TBN UK - May 2016



TBN UK - May 2016
TBN UK Production Report
May 2016
Total active contacts
Social media contacts
New Partners
Total Page Likes: 5,815 (number of unique
people who like our page)
People Reached: 21,832 (number of
unique people who have seen our posts)
Call Type
Prayer Request
Number of Calls
Post Engagement: 5,106 (number of
unique people have clicked, liked,
commented on or shared our posts)
148 new followers
368 engagements
(number of times a TBN UK's
handle or hashtag has
been mentioned, liked or
repeated by a user)
 www.tbnuk.org
Website traff ic: 23,275
Hits from 135 countries
Age Demographics: 18-35 cover 27%
35-64 cover 61%
65+ cover 12%
62,400 tweet impressions
(number of times our tweets
have been delivered to
someone’s account)
3,732 prof ile visits
Total Video Views: 4,869
46% new and 54% returning visitors
Female 36%
1,731 total Twitter followers
Email Type
Prayer Request
Number of emails
Extracts from letters to TBN UK
Edwina: “I am writing to thank you for the Grace and Hope journal I just received. This book is a wonderful blessing and
full of our Lord’s living word and truths. It really couldn’t come at a better time, as I need his encouragement right now.”
Elaine: “Many thanks for your continued hard productive work. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bible Code. God bless you all.
Much love.”
Ian: “Thank you all for your faith- building programmes. As I have no access to internet etc. please tell Pastor White just how
much his talk about Moses really blessed me this last Tuesday. He is a great encouragement to me among all your wonderful
young up and coming preachers. God bless you all.”
Sheila: “Dear Friends, as an elderly lady of 91, conf ined to living in the house and not being able to walk very well. Last summer
in 2015, I was unable to sleep so I got up and switched on the TV and changed the channels. I was about to give up when I came across
TBN UK, and what a blessing it has been to me, especially as I am not able to go to church. Church services have been brought into my
bedroom. Thank you for the wonderful awe inspiring programmes we are viewing. Thank you for the gifts received from each month. My
prayers and love go out to all of you.”
Joy: “I am writing to thank you for the wonderful, genuine and balanced ministry we are able to receive through the blessing of
the TBN channel. It has truly been a blessing, comfort and encouragement to me, especially as through illness I rarely manage to go to
church or enjoy other Christian fellowship. I am encouraged and uplifted by the TBN ministry. Sometimes I feel too weak and unwell to
lift my Bible and read, and my mind too scrambled to pray, but so often at these times when I switch on to TBN, the exact, perfect word,
teaching, ministry that I have so desperately needed is on at that moment. How kind our God is!! Then I am reduced to tears, tears of
thanksgiving, tears releasing sorrow, pain and grief. Tears as I am touched by his love, tears of joy. So thank you, thank you.”
Anon: “Just to say thanks for the books and all the work you do – it is excellent and you are brilliant!! Have a great week!!”
Ruth: “Many thanks for the journal sent after I became a partner. Since f inding TBN UK on Freeview I have been blessed with so
many of your programmes. I pray that lives will be touched and saved by this broadcasting, I will pray to this end as the Lord leads
me to support monthly.”
Elizabeth: “Thank God for TBN UK. It is wonderful to hear all the great preaching. God bless you with love in Jesus.”
Extracts from letters to TBN UK (continued)
Dian: “Dear Richard and Leon and every member of the worldwide team that work so tirelessly to produce such programmes for
us. Thank you. In this land like it says in Amos 8:11, there is a famine of the hearing of the word of God in this land. Thirty years ago
I became a Bible believing born again Christian. Many churches do not preach or believe the Bible. I didn’t know about Richard Dawkins,
but just thinking about the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus – is there anything too hard for God? Thank God for the people who do
understand that through the Holy Spirit that prayer changes things and people. I have seen this in my own family and I am overjoyed and
excited when I heard on Sunday night that over 1000 more people had become partners. God is so faithful to answer the prayers of His
children. Praise his name!”
KJ: “Thank you for all the help I have received through TBN UK. I found your channel in October and started listening to Joseph Prince.
I have tuned into his early morning programme every week day since then and through the holiday periods, recording each slot and
making notes. His messages have opened my heart to Jesus, renewed a passion within me to follow Him, speak of Him, and want to pour
out my devotion to Jesus. I know I am righteous because Jesus is righteous. I love the thread of Jesus in the OldTestament being lit
up in the New Testament in fullness of grace and truth. I am not a scholar but the Holy Spirit is enabling me to remember theHebrew and
Greek revelations of how God has been and is at work amongst his people. I am now rich beyond compare in the word and revelation of
Christ. Increasingly there has been a nudge to move from my comfort zone into whatever Jesus requires of me, so I am to retire from
paid work in the next few months in order to – as one friend mentions, “be ref ined for him.” Therefore, please receive the enclosed
donation for your ministry. Many blessings upon all of you.”
Anon.: “Can never thank you enough for TBN UK. Joseph Prince ‘s teaching is wonderful. I cannot believe I can have this teaching at
least 3 times a day awesome! Think with Andrew Wilson is excellent. Can we have more stuff like this? Leon Fontaine’s messages are
Wonderful, as are Bobby Schuller’s. TBN UK is stylish and professional. Well done! It is all a really good balance. Glad to see Jewish
Voice also. Freedom Church is excellent!”
Pauline: “It’s great to have channel 65. I have it on constantly. Keep up the good work. God Bless.”
Anthony and Ruth: “Dear friends, thank you so much for the books and CD you sent. They are a blessing to us now in our old age. May
the Lord continue to bless your work.”
Dennis: “I asked Jesus into my life when I was 3 years old. I am now 72. He has been faithful through all those years. And now,
thanks to you at TBN. He is teaching me why! What a wonderful God we serve!”
Extracts from phone calls to TBN UK
Dianna: We prayed with Dianna for healing over cancer in her lungs. She was watching 700 Club and they were praying for someone
with cancer in the lungs. Dianna claimed the healing and on Friday she was watching again and they said that someone is healed and she
claimed it. She now feels that the cancer is now completely gone. She has a follow up scan on this Friday and she is feeling conf ident.
She will call with the outcome.
John and Priscilla: They absolutely love TBN UK. They both gained so much from the channel while they were looking for a new
church. Priscilla has started a Facebook page called “Friends who love TBN UK.”
Ernest: “TBN has really helped me in my Christian life. Not every Christian channel is Christ centred but I am so pleased that TBN
is sticking to the word of God. It is the real deal.”
Kathleen: “Thank you for a wonderful morning’s television. There were some men talking about their lives. (She doesn’t know
the names of the programmes but) I have been watching TBN all morning. You’re getting better and better every week.”
Sheila: “I’ve been a believer for a long time but drifted away from Christ. I found TBN purely by chance scrolling through
Freeview and through TBN UK I came back to the Lord. I am rejoicing that God has placed TBN in the UK.”
Esther: “God bless you for the TV programmes. They saved my life. Pastor Prince is my favourite because he’s a very wise man. In
each situation, he gives revelation in the Lord. I study with him. I’m very happy with the TV (channel). I play it all the time.”
David: “I love the preaching by the gentleman about fully functioning faith (Destiny’s Pastor Andrew Owen) ....”
Angela: “I am really blessed by TBN UK. Thank you for all the work you are doing.”
Paula: “TBN has been a blessing in my life when I was really down so I wanted to help TBN in some way. This (her donation) is my
act of faith. I am to be an instrument of God. It’s been the best thing in my life for the last few months. I’m happy to be doing this (her
donation). You have no idea how TBN has changed my life. All the preachers on TBN like Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince – have saved
me, and have saved my Spirit. My TV is always on TBN.”
Anon.: “Thanks for prayers. I am much better. Found out the reason. GP sorted it out. Prayer was wonderful.”
Extracts from emails to TBN UK
“Such a great programme (Young Soldierz). To see young people hungry for the LORD was a true delight. I will continue to pray for this
great organisation, particularly the pastor and the young lady that had such a strong testimony. Well done to all at TBN for continuing to
provide such wonderful content. God bless.” – John
“Just watched Empowered 21 and was inspired in my walk with God. Superb inspiring words. TBN does wonderful work. Particularly
helped by Momentum and The Call to Ministry. Keep up the good work TBN UK.” – Susan
“Joyce Meyer and Potters Touch – Thank you for the above programmes which have helped sustain me when I needed it.” – Wendy
“Thank you so much for this channel. I thoroughly enjoy listening (and watching) especially during the nights when I f ind it hard to sleep.
The teaching is so good and something for every taste, but no matter what taste it is biblical based. I cannot fault the teaching. Thank
you TBN, long may you grace our TV screens.” – Angela
“Thank you so much for TBN UK. There are some real gems of programming featured on the station. I have really been enjoying the
Hour of Power broadcasts on Saturday evening – especially as my non-church attending spouse also watches the broadcast with me.
Joseph Prince of New Creation Church and Pastor Hagee are also favourites. I consider TBNUK – and the programming provided free
to millions of UK homes – to be playing a vital role of support in the worship life of many UK Christians who need guidance and Spirit-f illed
encouragement outside of the normal Church environment on a Sunday. God bless this station.” – Philip
“Sorry I haven't got very long to write so this will be short! I wouldn't usually take the time to write in but I have just been so blessed by
Shows such as Heaven on Earth, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen etc.” – Ruth
“I am blessed and encouraged by TBN. Enjoyed the teaching at 3 pm today. Many thanks” – Karen
“Wonderful fulf illing worship with CLEAR music.” – John
“Really connected and enjoyed Pastor Michael White's programme on TBN. Struck a chord with me. God bless TBN for gathering great
men of God on this network.” – Eunice
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the video by Clayton Jennings, that really touched me in a powerful way and made me
realize that there are some Christians out there who are not there to judge gay people but to show us the same love that Christ shows
us and treat us with the same respect that we have for them. Peace in blessings to you all, in Jesus' Name. Amen!”
Major Production Synopsis
As well as our regular recordings of Partner Time each week and our ongoing TBN Presents series with pastors from around the UK,
we f ilmed the following new programmes:
– Word and Spirit, a new TBN Presents series of 30-minute episodes with Dr R.T. Kendall preaching on topics
close to his heart. Covering some of the themes discussed in his recent Open Book series, this enables him to
teach directly on the various doctrines he has a passion for sharing.
– The Mini Sessions, another new TBN Presents series with Cynthia Garrett, host of The London Sessions.
These are shorter programmes compared to her previous ones and with a specif ic ministry focus. She is joined
by her husband, Roger Charles, for an episode focusing on men’s issues.
– TBN Meets, with new episodes featuring guests Leon Fontaine, Trisha La Fache and Paul Kwo, Paul Martin and
Steve May-Miller, Krish Kandiah, Julie Moss, Ennrich Kritzinger, Bill Allen, Rob Parsons and John Paul Davies
and the band Written In Kings.
May also saw us cover the three-day Empowered21 Pentecost Celebration. A team was based at the Gaumont State Theatre recording
the entire output as live, a team was based in our off ices editing the evening sessions to be ready for shown the next day as a two-hour
programme, and two teams (one in Studio B, one in Studio C) were f ilming episodes of TBN Meets with many of the delegates who came
to London for the event. With all this going on simultaneously, it meant the team was stretched like never before. Some of the highlights
– TBN Meets, with over 20 episodes recorded with speakers and organisers involved with the conference. With the
venue being close to our London studios, guests would speak during their allotted slot and then come straight to us
to be interviewed by Richard Fleming, Leon Schoeman or Zania Schoeman.
– Empowered 21, with over 20 hours of content produced, including morning devotions, afternoon discussions, and
evening talks from a variety of international pastors, as well as prayer and ministry time, praise and worship from a
group of six worship leaders and two different worship bands. The morning and afternoon sessions are being
edited and packaged into shorter shows to be broadcast over the next month in our new conference section in the
TBN UK schedules.
TBN Presents: R.T. Kendall f ilmed an
original teaching series which will be
called Word And Spirit.
TBN Presents: Cynthia Garrett recorded
several episodes of an all new ministry
show entitled The Mini Sessions.
TBN Meets: Leon Fontaine, pastor of
Springs Church and CEO of the Miracle
Channel, discussed his new book The
Spirit Contemporary Life.
TBN Meets: Actors Trisha La Fache and
Paul Kwo described their experiences of
working on the f ilm God’s Not Dead 2.
TBN Meets: Paul Martin and Steve MayMiller (CEOs of Spring Harvest and
Spring Harvest Holidays respectively)
updated us on the success of this year’s
Spring Harvest event.
TBN Meets: Author, speaker and activist,
KrishKandiah, talked about his time as
president of the London School of
Theology and his work with the charity
Home for Good.
TBN Meets: Julie Moss, author of the
book The Charted Path, shared her
inspiring story of redemption from her
previous broken life.
TBN Meets: Ennrich Kritzinger, writer of
Gender Plus, told his testimony of how his
relationship with Jesus had changed his
previous lifestyle and sexuality.
TBN Meets: Bill Allen, events director for
the Christian Resources Exhibitions,
detailed how the CRE International event
in London will equip and empower the
TBN Meets: Rob Parsons, founder of Care
for the Family, and John Paul Davies,
journalist and Sky Sports presenter,
explained how they came to make the
documentary The Man From Nazareth.
TBN Meets: The band Written In Kings TBN Meets: Drummer Nathan, frontman
gave an interview about their faith, their Sam and lead guitarist Ben played their
music and playing festivals such as Big new single, Troubles.
Church Day Out.
TBN Meets: Empowered 21 co-chair
TBN Meets: Samuel Rodriguez, president
and president of Oral Roberts University, of the National Hispanic Christian
Billy Wilson, was the f irst guest in a series Leadership Conference, is well known to
of programmes with the delegates from the Empowered 21 and TBN viewers from
Empowered 21.
his show, The Lamb’s Agenda.
TBN Meets: 85 years-old and still
energetic for God, Marilyn Hickey met
with Zania Schoeman straight after
speaking at Empowered 21.
TBN Meets: Cindy Jacobs, founder of
Generals International, prophesied and
prayed over the TBN UK team.
TBN Meets: Karl Martin, senior pastor at
Central church in Edinburgh, is familiar
to some of the Empowered 21 audience
from his TBN Presents series Disciple.
TBN Meets: Jeff Staudte, vice chairman of
the Pentecostal European Forum for
Youth Ministries, just participated in one
of the Empowered 21 afternoon panels.
TBN Meets: Henry Madava, founder of
the Christian Victory Church network,
hosted at Empowered 21 before coming
over to our studios.
TBN Meets: Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor
of Faithful Central Bible Church, stepped
in as a replacement at Empowered 21
after Morris Cerullo was taken ill.
TBN Meets: Phil Cooke, president of
Cooke Pictures, gave an entertaining
presentation about how churches can
engage people with media.
TBN Meets: Steve Strang, founder of
Charisma Magazine, had been taking part
in the “Living in the Power of the Holy
Spirit” panel at Empowered 21.
TBN Meets: Wayne Hilsden, founder
and president of the Fellowship of Israel
Related Ministries, was a moderator
for the discussion on “Raising a family
In the 21st Century.”
TBN Meets: Doug Beacham, general
superintendent for the International
Pentecostal Holiness Church, is a member
of the Empowered 21 Global Council.
TBN Meets: Steve Khoury, pastor at
Calvary Baptist Church in Jerusalem,
Was at Empowered 21’s panel on “New
Neighbours, Migrant Opportunities.”
TBN Meets: Heath Adamson, national
youth director for the Assemblies of God,
led the Empowered 21 discussion on “Real
Talk with the Next Generation.”
TBN Meets: Lawrence Khong, senior
pastor of Faith Community Baptist
Church in Singapore, co-led a time of
prayer at Empowered 21 with his son
TBN Meets: Omar Cabrera Jr, senior
pastor and president of Vision de Futuro,
is one of the regional coordinators for
Empowered 21.
TBN Meets: Nick Hall, founder of the
TBN Meets: David Wells, general
prayer and evangelist movement PULSE, superintendent for the Pentecostal
sits on the student advisory team for the Assemblies of Canada, presented the
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Empowered 21 panel “Amazing Grace.”
TBN Meets: Chadwick Mohan, senior
pastor of New Life Assemblies of God
Church in India, is also part of the
globalisation task force for Oral Roberts
TBN Meets: Matthew K Thomas, founder
and president of Central India Outreach,
was a member of the Empowered 21
panel on “Healing and Miracles Today.”
TBN Meets: Russell Evans is the senior
pastor for Planetshakers alongside his
wife Sam. He closed out day two of
Empowered 21 with a word of prayer.
TBN Meets: Neil Smith, international
director for Planetshakers Church, heads
up their business ministry and expressed
the importance of working and
supporting business leaders.
E21: Empowered 21 is the annual
Pentecost celebration organised by the
E21 Global Council. 2016 marks the f irst
European Congress for the movement.
E21: This year’s conference was held in
London at the Gaumont State Theatre,
home to John and Penny Francis’ Ruach
City Church.
E21: More than 30 speakers from around E21: Many international leaders such as
the world took part in this 3-day event.
Pastors Claudio and Daniela Freidzon,
Empowered 21’s co-chair, George Wood, from King of Kings Church in Argentina,
gave the f irst keynote speech.
addressed a crowd containing over 40
different nationalities.
E21: Many local ministers were also
involved at Empowered 21. Popular
Evangelist J. John was a highlight
from the morning devotions.
E21: Rev Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB
Church in central London and founder of
the Alpha course, delivered one of the
evening talks.
The afternoons consisted of panel
discussions on practical topics.
This one featured Shaneen Clarke, a
previous contributor to TBN UK show
The London Sessions.
There was also the opportunity during
both the morning sessions for people to
come forward for an anointing of the Holy
E21: Over a thousand people joined
together for prayer as a united body of
E21: On the f inal day, the Empowered 21
global council prayed for every individual
that came to the front of the stage.
E21: Praise and worship was led
throughout each day by a team of
worship leaders headed up by Noel
Robinson, and included top Christian
artist, Lou Fellingham.
E21: Other members of the team were
gospel musician Nicky Brown, Latin
American singer Rony Padilla, Nigerian
vocalist Arinola Nnatuanya and former
Hillsong Worship member Mark Stevens.
E21: Planetshakers, the internationally
acclaimed worship band, came from
Australia for the middle night of
Empowered 21.
E21: Fronted by their Senior Pastor Sam
Evans, Planetshakers played a full set
before f lying to Zurich the next day to
continue their tour.

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