Installation for Depron Hollow


Installation for Depron Hollow
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
A01 A02 A03 A04 A05 main fuselage
A06 landing gear cover
B01 motor A20S+ESC 10A
B02 landing gear*2
B03 carbon fiber components
B04 cotton thread
B05 5g ser vo*3
B06 carbon rod:1*120mm 4pcs
1*160mm 2pcs
1*200mm 4pcs
1.5*240mm 4pcs
B07 shrinking tube +Z shape steel*4
Length: 730mm
Flying Weight:90g-110g
Motor : 1904
ESC: 5/10A
Prop: 5/6 inch
Ser vos: 5g *3pcs
Batter y: 2S 200-300mAh
Radio: ≥4CH
C01 UHU pro foam glue
C02 scissor
C03 screw driver
C04 knife
C05 502glue
C06 scotch tape
C07 double-side tape
C08 Triangle ruler
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
03.Use UHU foam glue to stick bottom half fuselage together,
keep them vertical 90 degree
01.Use foam glue to stick strengthen pieces onto main fuselage
02.Use UHU foam glue to stick wing onto fuselage and make
sure its balance
04.Install carbon rods on 2 sides of fuselage,then use UHU
foam glue to fix
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
05.Stick carbon fiber components onto fuselage,then install carbon
rods to connect wing with fuselage,at last use UHU glue to fix
07.Use UHU glue to stick upper half of the fuselage,then use
scotch tape to stick vertical fin onto fuselage
06.Use scotch tape to stick horizontal tail onto fuselage
08.Put 2 landing gear through fuselage and keep"X" shape, and
stick into strengthen pieces of the wing, Use UHU foam glue to
fix, at last stick gear covers onto the gears
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
11.Connect the longer carbon horn piece with servo, use cotton
thread to tie up, then use 502 to fix,make 3 horns like this one
09.Install horns of aileron and tail fin, use HUH glue to fix
12.Install servos like the pictures shows, use screw to fix the 3
horns we make onto servos, then use the linkage we make by Z
shape steel to connect aileron and horns
10.Use Z shape steel and shrinking tube and carbon rod(1*180mm)
to make a linkage for aileron
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
13.Install the 2 servos which is for the control of tail fin, put cotton thread trough horn hole, tie up , keep the fin is in central point
14.Use HUH glue to fix motor amount onto the head of fuselage, then
install motor onto it
Installation for Depron Hollow-out plane CIRRUS 650
15. Install ESC and receiver, adjust battery and fuselage central weight point, after all these have been done, you can start flying
Age Recommendation: This is not a toy, not for children under 14 years old.
● Always keep a safe distance in all directions around your model to avoid collisions or injury. The model is controlled by a radio
subject to interference from many sources outside your control. Interference can cause momentary loss of control.
● Always operate your model in open spaces away from full-size vehicles, traffic and people.
● Always carefully follow the directions and warnings for this and any optional support equipment ( chargers , rechargeable battery
packs, etc.).
● Always keep all chemicals , small parts and anything electrical out of the reach of children.
● Always avoid water exposure to all equipment not specifically designed and protected for this purpose . Moisture causes
damage to electronics.
● Never place any portion of the model in your mouth as it could cause serious injury or even death.
● Never operate your model with low transmitter batteries.