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982 FILM FUND - Investor Relations
Fall 2014
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Recent News
It has been a busy summer at 982 Media, the month of July marked a continued quarterly
revenue stream for our investors despite general market volatility and equity market "ups
and downs". As we reached our target raise, in May the sun set on our first 982 Media Film
fund. Fall is now upon us and we anticipate the launch of the new 982 Dividend Fund in
the coming months. The new 982 offering will continue to provide our investors an
opportunity to diversify their portfolio away from traditionally available investments, while
offering a predictable fixed dividend return. Certainly exciting and profitable times are
ahead for both new and existing investors in our media & related funds; stay tuned for
further details.
Portfolio At A Glance
Currently our portfolio consists of exciting films such as: "Great Expectations", "The Pin",
"John Doe", and "Your Right Mind". Note our logo being displayed at the beginning of each
of the trailers, to view, click the promotional poster.
Is a drama and classic story about two
young people that experience love and
loss while in hiding during WWII. After
a life of regret, the young man, now old,
is faced with an opportunity for
This film specifically is our most mature in
terms of stream of commerce. Our team
tailored a multi-million dollar media and
advertising campaign spanning across
television, web, print and radio. It featured
thousands of spots geared geographically
toward our key demographic on networks
such as: Entertainment weekly, A&E,
Bravo, CNN and many more. Penguin
Books has released a movie-tie version of
Great Expectations with our key art on the
cover. This has been in bookstores since
November 15th, 2013. The movie itself
met all of our expectations and hurdles at
the Box office which triggered key
partnerships with groups such as Fox and
Netflix. On our behalf, Fox is currently
distributing and selling the DVD and Blue
Ray versions of this movie in Walmart,
Best Buy and Costco's across the USA.
It is also available for sale on sites such
as Amazon, click here to see.
redemption. The movie is narrated in
Yiddish and accompanied with English
This film is the funds first foreign film,
and it was an unwavering success with
the Jewish American community. It
premiered at the "Anne Frank Centre
USA" in New York and garnered
excellent reviews. For the first two
years this film will be exclusive to
Netflix as part of our partnership to
provide them with foreign content. It will
then go on to be distributed for sale by
Fox in stores such as Target, Walmart,
and Costco. It will soon be available for
purchase on Amazon, Yahoo, Google
Play and Hulu. Again all of these digital
distribution avenues generate key
downstream revenue for the 982 Film
This film will also be available on
transactional TV through cable providers
in the USA such as Comcast, Time
Warner and Direct, and Cable TV similar
to Shaw on Demand channels such as
HBO and Showtime and eventually basic
TV. All of the above mentioned mediums
of exposure have and will continue to
generate profits for the fund and related
Some call him a hero. Some call him a
villain. He's "John Doe: Vigilante" - an
ordinary man who decides to take law into
his own hands.
This film also performed as expected in theatres, meeting our hurdles to trigger those key
deals with partners such as Fox and Netflix. It has recently exited theatres and we are in
the process of preparing for launch on mediums such as Transactional cable (Comcast),
Broadband VOD (iTunes, Amazon), DVD, subscription VOD (Netflix, Hulu) and Pay TV
which includes HBO and Showtime.
Your Right Mind
Staring Katherine Hiegl, this is a movie we are very excited about, and is scheduled for
release in 2015. No official trailer has been released to date.
We expect this movie to perform at the theatrical level as well as meet our expected
hurdles to trigger deals with our partners over at Fox as well as Netflix. We will also
penetrate all other revenue avenues including: Transactional cable (Comcast), Broadband
VOD (iTunes, Amazon), DVD, subscription VOD (Netflix, Hulu) and Pay TV which includes
HBO and Showtime.
What's Next?
As you may know the 982 Media team are in the final stages of completing the second 982
Media Fund off the heels of the success of Fund one. The fund will focus on acquisition of
mature, cash flowing revenue streams in the entertainment world as well as maximizing
the return on investment we made into the films held in our existing portfolio. Stay tuned for
more exciting details as we continue to grow 982 Media as a corporation and brand within
the North American Media Marketplace.