a PDF of the current issue here.


a PDF of the current issue here.
Newsletter of Friends of the Dunes • Summer 2016 • Volume 35 Issue 3
2015 Annual Report
Emily Walter, Interim Executive Director
2015 was a year of transition for Friends of the Dunes. Our beloved Executive Director, Carol
Vander Meer, stepped down from her position to begin working on a variety of community
projects, including some for Friends of the Dunes. Thanks to the support of our members,
business partners, volunteers, and our Board of Directors, the organization still sailed smoothly
through 2015. Below are some of our 2015 highlights:
• We created and promoted four new “Get Outside Explore!” videos highlighting coastal
habitats. These videos can be viewed at <friendsofthedunes.org/science/> and were funded
by the California State Coastal Conservancy.
• The school education program conducted 75 fieldtrips that brought 2,552 Humboldt
County students out of their classrooms to learn about and become inspired by the coastal
environments surrounding us here in Humboldt County. Multiple sources helped fund
these fieldtrips (see page xx).
• We became the fiscal sponsor for the Tolowa Dunes Stewards building a stronger connection
between coastal dune conservation in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.
• Our community education program introduced 1,772 people to the wonders of our coastal
surroundings. Our guided walks, workshops, family events, Coastal Naturalist Training,
and evening lectures reached all ages and were funded by a California State Coastal
Conservancy Get Outside Explore! Grant. Many great volunteers contributed 558 hours
while leading and assisting with our community education programs
• Friends of the Dunes was awarded $249,000 from the State Coastal Conservancy’s Climate
Ready Program, to further understanding of how climate change will impact Humboldt’s
coastal dunes and test the effectiveness of different adaptation strategies.
• Funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation allowed our volunteer restoration
programs to expand in 2015 with an average of 36 volunteer hours per volunteer event (up
from 19 hours the previous year). We were excited to add a new volunteer event location
at the BLM Ma-le’l Dunes South.
• The EdVenture Quest created for the Wildberries Trail at the Nature Center was a hit with
228 participants completing the quest and receiving a special wallflower patch.
• The Humboldt Coastal Nature Center continues to be a welcoming place with over 7,500
visitors coming to see, experience and learn about coastal environments while hiking in
the dunes, exploring the beach or checking out exhibits inside the Nature Center.
2015 Program
and Operations
Friends of the Dunes is
dedicated to conserving
the natural diversity of
coastal environments
through community
supported education and
stewardship programs.
and Special
John St. Marie, President
Scott Demers, Vice Pres.
Jessica Hall, Secretary
Karen Lu, Treasurer
Kim McFarland
Mike Wilson
Matt Johnson
Mike Dronkers
Tamara Gedik
Halleh Paymard
Emily Walter
Suzie Fortner
Jessica Barger
Beth Frink
Ashley Hansen
Brenda Pease
Lisa Hoover
Vinnie Peloso
Steven Vander Meer
Friends of the Dunes
is a member of the
Land Trust Alliance
and the California
Council of Land Trusts
New Interpretive Improvements
at the Ma-le’l Dunes
The long-awaited Ma-le’l Dunes trail kiosks, signs, and maps are now complete and will
help visitors appreciate and enjoy the unique natural and cultural history of the area. New
brochures for the Ma-le'l Dunes are available at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center.
Friends of the Dunes took the lead in developing the content and kiosk design with input
from multiple agency partners. Joan Grytness did the graphic design.
The interpretive improvements were outlined in the 2010 Ma-le’l Dunes Public Access
Plan and made possible through funding by California State Coastal Conservancy and
the collaborative efforts of Friends of the Dunes, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish
and Wildlife Service, Wiyot Tribe, Bear River Band, and Blue Lake Rancheria.
Great Sculptures at this Year's
Sand Sculpture Festival
The 2016 Sand Sculpture was a success in spite of the drippy morning. Fifteen sculpting
teams braved the early morning drizzle and wowed the crowd with some excellent entries.
Photos of all of the outstanding sculptures and awards can be viewed o the Friends of the
Dunes website at <friendsofthedunes.org/sand-sculpture-festival/gallery-2016>.
Awards included:
• Best of Show - “Stamps House” by the Stamps Family,
• Golden Shovel Award (best business sculpture) “Feed the Pig” by Hunter, Hunter and Hunt
• Most Dedicated Diggers - “Mernie Sanders” by FND Berners
• People’s Choice - “Totoro” by Totoro
• FOD staff Pick - "SHNowy Plover" by SHN Engineers and Geologists
• Most Imaginative -“You Dropped Something on the Beach” by North Coast Environmental
• Youth Award -“Dragon” by family Home Stead
A big THANK YOU goes out to all the wonderful
community volunteers who helped with the event,
especially those who took on key responsibilities at
the event including John St. Marie, Karen Lu, Lianna
Winkler-Prins, Michelle Forys, Redwood Coast
Montessori (who ran the food booth), Roy Marin,
Mike Seeber, Bill Weaver, Tony Albanese, Kathie
Kelly, Jeannine Kaprillian, and the crew members
from the California Conservation Corps.
The festival could not have been possible without
the generous support of our Sand Sculpture Festival
business sponsors. These businesses actively give
back to our community. Please let them know you Best of Show by the Stamps Family
© Steven Vander Meer
appreciate their support.
Wildberries Marketplace, Eureka Natural Foods, Coast Central Credit Union Bayside
Garden Supply, KSLUG, KHUM, News Channel 3, Pacific Watershed Associates, Pierson’s
Building Center, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Pacific Outfitters, Shady Lady, Kokatat,
Restoration Forestry, Planwest
Partners, Zerlang and Zerlang
Marine Services, Jay Sooter’s Pure
Water Spas, Mad River Union, Bear
River Band, Central Office-the
Copy Center, City Ambulance of
Eureka, Green Diamond Resource
Company, HWR Science and
Engineering, Hensell Materials,
Hunter, Hunter and Hunt, Japhy’s
Soup and Noodles, LACO, Points
West Surveying, SHN Engineers
& Geologists, Stillwater Sciences,
Rain No More Castle by Moonstone Beach
Provolt Design, Tomas Jewelry
Sandcaslte Club © Steven Vander Meer
Thank You...
Barbara and Paul Kelly
Beth and Ben Etgen
Bojan and Norm Ingle
Carolyn and Tom Jones
Christine Fiorentino and T
Don and Andrea Tuttle
Jack and Nancy Brose
James Smith
Jeanne Chapin
Jill and Scott Demers
Joann and Eric Olson
Josephine Pollock
Kathleen Pyle
Larry Schlussler
Mary Ann Madej and Alan
Mindy Anderson
Neal and Barbara Carnam
Patrick Donnelly
Patti Johnson
Phyllis Kellogg
Richard Self and Susie Rehg
Robin Renshaw and Richard
Tom Stokes
William and Bernie Hansell
Xandra & Monty
Bill and Carolyn Prescott
Cici Walker
Gael Hill
Jan Surrell
The Silbory Household
Veronika Shishido
Karen Lu
Naturalist’s Notes
Western Snowy Plover - New Successes in 2016
Jess Barger, Share the Beach Coordinator for Humboldt County
On a calm summer morning, walking
along the ocean hearing nothing but
waves, and seeing no other people, it’s
easy to think our beaches are as calm as
they are quiet. However, under the foggy
veil of serenity, there is a tenacious
shorebird the size of a sparrow fighting
to raise its chicks.
The Western Snowy Plover is a
threatened shorebird that lives on open
sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean.
In Humboldt County, snowy plovers
spend their whole lives on the coast,
forgoing an inland migration to breed
like the rest of their species elsewhere.
Unlike other shorebirds that use their
bills to probe the sand for food at the
edge of the water, plovers use their
large eyes to visually hunt for flies and
sandhoppers in very quick, accurate
sprints. When they’re hunting, it’s often
higher up on the beach near the wrack
line; the line of washed up kelp that the
last high tide left behind, and the home
of plovers’ favorite foods.
Another thing that makes snowy plovers
different from other shorebirds is where
they raise their chicks. Our snowy
plovers prefer wide beaches with lowlying plants that won’t block their view
of incoming predators. Although plovers
like to nest on the same beach as other
plovers, pairs prefer to find nest sites
where they have some privacy from
their neighbors. After the male scrapes a
small depression in the sand, the female
lays three grape-sized eggs. Being small
birds, their nests are also small, just big
Adult Western Snowy Plover on a local beach. Photo by Matt Lau
enough for the eggs, which are speckled
to blend into the sand.
Then the pair has to endure 28 long
days of incubating the eggs, constantly
defending them from ravens, dogs,
raccoons, cars, and even human
feet. Although adults are very well
camouflaged, they are more conspicuous
than their tiny nests. When a predator
gets too close, or they are disturbed by
human activity, the plover will sprint
away from their eggs. Optimally,
the plover will hide long before the
predator can figure out where the
nest is. However, when a predator is
persistent, the adult will fly towards
it, eventually landing and dragging its
wing pretending to be injured, to lead
the predator away.
Their strategy was successful for a long
time, but recently snowy plovers have
had to face more challenges as a result
of increased human activity. As invasive
plants move towards the ocean, they
narrow beaches and reduce the amount
of low-lying vegetation, leaving plovers
less habitat. There are still beaches where
plovers can nest, but they have quite a
few obstacles to overcome. Plovers on a
nest can be directly disturbed by people,
dogs and kites flown too close causing
the plover to leave. This exposes the
eggs to extreme temperatures and the
potential of being crushed. It also makes
the nest vulnerable to the biggest threat
to our plovers - ravens.
Common Ravens are the primary reason
nests don’t survive in Humboldt County,
but the raven isn’t the one to blame, they
are simply taking advantage of an opportunity like other intelligent animals. Ravens have
learned that where there are people, there is food; they will eat almost anything, but prefer
an easy meal, such as an unattended beach picnic. Plover nests are also an easy meal, and
individual ravens can learn how to find them almost as quickly as the eggs are laid. When
plovers run off a nest because of people or dogs, they leave their trail in the sand, and continuous
trips off the nest create a bull’s-eye of tracks that are easy for ravens to find. As long as the
beach is a worthwhile spot to find human food, ravens will continue to find plover nests as
they roam. Biologists have been trying to encourage plovers to nest on beaches with less
raven (and human) activity by restoring dune and beach habitat. For the first time since the
habitat restoration project at South Spit, there are plovers nesting on the relatively raven-free
beaches, which is a huge win for both the plovers and people working so hard to help them.
Plovers and their tiny feathered antics are a unique part of our coastal habitat; they may
be cute, but they are also voracious hunters and fearless parents. Although our plovers are
struggling to maintain their population size, they are not a lost cause. During the first half
of the 2016 breeding season, plovers have expanded their nesting sites on new beaches and
making use of native habitats that are more successful for raising chicks. Some things that we
can do to help plovers successfully raise chicks are easy, such as not leaving food scraps or
trash behind and covering food to reduce the appeal of beaches to ravens. What can be more
difficult to do is follow regulations regarding dogs, horses, and a few other beach activities.
These regulations have been put in place to protect plovers. By keeping dogs on leashes and
staying out of the area between the wrack line and dune vegetation, we give the plover some
space where there are fewer challenges to face when nesting. We don’t have to give them
the whole beach, we just have to share it during the breeding season in order to give this
threatened bird a fighting chance at survival.
To find out where dog regulations to protect snowy plover nesting habitat occur, visit our
website <friendsofthedunes.org/resources-and-guides/#dogs>.
Coastal Naturalist Training
Sept 14 – Oct. 22
The Coastal Naturalist Training is a 6
week in-depth course focused on local
coastal natural history. Wednesday evening
lectures and weekend field trips are led by
local experts and cover a variety of topics
including dune geology, plant ecology,
animal tracking, cultural history, marine
ecology, and ecological restoration. The
cost of this course is $150 or $125 for
Friends of the Dunes members, Manila
residents, and students. To register, stop
by the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center,
located at 220 Stamps Lane in Manila or
download a registration form from our
website, friendsofthedunes.org.
Thank You...
Carol Boshears
Felicia Oldfather and Dave
Jeannine Kaprielian and Roy
Kathy Blume and Eva
Laevastu Marjorie Fay
Patricia Starr
Nancy Diamond and David
Carol & Steven Vander Meer
Claire and Eugene Perricelli
David Hitchcock and Danele
Denise Vanden Bos and
Peter Pennekamp
Felicia Oldfather and Dave
Jane Wilson
Jeannine Kaprielian and Roy
Kathie Kelly
Lisa Hoover
Marjorie Fay
Mike Seeber
Nan Siringer
Nathan Copple Ellen Weiss
Nora Winge
Peter and Laura Vander
Rebecca Zettler and Kit
Rees Hughes and Amy
Ron and Melanie Johnson
Susan Waites
Tina MacKenzie and
Norman Polston
Tony LaBanca
Trevor Estlow and Emily
Trudi Crosby
Kids Ocean Day - "Sea Change"
Suzie Fortner, Education Manager
On Wednesday June 8th, about 900 Humboldt County students
participated in our 12th Annual Kids Ocean Day event at the
Mike Thompson Wildlife Area, South Spit of the Humboldt
Bay. Some of these students started their day with a long bus
ride from Humboldt’s more remote and rural communities:
Hoopa, Trinidad, Bridgeville, and Redway. Others had a shorter
ride from Arcata, Eureka and Fortuna. After learning about our
local coastal and marine environments in the classroom, these
students were gathering for a day of action to protect our coast
and ocean. They spent the day picking up trash and removing
invasive European beachgrass and then formed a giant crab in
the sand with the message “Sea Change.”
Similar events took place at five other sites along the California
coast, leading up to our event on World Oceans Day, a global
day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future.
The Kids Ocean Day program emphasizes connections between
humans and the ocean, including our dependence on the ocean,
and how our everyday actions affect ocean health. We felt the
crab was a great mascot for our Humboldt County event this
year because of the unprecedented delay in Dungeness crab
season along the north coast due to high levels of domoic acid,
a neurotoxin produced by blooms of phytoplankton. Although
phytoplankton occur naturally in the ocean, harmful blooms
can be caused by various things including changing ocean
temperatures, El Nino conditions, and excessive nutrient
runoff from land. The Dungeness crab was the perfect animal
to deliver this year’s message and a call to action.
“These students are reflecting the hope that we are on the
verge of a ‘sea change’ in how we relate to the ocean and
the rest of the natural world,” said Steve Kinsey, Chair of
the California Coastal Commission. “Since the problems
facing our ocean are caused by us – pollution, sea level rise,
ocean acidification, declining fish stocks – it is up to us to
find a way to address them. The kids participating today
seek to inspire everyone to work together toward that end.”
The Coastal Commission coordinates the program statewide
and provides financial support from proceeds from the Whale
Tail License Plate program and voluntary donations on the
state tax return to the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund.
Participating schools included: Alice Birney Elementary,
Blue Lake Elementary, Bridgeville School, Fortuna Middle
School, Hoopa Elementary, Jacoby Creek School, Lafayette
Elementary, Laurel Tree Charter School, Redway School,
Redwood Coast Montessori, Six Rivers Montessori, South
Fortuna Elementary, Sunny Brae Middle, Trinidad School,
Winship Middle School, and Zane Middle School.
Aerial art design, "Sea Change." Photo Credits to J Patrick Cudahy and Dan Sayre
Thank you 2015 Supporters!
Foundation & Agency
Program Supporters
Arcata Foundation
Bureau of Land Management
CA Coastal Commission
CA Conservation Corps
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
CA Natural Resources Agency
CA State Coastal Conservancy
Humboldt Area Foundation
Humboldt Bay National Wildlife
Humboldt County
Humboldt Sponsors
Jiji Foundation
Land Trust Alliance
McLean Foundation
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
New Belgium Brewing Company
North Coast Regional Land Trust
Northcoast Chapter California Native
Plant Society
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RCAA Natural Resources Services
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Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
Rose Foundation
Tolowa Dunes Stewards
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Humboldt Moving & Storage
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Hunter, Hunter, and Hunt, Certified
Public Accountants
Hussey Financial Consulting Group
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Japhy's Soup & Noodles
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Folie douce
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reservation by
calling 822-1042
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available at the Humboldt
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Openings on the
Board of Directors
Do you love the coast and our amazing dunes? Are you
looking for a rewarding challenge where you can make a
positive impact in your community? Friends of the Dunes is
looking to fill some vacant seats on our Board of Directors.
• Commitment to FOD, mission, goals and programs
• Experience, knowledge and or strong interest to learn
more in at least one of the following areas: land
conservation, fundraising, stewardship of land/trails,
environmental education, finance, law, or prior
non-profit experience.
Thanks to the California Coastal Commission we now have a
beach wheelchair available for free check-out and use at the
Nature Center. This is a manually pushed wheelchair, so it's
best suited for lightweight loads.
• Attend monthly Board Meetings
• Serve on at lease one committee
• Participate in fundraising activities
To find out more about this great opportunty, a complete
description of board activities, expectations, and an
application can be found on our website.
New Frog Merchandise!
Thanks to Lynn Jones, of Just My Type
Letterpress, we have new Pacific Chorus
Frog merchandise for sale in the Nature
Center gift shop.
All the t-shirts are made of organic
cotton and the hats are made of recycled
Members get a 20% discount on all
Friends merchandise, including these hats
and shirts.
• Hats (adjustable size): $26
Navy blue, kahki and brown
• Adult Shirts (v-neck/crew):$25
Multiple colors
• Youth/Toddler/Onesies: $22
Light blue and pink
Welcome New
Board Member
Sign up for
Halleh Paymard is a botanist
with over 14 years of professional
experience in field biology and land
management throughout California
with a strong background in natural
resource management, coastal
ecology, botany, upland and wetland
restoration, and forestry. She is
particularly knowledgeable of the
northern and southern California
coast ranges, where she has surveyed for and documented
many threatened, endangered, or sensitive plant species.
Ms. Paymard is also the owner of a local breakfast and lunch
restaurant in Arcata, which has allowed her to support many
fundraising activities in the community.
Volunteer Highlight
Karen Lu joined our Board of
Directors last summer after
retiring from a career in business
management at Tomas Jewelry. She
has a Bachelor's degree in Botany
and a Master's degree in biology, and
wanted to get back to her “roots.”
Karen has been an incredibly active
board member over the past year.
Not only is she the Treasurer, but
she also serves on the Human Resources Committee, the
Finance Committee, and helps with nearly all of our special
events, including Ocean Day, Sand Sculpture Festival and
Wine by the Sea. Karen enjoys volunteering with Friends
of the Dunes because of all the interesting and dedicated
people - staff, volunteers, business partners and fellow board
members. Thank you, Karen, for all that you do to help our
organization thrive.
Summer Camp!
Participants at summer camp will visit beaches, dunes,
wetlands, and coastal forests while learning about nature
through inquiry based learning and creative expression.
In addition to science, art, and cultural history, these
programs emphasize coastal stewardship, eco-friendly
lifestyles, and active living. Both programs are based
out of the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center.
Dune Detectives Summer Camp
Dates: August 8-12, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Ages: 5 to 7, Cost: $100 ($80 for
members & Manila residents)
Coastal Connections Summer Camp
Dates: August 22-26, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Ages: 8 to 10, Cost: $150 ($125 for
members & Manila residents)
Dune Detectives learn about dune geology by
playing in the sand.
Join the Capstone Club
Contribute $1000 or more to the Humboldt Coastal
Nature Center and get a special capstone engraved with
a name of your choosing and a featured plant or animal
of the dunes installed in our capstone wall. The capstone
wall will serve as an ocean view bench and trail head
gathering area. Local artist John King is creating the
artwork depicting dune plant and animal life.
More information at www.friendsofthedunes.org /donate/#capstone
Support Our Business Partners!
Pure Water Spas
Restoration Forestry
Continuing Supporters:
Continuing Stewards:
Aid Current/ Matt Beard
Andreina Torma Massage
Brick and Fire
Copius Glass
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
Humboldt Pet Supply
Humboldt Land Title Co
Hussey Financial Consulting
Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Jason Stuan DDS
MikkiMoves Real Estate
Ming Tree Realty
Ramone's Bakery & Cafe
The Art Center
Trinidad Electric
Trinity Associates
ATLAS Engineering
Backcountry Press
Beck's Bakery
Bergeron Winery
Brett Shuler Fine Catering
Central Office - the Copy
City Ambulance
Frey Vineyards
Hensell Materials, Inc.
Hilton's Coast Seafood
Humboldt Moving & Storage
HWR Engineering & Science
Hunter, Hunter, & Hunt
Japhy's Soup & Noodles
Manhard Consulting
Moonstone Crossing
Pasta Luego
Points West Surveying
Provolt Design
Stillwater Sciences
Trinity River Winery
Winnett Vineyards
Calendar of Events
Occasionally dates, times, or locations need to be changed.
Visit www.friendsofthedunes.org or call (707) 444-1397 for confirmation and to RSVP.
Native Landscaping, 5 - 6:30pm at the Nature
Center. See page 13.
Lanphere Dunes walk, 10am - 1pm
Volunteer Restoration Day, 9:30am - 12:30pm
at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Folie Douce Fundraising Dinner, 5 - 9pm
See page 8.
MON 8 - FRI 12
Dune Detectives Summer Camp, 9am - 1pm
Ages 5-7, $100 ($80 for members & Manila
This camp program at the Humboldt Coastal
Nature Center will take campers to visit beaches,
dunes, wetlands, and coastal forests. See page 10.
FRI 12
SUN 14
Wine Pour at Arts Arcata!, 6 - 9pm
Join Friends of the Dunes during Arts Arcata at
PLAZA on 808 G Street in Arcata. We will be
serving wine and refreshments as a fundraiser to
benefit Friends of the Dunes coastal education and
conservation programs.
Natural Histories of North Coast Insects,
1- 3pm at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Ever wonder what causes the "trails" or tunnels
just under the surface of the sand? During this
exploration you will learn about the the natural
histories of selected northcoast insects with local
insect expert and author of "Insects of the Pacific
Northwest," Peter Haggard. This even includes
an indoor slide show, discussion and a short walk.
R.S.V.P. by calling 444-1397.
SUN 21
MON 22 - FRI 26
Coastal Connections Summer Camp,
10am - 4pm, Ages 8 - 10
$150 ($125 for members & Manila residents)
This camp program at the Humboldt Coastal
Nature Center will take campers to beaches,
dunes, and coastal forests. See page 13.
SAT 27
Volunteer Restoration Day, 9:30am - 12:30,
at the HBNWR dunes
SAT 27
Summer Member/Volunteer Appreciation
Potluck, 5 - 7:30pm. See page 13.
Lanphere Dunes walk, 10am - 1pm
Native Landscaping, 5 - 6:30pm, at the
Nature Center. See page 13.
SAT 10
People for Pickleweed Restoration Event.
9am - 1 pm in Arcata. (exact location
TBA). Help remove invasive Spartina
densiflora from the saltmarsh of Humboldt
Bay at the annual People for Pickleweed
event. Tools, training and lunch provided. Be
prepared to get dirty and bring drinking water.
SAT 17
Coastal Clean-up Day and Restoration,
9:30am - 12:30pm, at the Nature Center
Help restore the dune ecosystem and pick up
trash along the beach as part of California
Coastal Cleanup Day. Tools, gloves, trash
bags and snacks will be provided. Be sure
to bring water and wear closed to shoes.
WED 17 Native Landscaping, 5 - 6:30pm at the Nature
Center. See page 13.
SAT 20
Trail Stewards Work Day, 9 - Noon at the
Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Join the Trail Stewards in maintaining and
upgrading the trails at the Nature Center. Gloves,
tools & snacks provided. Please bring drinking
Birding for Beginners, 10 - noon at the
Ma-le'l Dunes North
Naturalist Carol Vander Meer will lead a walk
for beginning birders. Learn the basics of bird
observation and identification. All ages are
welcome. Bring binoculars and a bird book if
you have them, some will be provided if you
do not. Please R.S.V.P.
SAT 17
WED 21
SAT 24
Nature Story Time, 2 - 3pm
at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Story Time takes place in the "Kid's Corner"
and features a seasonally themed story
followed by a simple craft project. This
program is geared for ages 3-6, but siblings
and parents are welcome. The stories will
probably inspire you to explore the trails
on your own, so come prepared for to go
for a hike, or nature adventure, in the dunes
following Nature Story Time.
Pints for Non-Profits at the Mad River
Brewery, Blue Lake
Come out to beautiful Blue Lake to enjoy food,
live music 6 - 8:30pm and your beverage of
choice. All day Mad River Brewing Company
will donate $1 for each pint sold to Friends of
the Dunes between 11:30am - 9pm.
Wine by the Sea Fundraiser at the Humboldt
Coastal Nature Center. Tickets go on sale in
September. Volunteers needed for this event.
Call 444-1397.
SAT 29
Spooky Dune Tour, 1-3pm
at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
During this Halloween event for kids tour
guides will lead you through the dunes to
meet spooky and silly dune characters. Come
dressed in costume and be prepared for a short
hike in the sand. One hour tours will start every
30 minutes.
Where to Meet
Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
220 Stamps Lane, Manila
Manila Dunes
Manila Community Center, 1611 Peninsula Drive,
Lanphere Dunes
Pacific Union School, 3001 Janes Rd, Arcata
Ma-le’l Dunes North/South off of Young Lane,
On-going Volunteer
Native Landscaping at the Nature Center
1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 5 - 6:30pm
Help maintain the native landscaping around the Nature
Center. Help with weeding is especially needed. Volunteers
are trained to recognize native and non-native plants, and can
then come out during times that fit their schedule.
Visitor Services Training
Volunteers at the Nature Center supply essential help for
staff by greeting visitors, orienting guests to the trails, selling
merchandise, and answering phone inquiries. Call 444-1397
to arrange training date and time.
Drop-in Restoration
If you like pulling invasive European beachgrass near the
beach, this job is for you. After a 1.5-hour training you are
then equipped to volunteer at your convenience. All drop-in
restoration takes place at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center.
Make an appointment by calling 444-1397.
Special Event Volunteers
We need leaders to help plan and conduct special fundraising
events. We especially need help at our annual Wine by the
Sea event. Call 444-1397 to get involved.
You are Invited
Annual Summer
Saturday, August 27th
5 - 7:30 p.m.
at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Join us as we celebrate community supported
conservation and honor you, our volunteers and supporters!
We will provide non-alcoholic drinks and a main dish.
Please bring a side dish to share.
We encourage you to bring your own reusable plates and
utensils to make this a waste free event.
Friends of the
P.O. Box 186
Arcata, CA 95518
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 2
Arcata CA
Change Service Requested
On the web at
Save the Date
Saturday, September 24th
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