Brochure Euroflex Classic



Brochure Euroflex Classic
200 classic
200 classic
- flexible comfort and ergonomics
200 Classic is a work chair developed for disabled people. Extremely easy rolling
wheels in combination with a flexible chassis - Flexbase- makes it easy to move the
chair with the feet and transfer can be done in a safe and comfortable way. Flexbase
gives stability and good brakeing. An ergonomical shaped seat unit gives good seating position and comfort. The flexible adjustments in combination of a wide range of
accessories makes it easy to create a well functional work chair for every individual
As standard 200 Classic has
a gas assisted seatlift, but can
also be equipped with an electric
actuator and electric brakes or tilt.
• flexbase chassis
• workchair seatunit model 200
• seat 46x46 cm, black Dot
• back low 35x30 cm , black Dot
• armsupport - 30 cm polyurthane with plush
• seat angle - manual
• seat lift - gas
• central brake rear wheels - manual
• wheels - 100 mm
Accessories: (a selection)
• back - high - 35x44, 40x44 cm
• back - low - 40x30 cm
• back - slingback
• neck support - for high back
• trunk support - for high back
• side support
• arm support - soft - 30 cm, 40cm
• arm support - swing away
• abductor
• seats 40x40, 40x46, 49x51, coxit 46x46 cm
• seatlift electric - 180 mm, 250 mm stroke
• seat angle electric
• tilt- electrc
• brakes - electric
• cover - seat and back - inc. protected
• table
• footplate, footring
• leg support - separate -manual or electric
• push handle - for attender
• chassis - standard - flexbase - H
You can chose between 3 different types of chassis. Standard
(steel), Flexbase, and H-chassis.
Technical data:
Seat, sizes
Seat depth
Seat height, gas
Seat height, EL
Back, sizes
Back, height
Arm support, size
Arm support, height
Seat, angle, manual, forward
Seat, tilt, EL- forward-backward
Chassis, length (flexbase)
Chassis, width (flexbase)
Fabric, colors
Total weight
Max user weight
Battery - electric
Flexbase chassis with centralbrake on rear wheels.
workchair - ISO 180903
46x46, 40x40, 40x46, 49x51 cm
37-49 cm, adjusteble
43-57 cm - short, 45-65 cm - long *
40-58 cm - short. 45-70 cm - long *
35x30, 40x30, 35x44, 40x44 cm
37-54 cm, adjusteble
30x6 cm, polyurthane with plush
0- 26 cm, adjusteble
0º to +20º
-20º to +10º
55 cm
51 cm
black Dot, blue Video, gray Video
20 kg - gas, 28 kg - EL
140 kg
12V/7A - 1p / chair
* the seatlifts position in the chassis is adjusteble by loosen a screw joint.
This affects the highest and lowest seatheight. The position is adjusteble down
3cm and up 10 cm. BRO-200-ENG rev:2010-11
Alfred Nobels Allé 110, Tullinge Box 1179, 141 24 Huddinge, Sweden, Tel:+46-8-449 58 00 Fax:+46-8-740 40 18,
Eurovema AB reserves the right to make technical changes.
Several alternative for armsupports are availeble e.g. swing
away, soft and hemiplegic.
200 Classic in black Dot