DBR 9 The Definitive History


DBR 9 The Definitive History
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DBR9 – The Definitive History
Lavish printing techniques
give the reader an x-ray
view of the DBR9. Foldout
statistic pages.
The book about the Aston Martin
DBR9 will be published in autumn
A Highlight in High
Chapter by Chapter.
Relive the story of the Aston Martin
DBR9 on 292 pages.
The book highlights the success story of the
DBR9 and is structured in three segments:
Three letters, one number - the story behind this unique constellation.
A look back over the development process and the documentation of a
unique run of success in the GT1 world.
The Definitive History
Features & details:
1. The development process of the race car and
its technology in detail.
• Large format: 28 x 33 cm
2. Review and insight into the Aston Martin
• Numbered edition
Racing campaign. Exclusive interviews with
Aston Martin‘s tradition in motorsport was revived
The authors, both regular members of the GT pad-
• 6 colour print
the factory supported and customer car teams.
with the DBR9. The DBR9 finished first in class at the
docks around the world, take an informed and pas-
• Book delivered in slipcase
3. Comprehensive statistics assigned to the in-
prestigious 24-hour classic almost 5 decades after its
sionate review of this era. Contemporary witnesses
• Detailed 3D photo-realistic visualizations
dividual chassis numbers, drivers and teams.
outright win at Le Mans in 1959 with the DBR1. Ni-
recount their side of the story; fragments of what
• Technical drawings and renderings
neteen chassis were produced and following many
would become a splendid history. Thomas Gruber
• Over 250 mostly unreleased pictures
The book includes unique background know-
great international victories the car lines up for a fi-
mounted the GT1 podium at Le Mans and the 1000
• Over 20 Interviews with key personnel
ledge about the development phase and the
nal farewell in the pit lane. With the end of its homo-
km of Spa with the Aston Martin. Christoph Maeder
• Multiple special pages and fold-out pages
car‘s aerodynamics. It gives the reader unique
logation in 2011, the Aston Martin DBR9 retired from
was involved in the management of one of the most
• Distribution through www.tag-books.com
insight into the areas of engine, drivetrain and
the active motorsport stage.
successful DBR9 customer teams for 4 years.
suspension plus behind the scenes informatiThe Aficionado‘s edition is limited to 2700 copies
on about the homologation process as well as
In autumn 2012 this exceptional car will reappear in
On www.tag-books.com you will find further infor-
and is priced at 450 Euro, The Driver‘s edition is li-
from the racing campaigns around the world.
a large format book, which includes all the facts, sto-
mation on the DBR9 volume that will be available in
mited to 270 copies costs 650 Euros. An Owner‘s
A detailed listing of each specific DBR9 chassis
ries, statistics and previously unreleased pit material.
three versions.
edition is available upon request.
concludes the book.

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