relentless innovation in exhaust technology


relentless innovation in exhaust technology
relentless innovation
in exhaust technology
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BOOTH 2155
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Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Ultralite Mufflers
Merge Collectors
Lightweight, durable, with easily
replaceable packing; 2” to 5” ID
range, custom lengths available.
Sized to your specific combination
using proprietary X-design
Tubing &
Mandrel Bends
Sizes from 3/4” to 5” OD.
Aluminum, 304 SS, and
321 SS available.
Megaphone Muffler
Straight thru absorption design
that looks like our reverse-cone
megaphones; Durable stainless
steel scrubble packing.
Catalytic Muffler
Tough metal-matrix catalytic
converter and absorption muffler
in one case; Minimize unburned
hydrocarbons from exhaust
fumes; Simple, aesthetically
pleasing and cost-effective.
Flanged Y-pipe
Maximize mid-range torque;
Available for BMW e30 M3;
Mates up to stock factory
undercar exhaust flange.

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