SX SURF MAXI ADAPTERS instructions.indd



SX SURF MAXI ADAPTERS instructions.indd
Safety Notes
WARNING:Your Surf Maxi Cosi car seat
adaptors are compatible with the Maxi
Cosi Pebble and Maxi Cosi Cabriofix.
For use with the Surf Pushchair system
(SX269, SX270, SX271).
NOTE: Always remove the adaptors
before folding the chassis or attaching
your Surf seat unit or Surf carrycot.
Failure to do so may result in your
adaptors or chassis being damaged.
WARNING:Your car seat should always by
rearward facing.
Surf Maxi Cosi Adaptors
All Silver Cross products are guaranteed for
a period of 12 months against faulty workmanship, when the product is used correctly
according to the instruction manual.
Please read these instructions carefully
before using your new Surf Maxi Cosi Adaptors
and keep for future reference.
Telephone: 01756 702412
It is unsafe to fit accessories or spare parts
other than those supplied or recommended
by Silver Cross.
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Using your Surf
Maxi Cosi Adaptors
1.1 To attach your Surf Maxi Cosi Adaptors,
locate the adaptors onto the chassis
attachment posts on both sides. Ensure
the adaptors ‘click’ into place
WARNING:Standing behind the Surf
handle, ensure the adapter with the
red button is located on the right of
the chassis. Attaching to the left hand
side may damage your adapter.
1.2 Place the Maxi Cosi car seat onto the
adaptors. Ensure the car seat ‘clicks’ into
place. Lift the car seat gently by the carry
handle to check the seat has locked into
WARNING: Check that the car seat
Detaching the car seat from
the chassis
2.1 With the car seat facing you, first press
the red release button located on the side
of the adaptor until it clicks into place.
2.2 Then while pressing and holding the other
black release button on the opposite side
of the car seat adaptor, lift the car seat
from the chassis using the carry handle.
Removing the adaptors
from the car seat
3.1 Press and hold the release buttons
located on each side of the car seat and
pull the adaptors to release
3.2 WARNING: Always remove the adap-
tors from the car seat when installing
the car seat in a vehicle using the lap
and diagonal seat belt.
attachment devices are correctly
engaged before use.
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