June 2016 - St. Rene Goupil


June 2016 - St. Rene Goupil
St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke C.E.S.
135 Green Lane, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 6K7
June 2016
Trustee: C. Cotton
Superintendent: N. Di Nardo
Go With God
A Summer Blessing
As you leave school for the summer, as you lay
aside textbooks, notebooks, pencils and pens, go
with God, for God goes with you.
As you begin new projects or a well deserved
vacation as you meet and make new friends, go
with God, God will guide you.
As you enjoy the summer sun and the summer’s
cool blue waters, be wise and be safe, respect the
beauty of the earth as God’s gift to you, and go
with God, for God has created you.
As you go to quiet places to reflect and to pray, to
enjoy the peace and the beauty of private space and
time off, go with God, for God always goes with
Principal: M. Zak
Secretary: N. Triassi
Principal’s Message
Once again, our school year is rapidly
drawing to a close. I would like to take this
opportunity, on behalf of St. Rene GoupilSt. Luke’s staff and myself, to thank all the
members of the Catholic School Council.
They continue to display diligence,
determination and dedication, along with
great energy, supporting our many, many
events and activities throughout the year.
Sometimes we forget about the countless
hours of preparation and organization
required to ensure the success of the
events that run so smoothly. We are
exceptionally proud and appreciative of all
of the St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke Community
members who have made such a positive
impact at our school. From major
fundraising to school trips; sports activities
and evening events ; hot lunches and
‘healthy snack program’ to our Book Fair, all
of which have been enhanced by the people
working hand in hand with our staff on a
regular basis.
I would like to express my sincerest
gratitude for having the opportunity to
work with such a tremendous staff, such
dedicated students and the terrific parents
of the St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke community.
We would like to wish all the Fathers of our
community a very heartfelt ‘Happy Father’s
Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you’re my hero,
My life you’ve inspired.
And when all my blessings
Are counted each day,
I thank God in heaven
For Dad when I pray.
Dad thanks for your
Throughout thick and thin;
You’re more than a parent,
You’re my wonderful friend.
By Ken Brown
Year End Mass
Our final school Mass
will be held on Wednesday June 22, 2016 at
9:30am. We thank Father Mark and Father
Wen, our Celebrants this year, along with
Greg. G. and John H. for giving our students
and staff their time and effort for so many
Sacramental preparations, Masses and
other events. At the end of the Mass, we
will be recognizing the monthly virtue and
cross country participants. CSC members
will also be presenting students who have
received their First Communion and
Confirmation this year with a small gift.
We certainly hope you can join us for this
opportunity to celebrate our Year End
Catholic Virtue: HONESTY
I will…….
◊ be sincere, trustworthy, and truthful even
when it is difficult
◊ stand by what is right and just
◊ be considerate of others when I speak, write
and listen
The following students exemplify
Honesty in the classroom and at recess:
Ms. Polsinelli: Nathan A., Lizzy E. & Steven P.
Mrs. Vanin: Naya G. and Eric I.
Mrs. Rouse: Isabella L.
Mrs. Bolzon: Raffaella B. and Gabrielle G.
Mrs. Cupani: Deyson C, Luera Y, Kabrial K.
Mrs. Dionisio: Aidan M., Stefan D., & Aaron K.
Ms. Morano: Shaina S-D and Andrea P.
Ms. Del Mastro: Sean K. and Pauline O.
Mr. Iaboni: Unwoo H. and Julian S.
Mrs. Vo: Brandon C. and Jhosua T.
First Communion and
Congratulations to all of our
students who received their
First Holy Communion and
Confirmation this year. Thank you to Mrs.
Bolzon, Mrs. Cupani, Mr. Iaboni and Mrs. Vo
for preparing their students so well for their
EQAO testing in
Language Arts and
Mathematics is
taking place for the Grades 3 and 6
students from May 25 to June 8. The
individual school and Board results will
be released in the fall of 2016. We thank
all parents and staff involved in
supporting our students as they worked
through this assessment period.
School Organization for 2016-2017
We are in the process of staffing and
organizing for September 2016. We
continue to accept registrations of new
students moving into our school area. Due
to fluctuating enrollment and the possibility
of staff changes over the summer, student
placements and teacher assignments are
not finalized and will not be communicated
until the first day of school.
Opening Day
(Tuesday September 6, 2016)
On Tuesday September 6th at 8:45am, all
teachers will be going out to the school yard
with class lists to meet their students and
escort them to their classrooms.
Share Fair
On Friday, May 20th, we had our annual
Share Fair. Once again, it was a great
success. The students participated in a
variety of games such as musical chairs,
bowling, and a bean bag toss. As well, we
had face painting, karaoke and a raffle. This
year, we collected about $1300. These
funds will be donated to Share Life. A big
thank you to the Grade 8’s for taking
leadership for the games. Thank you to the
St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke staff and parent
community for donating prizes for the
raffle. Thank you for your continued
generous support.
Track and Field
Track and Field 2016 at
St. Rene is well under
way! Students from
grades 4-8 have started practicing for
various events like the new standing long
jump, relay and high jump.
We look forward to our meet on Monday
June 13th at York University. We wish all
the athletes good luck!
Last day of school is
Thurs. June 29th
The Yearbook Committee is hard at work
creating this year’s yearbook. The St. Rene
Goupil-St. Luke yearbook is a great
memento to own. In it, the school’s many
events are featured along with all the
classes and the graduates too. Support your
school; remember to buy a yearbook this
year! Thank you to Ms. DelMastro for your
time and effort in putting the yearbook
together. Look for the year book order
form at the end of the newsletter.
Yearbook Committee:
Catherine G. Alyssa E
Lydia W.
Ali M.
Olivia B.
Nia P.
Jessica M.
Sydney M.
French Award
Congratulations to the following students
on achieving the French student of the
month award for May:
Gr. 8: Catherine G.
Gr. 7: Cedrick T.
Gr. 6: Jayden G.
Gr. 4/5: John P.
Gr. 3/4: Kamila O.
Gr. 2/3: Elane V.
Grade 8 Graduation
The Graduation Mass for the grade 8
students will be celebrated on Thursday
June 23rd at 5:00pm at St. Luke’s Parish.
A graduation ceremony and dinner will
follow at St. Luke’s Parish Hall. The grade
eight students have been preparing for
this important event and are looking
forward to celebrating their transition
from the St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke C.E.S. to
a secondary school environment. We
wish them luck!
Family BBQ
This is a reminder to
students and parents about
the importance of using sun
protection, such as hats and sunscreen,
since students may be exposed to the
sun’s rays for periods longer than 20
minutes. The school will do its best to
ensure students are reminded regularly
and we will minimize exposure on days
when the UV index is high.
Please join us
for our Family
Fun Fair on
Thursday June
9th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Order forms (for
pre-ordering meals) were sent to families
via email. Also…please consider
volunteering at this BBQ. Many hands will
lessen our workload.
Talent Show
Our Grade 8 students have
taken an initiative once
again! Students are
currently in the process of
organizing a Talent Show
for St. Rene. Auditions for Gr. 4-8 will
take place the week of June 6th. The
Talent Show will be held on Tuesday June
28th at 1pm. Parents are welcome to
Phys-Ed News
Just a reminder to all parents that students
still need to have a pair of indoor running
shoes for gym class. Students will not be
able to participate if they are wearing crocs,
sandals or flip flops. Safety is always our
first concern. Also, now that the warmer
weather has arrived, please be sure that
your child is wearing sunscreen and has a
hat for outdoor gym classes.
Lost and Found
We have collected many, many clothing
items in our lost and found bin. For your
convenience, the bin has been placed in the
front foyer. Parents are most welcome to
come and look through our lost and found
A Message from our Superintendent
This year has been declared the year of Mercy
by Pope Francis; the message a simple
guiding force for our youth, “Wherever there
are people, the Church is called to reach out
to them and to bring the joy of the Gospel,"
the Pope said. As Superintendent of Area 2
schools, I can truly attest to the hard work
our schools, in conjunction with parents,
family members, parish priests and youth
ministers have done putting words into
action in this regard.
Through the work of our schools’ Luke 4:18
social justice committees, our students have
raised awareness of social justice issues at
every given opportunity. They have
responded locally by ensuring their
neighbours’ needs for food, clothing and
shelter have been met; while reaching out to
those in need in Alberta and most recently in
Ecuador. Our students are creative and
critical thinkers who integrate Catholic values
into their daily lives, bringing to life the
Beatitudes as socially responsible global
empathy, love and respect for self and others.
Most recently, during Catholic Education
Week, our schools highlighted their students’
many blessings and God given talents. School
doors were opened wide, welcoming parents
and guardians to participate in masses, the
Coronation of Mary, virtue presentations,
dramatic performances, musical concerts,
science design challenges, math learning
nights, oral communications competitions
and an array of social justice activities. The
resounding comments from our parents and
special guests were those of gratitude and
appreciation for the great work being done by
our school teams.
May our students who are graduating
continue to live life with Jesus as their role
model and may God bless them and their
families as they venture into this new stage of
their education.
May God bless you and keep you safe this
Nancy Di Nardo
Superintendent of Education: School
St. Rene Goupil – St Luke CES
Yearbook Order Form
It’s time to order your yearbook.
Each yearbook costs $23.00
Delivery of the yearbook is expected in mid-September, 2016
Support your school by ordering a yearbook this year!
Name: ____________________________________________________________
Teacher’s Name: ____________________________________________________
Grade: ___________________________________________________________
Paid by Cheque _____________________________________________________
Cash _________________
**Please send in your order by June 20, 2016**
Paid by Cheque ___________________ Cash ________________________________
Please present this receipt in September 2016 to collect your ordered yearbook.
June 2016 Sun
Kid’s Kitchen
Horse Shoe Valley—
Gr. 7&8
PA Day—No School
Science center-JK/SK
Drumming Session—
Gr. 1-4
Outdoor Garden
Pizza Day
Last day of EQAO
Outdoor Garden
Kid’s Kitchen
Family BBQ
Track & Field
Pizza Day
Track & Field
Kid’s Kitchen
Kid’s Kitchen
Father’s Day
LAST Pizza Day
End of the Year Mass
at 9:30am
Kid’s Kitchen
Kid’s Kitchen
LAST day for milk &
Healthy Snack
Gr. 8 Graduation
Mass and ceremony
Talent Show 1pm
Last day of school
Report Cards go home Have a great summer!
Kid’s Kitchen
St. René Goupil / St. Luke
Catholic School Council News
Family BBQ
June 9th,
Pizza Lunch
Tuesdays until June
We hope you
can join CSC
next year!
June 2016
Our fundraising goal this year was
With your help we have reached
just over 120% of the goal!!!
A Big Thank You!
This has been another great year for the Catholic School Council.
This great year has been due to:
• Growing participation in the CSC – many old but many NEW
• Support of parents who have helped out on the night of
• Many families and businesses that donated auction or raffle
items, or obtained grant monies through contacts.
• Excellent attendance at the CSC family events.
• Generous donations and participation in the fundraising
• Help and support from Mrs. Zak and the Teachers
throughout all our ventures – events, fundraising,
volunteering their time for clubs and sports and more….
What have these funds brought to our school?
• NEW Spirit Wear
• Support for the Science Program by providing an additional
Scientist at School Session for all grades
• Shade/Awnings for the Kindergarten Yard
• New pea gravel in the Junior playground
• Sacrament Celebration gifts
• Some funds for classroom extras
• Subsidizing the cost of the yearbook
• EQAO Practice books
• Agendas for the new year to come … and much more
All of this was possible with the strong support of Mrs. Zak and
the rest of the staff at St. Rene Goupil - St. Luke.
And couldn’t be done without you, the parent community!
The CSC thanks you for your support!
With your help, we look forward to even more achievements next