Feb 2013 - Galcom USA


Feb 2013 - Galcom USA
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Dear Friends of Galcom:
February 2013
Legacy Project Update
“ I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you… and all
peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:2,3 NIV)
At the 2012 Galcom partner appreciation banquet in Tampa, in memory of
founder Ken Crowell*, the Ken Crowell Legacy Project to reach a totally
unengaged, oral-learning, tribal people group in West Africa was launched.
This is a thrilling joint effort between Galcom, MegaVoice and TheoVision
to reach the Leemah** people in Ghana and beyond “through teamwork
and the application of Christian radio and oral Scriptures” (for background,
see May 2012 newsletter).
Over the last 10 months, in support of Ghanian leadership, we progressed
on three fronts as part of a larger, developing strategy: 1) mobilizing
significant intercessory prayer (Satan doesn’t give up long-held control of
people groups easily), 2) upgrading TheoVision’s radio stations as needed
to increase signal coverage in the Leemah region and 3) assessing the
Leemah’s receptivity to the Gospel with recently developed MegaVoice
Story Teller solar message players.
We are very grateful to Pastor Eddie Lavaly for agreeing to spearhead the
intercessory prayer effort, to our engineering expert Dave Casement who
went to Ghana last fall to assess needed upgrades to TheoVision’s
stations, to MegaVoice for the new Story Teller device (a simpler solar
message player ideal for testing receptivity to the Gospel) and of course, to
our key strategic partner, Theo Asare at TheoVision Ghana.
Theo and his team recently sent us the following progress report:
- The increase of our transmitter power to 2000 Watts in September has
helped a lot by boosting the coverage area of Nkonim FM to reach these
Leemah villages: (Note: 26 villages are listed. Names omitted for
security reasons) are now receiving Nkonim FMʼs signals clearly. All
these villages and towns have thousands of Leemah people.
- In January 2013 we will start broadcasting contextualized Gospel
messages in the Leemah language on our station. Other Leemah radio
programs are being developed which will later be aired. Already we have
started playing Leemah music on our station to get them to start listening
to our station. - There are at least 22 more villages in other places that the coverage
does not reach.
- We thank God that we have received all the 2,000 Story Tellers provided
by Galcom. Our tech department has started loading contextualized
Gospel audio in the Leemah language on them….
- Two key local persons have been identified to help lead the effort to
contact the Leemah on the ground. Through these enthusiastic persons,
more Leemah will be reached.
Keep praying for us as we penetrate the Leemah cultures. There may
already be secret Leemah believers with whom we will make contact.
Rev. Theodore M. Asare, President
Thank you, Galcom partners, for your faithful prayers and gifts that
are making this technology-driven, Kingdom-strategic outreach to
a totally unengaged, unreached African people group possible.
More prayer and effort is still needed to reach into additional
Leemah villages. Stay “fix-tuned” for future updates on this vital
project. US donations may be made by check to Galcom and sent to
the above address. Canadian gifts may be sent c/o 115 Nebo Road,
Hamilton, ON, L8W 2E1.
For online gifts go to http://www.galcom.org/donate.html and follow
the prompts to donate by credit card.
For the unreached,
Tom Blackstone
Executive Director
*Ken’s memory was honored in Israel on January 25- the one year anniversary of his death
** Name changed for security reasons
February 2013 Newsletter; Legacy Project
The joint Ken Crowell Legacy Project to reach the
Leemah people was launched on March 27, 2012
Expert technician Dave Casement flew to Ghana to
assess what FM radio upgrades might be needed
Radio Nkonim (studio shown), not Radio GAAKI,
is better positioned to reach the Leemah initially
Nkonim station manager Frank- he’s passionately
embraced the KCLP. His enthusiasm is refreshing
A shipment of 2000 solar MegaVoice Story Teller
units funded by Galcom partners is now in Ghana
Audio technician Alfred loading new Story Tellers
with contextualized Gospel messages in Leemah