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Philip Blomberg - Stroud District Community Websites
Philip has lived in Rodborough for nearly six years, becoming instantly struck and delighted with the area. After
getting to know the people of Stroud, he came to realise that he could be making more of a contribution at the
level of local government, and joined the Parish Council, proudly becoming chair in 2010.
Working for the Parish Council last year has taught him much and he is determined to make a difference to the
safety of the area.
Philip works as a Health, Safety and Environmental advisor for a company in the area. He is a member of John
Marjoram's Green Party.
His hobbies include music, being a member of a new Rodborough based rock band. He also greatly enjoys
outdoor activities such as cycling and hill walking, having explored much of Stroud district by bicycle.
He has signed up to the Guardian’s 1010 campaign and hopes to reduce his carbon footprint by at least 10%
every year.
Philip has greatly enjoyed being on the Council because he has been able to make a difference to the Parish in
many ways, and is looking forward to being able to do more of the same.
VAT Registration no. 988 2354 70