30 Souvenir Book Special Gift


30 Souvenir Book Special Gift
Souvenir Book
“Thinking of you” Flowers
Flowers have special meanings and you can send a “special meaning flower” gift via the Souvenir Book.
“Gifts” can be used as tributes; or as a thank you to someone special. Or, to remember a lost friend. Flowers
are so special and such a lovely gift!!
The iris's
mythology dates
back to Ancient
Greece, when
the goddess Iris,
who personified
the rainbow (the
Greek word for iris),
acted as the link
between heaven and
earth. It's said that
purple irises were
planted over the
graves of women to
summon the goddess
Iris to guide them in
their journey to
heaven. #1
A bouquet of
expresses the
for the
recipient's understanding. Still
others suggest it represents
anything that's sincerely
heartfelt. Despite this variation
in flower meaning, there
appears to be an overwhelming
consensus that this flower
possesses enduring grace and
beauty. #2
A gift of
daffodils is
said to
But always
remember to
daffodils in a bunch –legends
associates this cheerful flower
with good fortune. #3
White lilies
virtue . Other
varieties such
as Peruvian
lilies, or
alstroemeria, represent
friendship and devotion, white
stargazer lilies express
sympathy and pink stargazer
lilies represent wealth and
prosperity. #4
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2016 Souvenir Book “Special Meaning” Flower Gift
$5 per Flower Gift. If you have more than 2 gifts, use back of form.
To reserve your space, send payment, and contract by May 9th,
2016 to:
Jean Lierman
2767 NW Pinot Noir Drive, McMinnville, OR 97128
If you have questions, you may contact Jean at 503-472-2054 or [email protected]
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