Full Profile - Lloyd~Williams & Associates


Full Profile - Lloyd~Williams & Associates
Philip Lloyd-Williams
Email [email protected]
Twitter @LloydWilliamsAA
Telephone 07973 676 176
Philip is the founder of Lloyd~Williams &
Associates, a business he established with
the clear purpose of making business more
successful by developing their people. A core
element of the approach adopted by Philip is
the 'Honest Conversation' where teams and
individuals are facilitated to have the
discussions they know they need but are
This developmental work is delivered through team events,
individual development and bespoke organisational programmes.
Addressing challenging issues that are often avoided brings
significant benefits to businesses and people. What differentiates
Philip's approach in doing this is his personable style, ability to
make individuals think differently and deal with issues and
challenges that others fear to address. He is pragmatic in his
approach and understands the reality of commercial expectations.
His experience is drawn from a portfolio of varied clients that
include Universities, the Banking sector, business start-ups, law
firms and public sector bodies across the UK. Email [email protected]
Telephone 07973 676 176
Having worked as a solicitor and strategic director in a number of
large organisations, Philip understands the complexities and
challenges of effective leadership and has managed a variety of
challenging and high profile services. As a result he has a 'real life'
and pragmatic approach to the challenges of business and people
in organisations. He is successful in developing and delivering short
and medium term management of change programmes, executive
and senior team visioning events and has developed and delivered
facilitated sessions relating to conflict management and resolution.
Uniquely he has extensive experience in working with elected
representatives and the management of political relations amongst
elected and non-elected individuals and the challenges that this
poses to effective corporate governance.
By using a variety of approaches drawn from an extensive
knowledge of theory and practical experience, his expertise lies in
ensuring that the root cause of any challenge is surfaced,
understood and addressed in a productive manner. This is always
done with good humour, a sense of enjoyment and direct and plain
speaking. Examples of commissions include:
• Team development from diagnostic to business planning
• Board, Senior and Middle Managers leadership programmes
(bespoke for each organisation)
• Behaviour challenges, both individual and organisational
• Culture and agenda change events • Strategic visioning, priority setting and vision shaping
• Executive Coaching and Mentoring
• Effective Governance including staff and Executive Board
• Governance Reviews
To ensure he keeps abreast of current thinking Philip is also a
Visiting Research Fellow with Aston Business School, Aston
University in Birmingham an Associate with Birmingham University
and a peer reviewer for the Economic and Social Research Council
(ESRC). Email [email protected]
Telephone 07973 676 176
He holds an MBA and a Doctorate in politics from Aston Business
School, Aston University. He has a law degree and has practiced
as a solicitor for over 20 years and is now a non-practicing solicitor.
Email [email protected]
Telephone 07973 676 176