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The New Vision, Thursday, July 1, 2010
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TWENTY one is the number of
appearances at the World Cup
by the current Argentina coach
Diego Maradona. He played 21
times from 1982 to 1994, winning the crown in 1986. Germany’s Lothar Matheus at 25
games, and Italian Paolo Maldini
23 have the most appearances at
the World Cup.
6 1 6 4 0 0 0
7 5 7 0 0 6
obua to lift ghana
Ghana’s number one fan set to frustrate Uruguay spirits
T Ghana’s morning
session yesterday, there
was a contortion of a body
and face.
Wearing only underpants
with the green, yellow and
red of his country to ward
off the cold, this guy carried a colourful clay pot on
his head.
In a tough voice, he stated: “I am the best fan at the
World Cup. The fate of
Africa is in my hands.”
His name is Ashante
Obua. Incidentally, he has
heard of the Ugandan
Obuas, particularly the one
at Scottish club Hearts.
But that is where it all
stops as they are not related in anyway.
“The fans gave me that
name, I don’t know why,”
he told The New Vision.
Obua and more than 500
Ghanaian fans were sponsored by their government
to make the journey to
South Africa.
At the World Cup in
Germany, Obua was voted
the best supporter and he
says there is no chance of
anyone unseating him.
He already plans to take
his team all the way to the
final and retain his title as
the number one fan in the
world even if that means
losing voice in the process.
His next crucial assignment will come on Friday
when Ghana confront
Uruguay at Soccer City.
The Black Stars resumed
training at the Mogwase
Stadium in Rustenburg
after a day off on Sunday
but their top scorer at the
tournament Asamoah
Gyan hobbled off after
some minutes and sat later
with ice wrapped around
his ankle.
However the striker,
whose superb
two-time World Cup
volley against Quarter-final
winners ripped up
Friday, 9:30pm
USA earned
South Africa was
Ghana a
clinical and the way
they dispatched
slot, expects
South Korea effito be fit for the fixture
against Uruguay.
But if there is something
“I am confident, I will be
Ghana has done well here,
fit, I suffered the injury
it has been to prove that
against USA and my ankle
they have a team ethic
is swollen but I should be
more than capable of
fit in a few days,” Gyan
matching the very
told The New Vision.
Among Ghana coach
“Ghana is now
Milovan Rajevac’s primary
among the eight
concerns is who will be the
best teams in the
best possible replacement
world. This is fanfor the suspended pair of
tastic. I now
Dede Ayew and Jonathan
hope we will
go furMensah has been outther,” he
standing while Abedi
Pele’s son Ayew has proved
his doubters wrong with a
trainstring of impressive dising.
Of course, Uruguay will
provide Ghana with the
Ghanastiffest test to date and that
Urugis largely due to the potenuay stocy of their attack led by
ries on
Diego Forlan.
Ghana’s Asamoah (below) struggling with injury. Top, Obua with fans
The manner in which the 55.
11:32:10 AM
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