cause flesh burns.
When Thermal Processing is complete, gently comb hair
as smooth and straight as possible with a wide-tooth comb.
Apply the Senscience Re-Bonding Treatment (Step 3) directly
from the bottle. Start at the nape and make ¾-inch (2 cm)
partings across the section. Evenly saturate hair from roots
to ends.
Process for 5 minutes,
then thoroughly rinse out
Senscience Re-Bonding
Treatment (Step 3) for
approximately 5 minutes.
Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb while maintaining it in
a straight configuration to distribute the neutralizer evenly
throughout hair.
leave-in treatment
Apply Senscience Moisturizing Mist evenly throughout the
hair. This leave-in conditioner will leave hair healthy and shiny
while protecting it from environmental stresses. Hair is now
ready for styling.
Beautiful, healthy, silky
soft shiny hair that
only Senscience Liquid
Luxury can deliver.
TIP: For complete step by step instructions, refer to the
Senscience Straight direction insert or obtain a copy of the
Senscience Stylist Educational DVD.
client at-home maintenance
To maintain hair in optimal condition, Senscience Liquid Luxury recommends the
following at-home and in-salon maintenance regimen after every Senscience Straight
Senscience Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner: Formulated with soybean
extract, silicone and guar gum to work from the inside out and outside in, bonding
to the structure of hair to strengthen and protect. Leaves hair silky-smooth,
suberbly manageable and brilliant.
Inner Restore Deep Moisturizing Conditioner: Enriched with keratin, silk amino
acids, panthenol and silicone to renew hair’s structure. Instantly replenishes and
repairs, improving hair’s flexibility and elasticity.
Inner Restore Intensif Deep Repairing Masque: Enriched with Shiseido
Laboratories’ exclusive blend of silicone emulsions, this deep repairing treatment
for thick, coarse hair repairs and smoothes cuticles, leaving hair silky-soft and
increadibly shiny.
2weeks to 1 month after service
c.p.r. (cuticle porosity reconstructor) in-salon treatment: This intensive two-step
in-salon restorative treatment formulated with keratin, silk amino acids and BioStructures® replenishes vital nutrients, restores porosity deficiencies and fortifies,
leaving hair stronger, healthier and protected.
can Straight be used on Porous hair?
Yes, for highly porous hair, apply Senscience Inner Restore or Senscience Inner
Restore Intensif for 2-3 minutes, then rinse hair. Towel dry hair and proceed to Step
can Straight be used on African-American/Ethnic/Highly-Textured hair?
Yes, this product can be used provided it is virgin hair – i.e. untreated with No Base
(sodium hydroxide), No Lye (Calcium Hydroxide) or Lithium Hydroxide hair relaxers
or any other straighteners.
how long do you have to wait after you have had a color or texture service?
1-2 weeks and be sure to recommend the Color Treated Formula for tinted hair
with 20 Volume Peroxide or less or for hair with 40% highlights or less.
around the world
makes headlines
liquid luxury™ collection
Specially formulated by
Shiseido Laboratories
Senscience® Intl., Dist. Division ZII, Darien, CT 06820 Printed in U.S.A.
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