Launching a Digital Agency in a Small Market


Launching a Digital Agency in a Small Market
Launching a Digital Agency in a
Small Market
Sara Droke – Paxton Media Group, Paducah, KY
Jack Zavoral – Local Media Association
August 4, 2016
About Paxton Media Group
of 32 local newspapers
 Owner of WPSD, the NBC affiliate in Paducah – Cape
Girardeau –Harrisburg – Mt.Vernon DMA 82
 Launched Amplified 408 in March 2015 as a separate but
companion digital agency to WPSD...then later to Paducah
 Sara Droke has been with WPSD for 7 years, named
Agency Director of Amplified 408 in
November 2014
Much Territory to Cover!
Much Territory to Cover!
Key Considerations
& Organization Structure
 Launch Timing and Logistics
 The Big Wildcard – Leadership Commitment
Media Group
 WPSD Local 6
 The Paducah Sun
 “Chocolate Moose”
Staffing & Org Structure
or Shared Sales Team?
Relationships and Trust
 Knowledge & Time Needed
 Compensation – Finders Fee + Renewals
Staffing & Org Structure
or Shared Sales team?
Relationships and Trust
 Knowledge & Time Needed
 Compensation – 10% finder’s fee for year one, 5% on renewals
Product Specialists or Outsource?
How to Choose a Digital Agency Partner
or Fulfillment or Both?
 Products and Pricing Options
 Ongoing & Accessible Training
 Onsite and Offsite SEO
 Reputation Management
 Content Marketing
 Social Media Management
 Onsite and Offsite SEO
 Reputation Management
 Content Marketing
 Social Media Management
 Digital Advertising
Display & Re-targeting – Includes Video
 Facebook Targeting + Other Social Media
 Targeted Email
SO2 Digital – The Opportunity
How do customers find and interact with your business?
The life cycle is almost exclusively online and almost always starts with a Google
Email drives existing customers to consider
additional purchases
Positive ratings & helpful reviews moves
new consumers to consideration
Social media advocacy motivates instant
consideration and conversion
These activities happen on mobile
devices more each day
Amplified 408 Services Partnership Agreement
• A408 Monthly SEO and SEM Services - $1519
• Presence / Reputation Management - $300
• Google Adwords and GSP - $1219
• Targeted Display, You Tube, In App Mobile Targeting -$2100
• 300K Targeted Display
• Social Media and Email Bootcamp - $4500
• 1 1/2 Day Tailored Private Training
• Job Aids (Calendars, social media template, operational template,
campaign template)
• Social Media Consultation- $250
• Follow Up / Evaluation of Suggested Plan
$4500 One Time – Social Media Bootcamp
$3869 Monthly Fee: August 2016 – December 2016
$3619 Monthly Fee: January 2017- June 2017
12 month agreement, auto renewal on month 13
60 day written cancellation notice
Signature _________________________________ Date ______________
Fulfillment and Follow Up Process
Insertion Order and Statement of Work  On board w/ account manager - conversation once receive IO and
SOW with client back ground, digital sophistication of client, my
expectations, etc
 Direct AM communication with client: some clients AM
communicates directly with, some communication specifically
funneled through A408  When campaign ready : quality check done by AM and confirmed by
A408  Bi-weekly reporting call with A408 and AM - review tasks for client,
status, any outstanding items needed  Monthly A408 internal review of reporting (sometimes looping in
Account Manager)
 Month external review of reporting with client - internal review
always done first.  Quarterly reviews / roll up of reporting Launch Timing
Months in Planning
 Consider Soft Launch
 A lot of Work, Take it in Steps
 Q1 – Q2 is Best Timing
 “Your first clients are your best clients”
Wildcard – Management Commitment
off / launch commitment to being done right - help
with high profile contacts, location, team follow up
 Committed to finding right incentive for legacy reps for
leveraging relationships. Both fair and compelling  Committed to training and certifications for staff to
provide highest level of service  Brought on key personnel when needed - dedicated
creative services person
Thank You!
Sara Droke
Director of Emerging Media
Paxton Media Group
[email protected]
Jack Zavoral
Director of Broadcast Services
Local Media Association
[email protected]