introducing the all-new q4. - Digital Off-Road


introducing the all-new q4. - Digital Off-Road
As the only manufacturer to offer a dedicated quiet
exhaust, FMF understands less sound equals more ground.
Off-roaders in the U.S. are unique in the fact that they can ride on
very tight and technical single track then blaze down a fire road or
sand wash at Mach 3 for miles at a time. This presents a challenge for
exhaust manufacturers. A typical enduro muffler is very restrictive and,
while they do a remarkable job at lowering sound level, they also have a
few problems - they create a low speed bog making control in technical
sections difficult, they create excessive buildup of engine heat and the
muffler is so long you need to tie a red lumber flag off the back, not to
mention a higher risk for crash damage.
Trickle down technology at work.
Things have changed on the off-road and competition landscape. In
years past, there was no sound testing and the “new” four strokes
were very loud. At a time when there were no sound regulations,
FMF introduced the original Q - recognizing the need for lowering
dBs to keep riding areas open and keep the peace with other outdoor
enthusiasts. It was only a matter of time before serious off-roaders
would need to embrace “Less Sound = More Ground” and FMF was the
first to make a great performing quiet exhaust.
Regulations did emerge and consistency became the biggest obstacle
with static sound testing for both closed course competition and
access to off-road areas. Exhaust manufacturers needed to ensure
compliance at a set rpm range (4k-6k rpm). Most manufacturers only
offered an insert for a moto muffler. This was a lose-lose because a
moto muffler with a straight through core doesn’t perform anywhere
close to its’ potential with a cork in it and being disappointed with the
performance, riders would take the inserts out after passing sound.
In Europe, they developed a test for measuring maximum sound
output at maximum engine rpm. This testing procedure (FIM 2 meter
max) was adopted for U.S. Supercross and forced manufacturers to
concentrate on peak noise output. However, pro riders were not happy
with this change as it had an adverse effect on low speed torque and
made safe navigation around a SX track challenging.
The Q continued to evolve becoming quieter and more durable.
At FMF, we made breakthroughs on this problem and as a result were
chosen as the exhaust for Ryan Villopoto’s incredible 2011 season. We
learned a lot from our experience designing championship exhaust
for Supercross and Motocross which became the foundation for RCT Resonance Chamber Technology, giving riders the same type of power
they enjoyed before sound regulations with a normal length muffler.
We incorporated the same RCT technology into our off-road product
segment to meet the lower sound level requirements of FIM Enduro
which easily met USFS static test (typically 94-96dB depending on
region). This also enabled us to offer the type of power that was
not normally associated with a quiet muffler. The specification was
developed based on feedback from the Factory FMF/ KTM OffRoad Team as well as European riders such as World Enduro 2011
Champion Jeremy Joly and 2012 title contender Ivan Cervantes.
The FMF Q has always been in a league of its’ own and our latest
Q4 is the most significant upgrade to date. You don’t need to settle
for a plugged up moto muffler hampered by an insert when you can
have a compliant muffler engineered for performance.
Q4 $359.99
-Less sound equals more ground
-Meets USFS and FIM World Enduro sound regulations
-Power gains throughout the entire rpm range
-Spark arrestor included
-Pounds lighter than stock
-Rugged design for off-road endurance
-Only US manufacturer to offer dedicated quiet exhaust systems

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